Chapter 14

On Saturday they woke up late in the morning. The anticipation hung in the air like it was something tangible, but both of them responded differently to it. Morgan was quite most of the day, moving around in a haze and she was always on the edge of confessing something. On the other hand Collin was excited. He wanted to see this other world, interact with the people that he had decided were his people.

More than once Collin had to tell Morgan to do something twice, and every time he popped her on the wrist. When she let lunch burn, Collin asked her what was wrong. She looked at him, like she was going to actually tell him. He could see everything pass on her expressive face, but in the end she just said that there wasn't any thing wrong. Bending her over the back of the couch, Collin spanked her twice as much. He spanked her for not paying attention to what she was doing, and he spanked her for lying to him.

Afterwards he gave her a chance again, he asked her gently if there was anything she wanted to talk about. He told her she wasn't in trouble, he tried everything he knew of to reassure her. In the end she still said there wasn't anything wrong. Collin knew she was lying, but short of spanking her until she finally came out with it, he knew there wasn't anything he could do to make her talk. So they passed the rest of their time before picking Dash up on the couch. Morgan sitting abnormally straight, like she was trying to appear extra good, by not curling into his legs. What ever she was hiding, he knew he would find out soon enough.

They picked Dash up from the airport in the late afternoon. He had called Collin a few days before telling him excitedly that he had the night off. That was part of what made Collin so excited, listening to Dash on the phone talk about it.

"Sup Beatrice!" He said excitedly throwing his bag into the back seat when they arrived at his gate. They had to have a special pass to go into the back of the small airport to pick him up. It had taken almost as long to get the pass as it had taken to get to the hole in a wall airport to pick him up.

Collin laughed at the greeting, Dash had recently gotten into listening to a rapper, a very nerdy rapper, and he knew this was a line from one of his songs. Every time Dash had texted over the past week to make sure plans were still good, and that Collin wasn't doing anything stupid, he said that. Collin was confused at first but after he heard the song he realized that this guy was like Dash in spoken word artist form.

"Hey man. How was your flight?"

"Ugh, I hate people. I hate people who get upset when you go through turbulence, in a small plane, and blame you when they are made uncomfortable for like 10 minutes." Dash went on complaining as they made their way into traffic. He talked him self out by the time they were half way back to Collin's appartment, and they were mostly silent the rest of the way home.

Collin tried to concentrate on driving but Dash bouncing with excitement in the backseat was almost more than he could handle. Espically coupled with Morgan's silence in the front seat next to him. Her face was getting whiter and whiter, and every time he tried to get her to talk she answered in a whispered voice. After a while he just sat in silence, giving up on trying to get her to talk. Once again he realized that there wasn't nothing he could do, and what ever it was she would tell him when she was ready.

But he wouldn't just let it go, and instead of just grabbing her hand and trying to reassure her, he let her stay silent. He wasn't going to reward her for lying, and he wasn't going to try to make her feel better if she wouldn't even tell him what was wrong. When they got close to the house Dash couldn't keep his comments to him self any longer.

"Ugh, I see the cute level has gotten worse." he said sarcastically. Morgan hunched lower into the seat and wrapped her arms around her self, curling in guiltily.

"Shut up Dash, you are just jealous." Collin quipped back looking at him in the rearview mirror. He knew that Dash would know what was going on, that Morgan was being punished for something, but he didn't want to bring him into their silent fight.

"Jealous? Dude you have one sub that you get to play with tonight. I get to play with any who are willing. You have no idea how much fun it is, I will have like a harem of willing one nighters. I don't know what I am going to do with myself."

"Dude I have told you before, you are disgusting." Collin said back, shivering slightly. He could see the excitement in having a bunch of Morgans, but they wouldn't all be Morgan, so he didn't want them. He pulled into his complex and parked the car.

"Hey I removed the camera's from the back of the plane because someone had to get all moral and threaten to tell my boss." Dash said loudly, making one of Collin's neighbors look back over her shoulder and shoot him a disgusted look. Taking his bag from the trunk Dash followed them up the stairs.

"You were taping people without their permission, possiblily in compromising positions, and watching it, of course I threatened to tell your boss. My moral compass might not point due north but even I know that is shady." Collin said once they were inside, and he didn't have to worry about his neighbors over hearing this awkward conversation.

