"Miss Hale you are late!" My chemistry teacher screamed at me. I flinched as I took my seat. "Where were you?" She asked glaring at me.

"Sorry Mrs. Dean, I got lost it's only my second day. I mixed up the music wing and the science wing on my map." I said sitting in my assigned seat. I heard 'Sabs' giggle and I glared at her. Dillon passed me as Mrs. Dean turned to write on the board. The note read 'Sorry you got lost. What do you have next? Latin right? Wanna walk with me?' I looked at him and nodded. He grinned at me giving me a thumbs up. Mrs. Dean eventually let us out at the bell. I could tell she hated me already.

"Hey nice show up this morning. Dean hates everyone don't worry about it." Dillon said as we walked out of the class. I laughed a bit at that.

"Yeah I figured. Thanks for showing me to Latin. Don't need another try at getting lost. Think I already managed that much. So what do you take for electives?" I asked him trying to make conversation.

"Uh... It's lame but Architecture Four and Advertising." He said smiling slightly. "What about you?" He asked me as we walked.

"Advertising and Buisness Law Three. Just as lame if not more so." I said smiling back at him. "What about for music?" I asked him.

"Chorus. I got forced into it since I can't play an instrument." He said with a half smile.

"Too bad you can't play anything however good thing because I'm in chorus too." I said grinning. So I had an almost exact schedule with him.

"Sweet. So excited for Latin? You get to sit next to me for another whole period." He said as we walked into class. I glared at him playfully.

"No. I don't even like you. Anywho at least I have Mila behind me when I get sick of you." I said turning my head as we sat down.

"Well I guess you'll never know where advertising is. And Pilgrim, way worse than Dean." He said poking my shoulder. I giggled and shushed him as the bell rung. God why wasn't he always like this? Around the cheerleaders and his 'friends' he was so different than he was around just me? Why though? What's his motive? There has to be one.