Rooke watched the camp from behind the bushes. He was breathing heavily after he spotted a small caravan during the day. He knew that the caravan belonged to Vanroth's troops and was just about to storm into the camp since he knew he could take his men, but immediately hid the moment he spotted Vanroth himself. He had prayed Vanroth wasn't with the men so it would be easier to rescue Violet, but now, he knew it was going to be more difficult than ever.

Rooke kept his gaze on the tent that Violet was placed and slowly moved as close as he could in the shadows. He kept exchanging glances between Vanroth and the tent, making sure he wasn't going near the tent again. When Rooke was finally close enough to the camp, he saw Vanroth carrying an unconscious Violet over into a tent. This had Rooke very worried as he saw Vanroth also had a healing bag. Rooke grew furious as he began to think of what Vanroth did to Violet. Once Vanroth left the tent with the bag, he walked over to a younger soldier and gave orders. The younger soldier nodded then poured contents that were in a small cauldron hanging over the fire, and into a wooden bowl. He watched as the man grabbed a much and filled it with water from a water sack then took both the mug and bowl into Violet's tent. Rooke began to edge closer and closer to the tent as he could. The young soldier walked out empty handed and returned to the pit. Suddenly, Rooke spotted Trixie run over to Vanroth.

"Is she going to be alright," she asked. Vanroth knelt down and smiled at her. He placed his hands upon her shoulders and that made Rooke boil with fury.

How dare he touch her!

"She'll be just fine, but you are going to have to help her walk. The forest wasn't kind to her and I've done all I could do to help her heal."


Trixie smiled and nodded.

"Now you should head back to your tent and get to sleep as well."

"But I've already slept."

Vanroth laughed and nodded.

"Yes, but you need more. You are going to need a lot of energy for when we get home."

Trixie nodded walked to a tent next to Violet's. She stopped right before entering and turned around.

"Can I sleep with Violet?"

Vanroth smiled and nodded.

Trixie's smile widened then crawled swiftly into Violet's tent. Rooke watched with confusion. Why was Vanroth so generous towards Trixie? If that man had any heart than that would explain it. Was his weakness involved with children? Rooke shook his head then watched as Vanroth walked to the carriage and set the healing bag inside. Now it was Rooke's chance.

Just like a shadow, Rooke was able to move the tent. With his dagger he cut the back and made a slit for him to get in. He saw Violet still unconscious and Trixie wrapped herself in Violet's arms. Rooke quietly looked Violet over careful not to awake Trixie. From what he saw, Trixie trusts Vanroth, that was a very bad thing.

Fury came back to Rooke as he looked at her. Her wrists and hands were bandaged and he had no doubt that there were more than what he was seeing. What did that monster do to her?

He gently placed a hand over Trixie's mouth who was startled by him. Fear was in the poor child's eyes until she realized who he was, then she calmed. He removed his hand and she was smiling.

"Rooke," she said. Rooke put a finger to her mouth to shush her. He gently put his arms underneath Violet and picked her up.

"What are you doing," she asked. Rooke motioned towards her to follow as he slipped back out of where he made the slit and backed up into the forest with Trixie following cautiously. He carefully watched the soldiers and Vanroth to see if any of them were going to check on Violet. When they were far away to where the camp light was barely seen, he turned on his heel and ran to where he tied up his horse. He ran as quick and as gentle as he could trying not to do any harm to Violet's fragile state and to keep Trixie up with with him. Rooke gently laid her on the ground as he untied his horse from the branch. Carefully picking her up once more he placed her onto the horse then placed Trixie with her and hopped on. He didn't have the horse run too hard but just fast enough to get far as possible and gentle enough for the girls. As they rode, Rooke constantly looked back checking to see if any soldiers were after them. He began to smile as he noticed no one was following.