Morgan finally cracked a smile. He could tell she liked hearing them banter, and Collin was glad for his new friend. It was nice to have someone to talk to who didn't judge no matter what he said or asked. He had continued to text him all week, asking questions and just enjoying talking to someone about Morgan. They continued bantering like this as Dash put his stuff into the spare room. It made Collin feel weird, having someone else stay in Cam's room. At the same time, it was nice having someone in that room again, even if it was just for the weekend.

Dash and Collin talked about their week's at work and sat on the couch as Morgan made dinner. Collin kept glancing into the kitchen at her, but she was extra careful not to burn anything. She was quiet, but for some reason she was on edge, anytime Dash mentioned the Play Party, she would slip and let something clatter on the counter a little. Once she dropped a potato on the floor and Collin had to tell her to go stand in the corner until she calmed down.

Looking on Dash just let them interact like this. Collin tried to keep from meeting his gaze has he kept the conversation going. He wanted to ask Dash about this, Morgan had never kept anything from him. He didn't know how to react to it, and when he finally told her to get out of the corner a few minutes later she went back to making dinner. She didn't drop anything else and set the table without a sound.

Making sure to tell her how much he enjoyed what she made Collin tried to grab her hand under the table. She kept her eyes on her plate and smiled, but it didn't fully reach her eyes. What could be bothering her so much that she wouldn't tell him. Collin tried to keep her in the conversation through dinner but once again, she didn't say anything more than what was expected to be respectful.

Collin realized that it could be something that had to do with the break in their routine. It could be that Morgan didn't feel comfortable saying anything because they weren't having their usual one hour of open conversation. After dinner and the dishes were done Collin excused himself and Morgan into his room.

"Is there anything you want to tell me. I know that we didn't talk like we usually do over dinner, but I want you to talk to me now. You can say whatever you want and you won't be punished." Pulling her into his lap, Collin put his hand under her shirt and gently stroked her back. She relaxed into him and let him comfort her, but she stayed silent.

"If you don't tell me you will be in more trouble." he said, putting harshness into his voice. If comfort wasn't working, then maybe this would.

"I want to tell you, but it isn't my secret to tell." She said finally. Collin nodded stroking her back. He knew how she operated. She wouldn't break someone's trust, and she wouldn't tell a secret that wasn't hers.

"Okay then, if you don't want to tell me what is wrong, then you need to put it out of your mind. If you don't start acting like you want to go tonight you will stay home by yourself and I will go with Dash. If you don't start acting like your self then I will tie you up, and leave you here waiting for me. I don't want to do that, but if you don't begin acting like my good girl, then I won't treat you like my good girl." Collin tilted her head, keeping her gaze in his and holding her chin so she couldn't move. He made sure that she saw the look in his eyes, he made sure that she saw how serious he was.

He didn't want her to hurt. He didn't want her to be left here alone, but at the same time, if she was going to act this way then he was going to punish her for it. He needed to know what was going on in her mind, and if she didn't want to tell him, if she was going to act this way, then he was going to be her dom and treat her like she felt she deserved.

Finally Morgan nodded, "I want to go with you, I want to be with you. I will act right." she kept his gaze, nodding as much as she could with her chin held tightly in his hand. "I will be good, I am good."

"I know my good girl. I want you to start getting ready, it is late and I want you to look your best, so I can show you off." Collin kissed her forehead, finally releasing her chin. Morgan nodded, and climbed off his lap and went straight to the bathroom. There was a spring in her step. She was going to be his good girl, and she was going to act how he wanted her to act.

Walking out of the room, Collin had to take a few deep breaths. Dash looked up from the couch, he knew that there was something going on, and he waited for Collin to finally sit down on the couch before he said anything.

"What is wrong, there has been something between the two of you all night." Dash leaned forward, resting his head on his hands he was trying to get Collin to meet his gaze. It wasn't happening though, Collin rubbed his face with his hands and stared at the wall. He debated for a moment on whether he would tell Dash what was going on, or if he would just try to keep it to himself. In the end his need to know that he was handling this right won out.

