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Curse of the Pyramid, Chapter 3: A Ruin With a View

We all had an unpleasant landing. The floor was hard, rock hard. The place was built of sandstone, just like the pyramid. Again, there was nothing but a hallway in front of us. The only difference was the hallway was a lot wider. There were mysterious statues and torches on the wall on both sides.

How do they not burn out?

"Where on earth are we?" I asked.

We all got up and looked around. After what seemed like hours of walking (even though it was only like two minutes), we finally started to see an intersection.

"What's over there!?" Paul got really excited and ran over to the left. Apparently he saw something over there.

"Paul, we are in an ancient ruin, this is no place for fooling around!" Crystal yelled.

"What's this?" Paul got really curious. There was a pedestal with a stone king on it. He grabbed it.

"Um, Paul, if I were you, I wouldn't touch that," I stated.

"Come on, I'm just gonna look at it!" He protested.

"Paul." I said sternly.

However, he didn't listen. He lifted the king-shaped stone, and its eyes began to flash a bright blue.

I started getting this strange feeling that we should run. Like, right now.

"RRRRRRUUUUUNNNNN!" Crystal screamed.

A hatch on the ceiling ahead of us opened, and a heavy boulder dropped down, and started rolling. Right towards us!


Crystal and I took off running for our lives. However, Paul got stood there leaning against the wall. "What's going on? Why are we running?"

Seriously, Paul? Are you really that stupid?

"No, seriously, what's going on?" he asked. He leaned against the wall, his legs sticking straight out. That boulder was going to crush his legs!

"WHAT'S GOING ON!" he screamed.

However his screaming was soon silenced-well not really-when the boulder ran over his legs. A deafening cracking sound filled the air like gunfire, and Paul screamed in pain louder than a banshee.

Crystal and I came up to the intersection and we went to the left, letting the boulder pass us. The boulder continued to roll along the other path, it wasn't long before it came to a dead end and it smashed the wall, revealing more of the ruin.

We ran up to Paul. "Are you okay?" Crystal asked, sounding concerned.

Paul was not okay. I heard his legs shatter. He certainly wouldn't be walking for at least a few months.


Activities. That was the afternoon activity. Sorta. I guess my reading comprehension really is abysmal.

"Paul, you need to calm down," Crystal said.

"Calm down!?" he said. However his tone soon become outrageous then. "Don't tell me to CALM DOWN! DO YOU REALLY THINK I'M GOING TO CALM DOWN AFTER MY LEGS HAVE BEEN SHATTERED?"

Oh god. Paul is so hot-headed. Sometimes it only takes one little insult to send his brain juice boiling at a rapid rate.

"Paul, are you okay?" Crystal asked.

"OKAY? OF COURSE NOT! MY LEGS ARE BROKEN FOR GOD'S SAKE!" Paul screamed. Crystal's face filled with annoyance, being forced to endure Paul's yelling.

However, to my surprise, Paul instantly calmed down. "Look, I'm sorry I yelled. Just get us out of here, okay?"

I looked back at the hole in the ceiling. A light was shining through it. It looked like... sunlight.

"Guys! I think I found the way out!" I said excited.

Crystal and I ran over to the hatch, Paul just crawled over, since he couldn't use either of his legs.

Crystal looked up. "Well, how are we supposed to get up there?" she asked.

There was blue sky above us, I wanted so badly to get out of this weird place, even if it meant going back in the pyramid and finding our way to the group. The problem would be getting through that maze of tunnels. The tunnels we were in before Crystal took us here.

"I have an idea!" Crystal exclaimed. "Brandon, pull me up!"

Crystal grabbed onto the ceiling, and I pulled her up. Paul also tried to help, but since he couldn't stand he wasn't much help.

Eventually Crystal got up and I was ready for her to pull me up. I didn't know how we'd get Paul up, though.

"Aww! Who pranked us?" She complained.

Aw, crap.

"There's nothing up here except more ruins! The blue was a visual!"

She jumped down with a disappointed look on her face.

"Well, what about the other part the ball exposed? We could check that area for an exit." I suggested.

"Good idea..." Paul moaned.

Crystal and I could easily walk to the new part, but Crystal was carrying Paul in her arms, like a little baby.

"This is so embarrassing!" Paul yelled. He was obviously upset that he was being carried like a newborn baby.

"It's just me and Crystal," I stated.

"One more thing." Crystal said, a smile growing on her face.

"And what's that?" Paul asked, clearly annoyed.

Crystal started rocking Paul. "Rock a bye baby-"

"Shut up!" Paul screamed. I really didn't want a repeat of Paul's 'adult temper tantrum', but luckily neither did Crystal, as she immediately stopped rocking and singing.

If only I was home, I would text to that radio station about Paul's tantrum earlier today.

The new area looked pretty much the same as the other parts of the ruin. The only difference was, there was a strange puzzle ahead of us. There were red platforms sticking out of the ground, and black holes in the walls.

"Aw, crap!" I yelled. Crap was officially my word of the day.

"Does anyone here know Egyptian mythology?" Crystal asked.

Paul and I looked at her like she was psycho. Probably because she was.

"I'm pretty sure no one knows that." I said.

Crystal slowly stepped onto one of the platforms. However fire came out of the holes and went everywhere. Crystal was startled and quickly got off the plate.
I just wanted to get this over with. "Crystal, just run as fast as you can through it! It's not that big."

"Yeah, I'm really not in the mood for solving puzzles." Crystal stated.

We all ran as fast as we could across the platforms, Crystal still carrying Paul. The trap activated again and singed us, but me made it across. Sure enough, right ahead of us, a door opened, heading to a room. After going into it, we found out it was the party room. And it was just getting started.

"We made it. Just in time." I said.
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