By Katje Kaase

She smiled at the poppies

Lining the dusty driveway

As she touched the

Fertile seeds within their

Open mouths.

Her net was ready as

The monarch approached,

Sailing through the orchard.

She would not harm it,

Just observe its radiance,

Stifling the desire to stroke

Its powdered wings.

And then the net,

Through transference,

Would relent.

Her veracity was vibrant

- a child singing in the wind.

The trees drank the

Liquid harmony

And stored it

In their limbs.

Vehicles racing by

Lingered to capture

The lyrical refrain.

She was strident

In her quest,

Absorbing textures

With her fingertips

And sights

Through verdant eyes.

The years transform

- and the rhythm adjusts,

But the melody persists…

September, 2013