"Morgan is upset about something, but she won't tell me what it is. I have tried to talk to her about it all day. She lied and said nothing was wrong, and I ended up putting her over the back of the couch and spanking her. When I took her into my arms and asked her again what was wrong she lied again. I have tried punishing her, I have tried ignoring her, I have tried being gentle with her. All she would tell me just now is that it isn't her secret to tell."

"I think you have handled it well so far, is she sitting in time out again, or is she getting ready?" Dash asked. He had that teacher look again, the one where he was encouraging him to do his best, he was telling him that he was doing his best.

"She is getting ready, I told her if her attitude didn't change then she would stay home tonight. She decided that she would adjust her attitude, and go with us, so she is in the shower." Collin nodded, trying to tell himself he was doing right as much as he was looking at Dash to tell him the same thing.

"Good, sometimes all you can do is give your sub an ultimatum, and let them work things out in their own mind. I have told you before, you don't do her thinking for her, she is capable of doing that all on her own. At the same time if she isn't going to trust you with what she is thinking, she will either be punished, or put it out of her mind. I think you did well, you did everything you could, now it is up to her to decide when she is going to tell you what is wrong."

Collin nodded, falling silent. He and Dash stayed quiet and watched TV until Morgan came out of the shower. It was about 45 minutes later and the boys didn't look up at her as she moved into the room. They kept their eyes on the TV, not letting her be their focus as she walked across the living room and sat back between Collin's legs.

She looked amazing, and Collin tried not to let it show that he was inspecting her. Collin had never seen her in make up, or with her hair done, apparently this was an occasion to get dressed up for. Her makeup made her eyes pop and shine, the black liner around her lids made it impossible to look anywhere but into them, her lips looked full with a shiny nude lip gloss. Her hair was straight, the usual lazy curls were all tamed and flat and in a high pony tail. Collin had to collect his thoughts before inspecting the rest of her outfit.

Her curves were perfectly accentuated with tight black shorts, he knew she had nothing on under them which made the way they rode up all the more seductive. She had on a black bra with a lacy tank top over it, nothing else. Her milky skin shined through the top, and Collin wanted to touch it, and feel the lace under his fingers, but he didn't want to let it be known that she was affecting him so much.

"You look.. Hot." He finally said once he had control of himself again, unable to come up with a better adjective.

"It doesn't matter what she is wearing now, you will probably have her naked in front of everyone at some point." Dash said from the other couch, his eyes never leaving the television.

Collin rolled his eyes and kissed her, whispering in her ear that she was more seductive with that outfit then she would be naked. He could tell that she was trying get more into this, and he wanted to give her some reward for her attitude adjustment. Morgan smiled and rubbed her cheek into his palm.

Collin and Dash went into separate showers and dressed quickly, both in black slacks and shirts. They difference between them was Collin's was a black button up, with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows, and Dash choose a simple tight T-shirt.

They left soon after, Dash sporting a small black duffel bag. Collin didn't know what was inside it, but he figured it was toys of some fashion. He wondered what kind of toys would Dash bring? He didn't know anything about Dash's preference besides he was a Dom. He didn't know if he liked ropes, tying his girls up in intricate ways, or if he liked whips, leaving long red welts across their skin. He was sure would find out soon enough.

Morgan fought to keep happy and into the conversation the way, but it was forced. Collin appreciated the effort and gave her soft strokes of his hands when Dash wasn't looking. They talked the whole way there, Dash telling stories about the club, and Morgan nodded adding detials every now and again.

They club was in one of the repurposed old factory buildings. It had two floors, from what Collin could see. The bottom floor was a gothic themed dance club, everyone was pale, their hair all dyed colors Collin was sure never occurred in nature, blues, purples, reds, but mostly that flat black that made you feel like it absorbed all the light thrown at it and swallowed it whole.

He watched the people move about, they were all dancing in different ways, he was sure some of them must be deaf because they weren't even moving with the music. It was like looking into a sea of black during a hurricane, when the waves all crash together at different points.

Collin followed Morgan and Dash to a set of stairs with a rope going across saying "Private Party, keep out." A tall man dressed all in leather and chains stood at the rope, he was trying to tell a few drunk girls that they couldn't come into the party no matter how many times they offered to suck him off. They were both in floor length dresses that were skin-tight, leaving not much to the imagination.

