I walk into school nervous. First day, new school year, new schooling styles. Fun. And the administration office thought it would be better for me to 'explore on my own'. Basically meaning they didn't care how I got to class as long as I got there somehow. This all seemed so strange to me. Being the new girl on the first day. Usually I'd be the on talking to all my friends, gossiping, etc. But then those stupid parents of mine put me here, with a bunch of nerds. I was a queen bee. NOT A NERD. Here I was though in an 'advanced' school for all the people in the state who scored above an eighty on those stupid tests or had their rich little mommys and daddys pay for schooling here. All of my friends were in an average public school back in NYC but somehow here I was in a boarding school in Buffalo.

See I've been popular since the sixth grade when I was the only sixth grader to make the cheer team. Sure I was averagely smart, I got As, A+s, and the occasional B but I'd never been amazingly genius. I'd always hang out with the older girls and the few girls in my grade deemed cool enough to hang out with us. I'd never befriended any of the nerds unless it was project time and I needed someone to do it with or really someone to do it. But my parents expected me to be like them, smart and successful. So they had me take some tests and then they threw me into this school for underachieved geniuses could not get worse. There had to be some sane crowd. Nerds that were so smart they were popular or something. I rubbed my eyes as something got into my contacts. "God damnit." I swore quietly as I continued to walk looking for my locker and classroom. When I finally found my locker I opened and looked into the mirror I had placed in there the week before when my parents and I had come to bring up my stuff. I quickly messed with my hair a little bit adjusting the bow and fixing my ponytail and I wiped away the little bit of mascara below my eye. So this was it. I looked down at the boring school uniform I'd been forced, and when I say forced I mean my mom literally took ALL of my clothes except pajamas, a few dresses and underwear out of my dorm and took them back to New York until she knew I was wearing the uniform. I looked around and quickly took out my contacts and put on my glasses. "Ugh." I sighed as I looked at the clunky black 'nerd' glasses. I put my contacts back into my locker and took out one of the two binders I had also put in the week before.

I made my way around trying to find my class. Eventually I arrived just seconds before the bell. Great way to start your first class of the tenth grade. "Okay class!" A pretty female teacher or maybe assistant teacher walked into the room. "I'm your Latin teacher! Welcome to AP Latin! And to your new year at The Brendon Lennon boarding school! You'll be taking this course along with English, your choice of language, math, science, history, lunch and home ec. and health along with the one required team and/ or activity! I'll be assigning seats alphabetical by first name so lets begin! Alyssia and Bella?" She called. So we'd be sitting in pairs. Lovely. I sighed. Once she got to C I started listening for my name. "Caitlyn and Dillon?" She called. I heard my name and walked over to the pair of desks she was standing at. The boy who also came over was sort of cute in a way. He looked a bit like Jesse McCartney in a way back from when he was on Suite Life of Zack and Cody. Or maybe a bit like that hot blonde from Degrassi. He had the rugged blonde hair and the brown eyes to pull off either of those looks. He was maybe two or three inches taller then me and seemed pretty popular as before he was talking to basically everyone. I put my binder on my desk and smiled hesitantly at the boy who sat down next to me. He smiled back and went back to talking to others. I looked around there were a couple of girls I could already identify as popular. They were the ones who seemed to know just about anybody including me and my partner as well as to be gossiping every split second before one of them got their seats. There were a few boys who already seemed to know each other. But then again I was one of the few kids who got switched here this year. Pretty much everyone else here was freaking rich stuck up upstate kids whose parents owned estates here, summer homes down on Long Island, high rises in the city and of course paid for them to come here. Of course I could've been one of those stuck up kids too before hand, but my parents had tried to raise me as a normal kid. Incase I didn't mention my parents are Daniella and Noah Hale, owners of Hale and Hale Law Firm that big one that defends a bunch of celebrities. But I wasn't completely stuck up. My parents raised me to be as un stuck up a teenage girl with her own pent house could be. But that wasn't saying much. So yep here I was.

Once Mrs. Carthy finally finished giving out seats she gave us free time for the rest of the period. Which was about twenty minutes. Hallelujah. I took out my phone when Dillon... I think that was his name? Tapped me on the shoulder.

"Hi I'm Dillon. Dillon Marcus." He gave me an award winning smile. Ah. The award winning smile. Something guys thought would win over every girl they met. Nope, not this girl though.

"Caitlyn, Caitlyn Hale." I said smiling back. Might as well give him a chance. He was sort of cute and plus he could be huge help with getting known since he seemed to be one of the kids who wasn't new here.

"So Caitlyn what brings you to sweet old Lennon Boarding School?" He asked smirking at me. It seemed like he knew something I didn't and I did not like that feeling at all.

"My parents went here as kids? I don't know something like that. My parents met here and stuff so they wanted me to go here too I guess." I said looking down at my phone and texting some of JV and Varsity cheer friends acting like him smirking wasn't a big deal to me.

"Nice. So have you found out your dorm yet?" He said smirking. By now I was rolling my eyes.

"Yes. So don't try to pull a stupid stunt on me. I'm smarter than I look ok?" I said menacingly as I glared at him. He looked me over and smiled.

"Good. Then I guess I can tell you about the party Bianca's throwing tonight. We want to see what newbies are brave enough to stand up to Alum. You're one of the few, I guess. It's the biggest party of the year. It's at the Marshall Girls Dorm. Eight PM don't be late." Dillon winked at me and then disappeared as the bell rung. So I guess I'm going to a party now?