"Hey man." Dash said walking up to the man. He held his hand out, waiting for him to recognize him and shake it.

"Hey Dash! I ain't seen you around here in months, where you been?" He slapped his palm into Dash's and shook it hard.

"You know me, following the.. Fun" He said looking at the two girls. They hadn't stopped their begging, even though they were no longer the center of attention. When one of them caught Dash's gaze she suddenly fell silent.

He was giving her a look of someone who just found something tasty to eat, his eyes conveying a whole array of things that didn't look enticing. It was disconcerting to Collin to see a look like that on Dash's face, that was usually laughing at something or another, he was even more used to the commanding look Dash got when he didn't want you to do anything but what he said. This look threw him, and more to the point it must have thrown the girl.

She grabbed her friend and left quickly, looking over her shoulder a few times to make sure he wasn't still looking at her. Yelling to her friend to let it go, that they weren't going in. Dash kept the look on his face, his eyes on her back until she disappeared into the crowd, only then did his trademark smile return.

"So the three of you tonight? Wait, Morgan is that you hiding back there?" He said pulling Morgan into a tight hug. Collin gritted his teeth, he knew that people would probably be hugging her, people she knew better than him, but it didn't stop him from wanting to push them away.

"Down boy, he is a sub, they worked together here for a long time, relax." Dash said in his ear. Collin calmed down slightly but it still made him feel uneasy. This is someone who she has known for years and she hasn't mentioned him at all.

"Alright you all know the rules right? Okay Mistress J is the DM tonight, newbie if you cross her she will hurt you, fair warning. Okay 15 each and you can go right up." After they all paid, Collin for himself and Morgan, and Dash separate, they began to climb the stairs. The black lights made the walls glow, he couldn't tell how much of the spots were from splatter paint and how much was from other things.

When they reached the top floor Dash pulled aside the curtain "Welcome home Noob." He said gesturing for Collin and Morgan to enter in front of him.

No matter what he had read online, no matter the stories Dash and Morgan told him, he wasn't prepared for this. The entire top floor was one big room, half was closed off with a curtain, and the other half was different, for lack of a better word, stations, all set up with curtains separating them, giving slight privacy. Each space had a spotlight on it, in different colors, illuminating the players inside. The way they were set up each one was facing a different direction so that you couldn't see another scene if you were participating in one 'room'.

There was a large open area in front that people were milling about, all of them either in conversation, or standing back watching people go towards different little coves before choosing one to look into. The large space also had several couches, all spread out in any open space. Some had people sitting, laughing and talking to one another, and others had people laying down, obviously having just gotten done with a scene.

To the left of the open space was a juice bar with a huge sign saying 'No Alcohol permitted'. Several people were milling around there, getting something to drink, or picking up a snack. The two people behind the bar, a man and a woman, were both completely naked, and it didn't look like it bothered them at all. They were conversing with people, every once in a while leaning over the bar to give a stretched hug.

They walked forward, Morgan searching the room, obviously looking for someone while Dash walked off wandering aimlessly. Collin just took in what he could see of each 'station', scanning with his eyes before falling on the one directly in the middle. The curtain was open facing them, the red light hitting the corners of the makeshift room and stopping. Inside was a giant claw foot tub, it was at least six-foot long and looked like it was made of cast iron and well-worn. The scene entranced Collin and he moved forward, taking Morgan's hand to pull her along.

The woman in the tub was about 30, with long blonde hair that flowed all around her weightlessly framing her face, red light shined down on her making her skin have a sun burnt look. Her face was completely calm and at first he thought she was just floating in the water completely relaxed. As he approached he realized that she was bound, her arms hanging over the side, elbows resting on the sides of the tub with her hands bound together under the tub, the rope ran the length underneath and up to the taps, where her feet were bound.

When he finally got to just outside the circle of red he noticed the man standing behind her. He was wearing black cut off skinny jeans and they hugged his lean hips, making the V in his torso very noticeable. He stroked his fingers through her hair, making her eyes open lazily. He kissed her lightly and plugging her nose shoved her head underwater.

Collin tried not to let the surprise show in his face as the man held her under for about ten seconds. When she came up, she gasped slightly, then leaned her face into his hand, kissing his palm. He stepped back again for a moment, before repeating the process. Collin looked on, entranced by the way he forcefully shoved her down, never leaving her there for more than a minute, and always when she came up the gentle touches that followed. Collin barely noticed when the man motioned to him, offering him a turn pushing her down, Collin shook his head content just to watch.

After about ten minutes the man untied her draining the tub and gently drying her hair and stroking her arms and feet, trying to knead the soreness out of her limbs. When he was done soothing her he wrapped her in a towel, helping her to her feet, then cleaned the tub after putting her on a couch on the side of the large room laying her gently on her side.

Morgan looked at Collin, motioning for him to move on to the next attraction. His thoughts were still on the tub, and watching Morgan's hair curl back up in the water, gently pushing her down and holding her, feeling her relax under the water. He was suddenly self-conscious by the fact that he was walking around with half a hard on, until he walked to the next scene.

They had to come around the curtain to see a sub tied to the X on the wall, his Dom was wearing jeans tight enough to show his full erection. Collin knew that if he was in that position he wouldn't be able to move to crack the whip along his subs back. He looked at the bare ass of the man and watched at his Dom left mark after mark across his entire back side. He looked over at Morgan, she was chewing her lip and still searching the room out of the corners of her eyes.

Looking around, trying to figure out what she could be searching for, Collin's eyes fell on a familiar head of giant red hair. He moved toward her, Morgan followed slowly at his side. He could tell that this is what she had been hiding. Jordan was there. She turned as he approached, the long back of her skirt twirled.

"Hey there Morgan baby." Jordan said, kissing her on the cheek, her torso not bending at all because of her tight corset. She let go, Collin could see every freckle on her breasts as she smacked Morgan's butt lightly, making her look down and blush. Jordan turned towards Collin, her face full of delight at the look on his. "Collin, or should I call you My Collin? I know that is what Morgan likes to call you." Jordan teased.

"Hey Jordan, I didn't expect to see you here." He said back, trying to be nonchalant, and completely failing. Jordan knew about their pet name. Apparently Jordan was someone who Morgan talked to regularly. Someone that Collin didn't know about. It irked him, and he knew that the anger was showing in his face.

Jordan looked from Morgan's downcast face and blush, to Collin's obviously stony face and her mouth made an 'o' like she just realized what was going on. "Morgan didn't tell you did she? I am the DM. I am the person who makes sure that no one gets hurt, and follows the rules."

"So you are Mistress J?" Collin said, the thought slowly processing in his mind. Morgan hadn't lied exactly, she just hadn't told the truth.

"Yes, and just so you know, before you get mad at Morgan, one of the rules is that you never tell anyone that isn't here about these parties. I expected her to tell you, but you probably already know about Morgan and keeping secrets."

"Yeah I do, my girl knows how to keep a secret." He said, keeping his voice hard. He looked down at her, he understood why she hadn't told him, he really did, but at the same time he was embarrassed and furious that she didn't even mention it once they arrived. She could have at least said something when she found out who was Dming tonight. She could have at least told him she and Jordan were friends outside of the bar.

"So how are you enjoying your first time? How many people have called you Noob so far?" Jordan said, trying to continue the conversation. He could see that she was trying to put him at ease, and it was working. During their dinners at the Pub he had gotten to know Jordan, learned a lot of things about her, who she was. Collin wanted to think of her as a friend, and it was a little easier now that he knew the full extent of her relationship with Morgan. At the same time he felt awkward, he just wanted to get away.

"Only one person so far has called me that. I don't know, I haven't talked to many people so far. I have been mostly watching." Collin said after a moment. He hadn't expected to really have conversations with people, he expected to say hi and meet people, but not actually sit like this and converse while ten feet away someone was getting choked.

"Oh, honey, it is your first time, don't worry, next time you will be picking up a whip and tying that pretty little thing up and doing nasty things in front of everyone. Have you even gone into the maze yet?" She gestured to the curtain lining the wall to the left, it had a small opening, big enough for a couple to enter side by side. Collin shook his head. "Oh, well then baby boy, you need to go in there. Morgan why don't you show him around."

Morgan looked at Collin, asking him with her eyes what he wanted to do. He could see that she wanted to go in there, that was a fun place. Right at that moment, Collin wasn't going to give her what she wanted. He knew that she wanted to participate, and that in the maze they could more privately, but he wasn't going to take part with her tonight. He was going to look around and let her watch everything, and not do a thing. "I will go in there in a little bit. I want to look around a little more." Jordan smiled nodding, and walked away.

Turning towards Morgan, Collin had a hard set in his jaw. "Don't do that again. That was embarrassing, she expected me to know, I understand you didn't want to break her trust but you could have at least told me you were friends, or told me to expect her when we got here." Collin put his hands on her shoulders, looking at her face. She was trying to keep eye contact, but he could tell it was hard for her.

"I am sorry." Morgan said, and Collin knowing her, knew that it meant she wouldn't do it again. Collin stepped back, breaking contact. He was still upset, but he wanted to enjoy the night, so he looked around seeing the other people playing, and chose one at random to go watch.

The scene was on the side of the room, it was opposite of the curtain. The small cove was hidden from him as he walked up, the entrance must have been on the back side. As Collin turned, looking into the room he saw a bed, on it was several women, in various states of undress. They were all kissing and touching one another, some of them moaning, and some of them looking intently on their partners. He was transfixed, he could feel Morgan at his side, she was looking on with wide eyes, he could see out of the corner of his eye that her lips were parting. Every once in a while her tongue would dart out, licking her lips, before her teeth began to worry the soft flesh.

One of the girls looked up at Morgan under her lashes, and began to crook her finger. Collin saw Morgan's head turn towards him, asking. Without looking back at her he shook his head, still watching the girls in front of them. The girl shrugged slightly, turning back towards the tangled mass of bodies on the bed, and Morgan's gaze went back to them.

A few moments later Collin's attention was caught by the sounds of loud groans from not too far off. He turned away, finally tearing his eyes away from the bed, and went in search of the noise, Morgan reluctantly following behind him. He went around a few rooms, smiling and nodding at people as he passed, the noise getting louder. Finally he reached the source of the noise.

It was a man and a woman, the man was tied to a post, his arms held high above his head and his legs spread wide so that he was at eye level with the small woman with him. She had her hair tied in a tight bun, every inch of her was covered with loose fitting black clothing, she looked so small compared to the man, but Collin had no doubt who was in control. She had a long whip in her hand, she was cracking it against his legs and occasionally hitting his cock, causing the loud groans. Collin watched the man, he wasn't attracted to men, ever, but seeing the look on his face, watching his cock dribble precum every so often after a hard hit with the whip, it affected him almost as much as seeing the women on the bed.

Once again he was noticed by a Dom staring, and she gave him a look, telling him with her eyes to back off a little. Collin moved away, nodding at her, and guided Morgan to another scene. He could understand not wanting to be watched, or not wanting someone standing right there while you were trying to play, but he didn't understand it if you were at a party for that kind of thing.

Collin glanced at Morgan out of the corner of his eye, she was looking straight ahead, not glancing anywhere he didn't move her towards. "You choose the next one." He said after a moment, he wanted to know what kinds of things she wanted to watch. They walked around for a few minutes, looking in on several little rooms and coves before finally Morgan stopped suddenly.

The room they were in front of was lit with a deep blue light. There were four young women in the room all facing towards a man in the center. He had each held by a length of something, every one of them tied a different way, all the restraints connected to a belt loop on his pants. He stood with the assurance of a military man, his back was ramrod straight and his muscles rippled when he moved. Collin watched as he took a long gulp of water, he had obviously been working with them for some time sweat dripped down his back, before moving towards one of the girls.

She wasn't wearing a shirt, instead she had a tight corset made of rope, Collin could see it dig slightly into her skin as she took a breath. He arms were tied behind her back in the same fashion, the rope went around and twisted on itself before going back the other way. She wore a lacy pair of panties, two strands of rope came from behind her through her legs and to her Dom's belt loops.

As the Dom moved forward the girl opposite her had to move with him, on her knees, so that the restraints were kept constantly slack. Reaching her, the Dom took the bottle, raising it to her lips and giving her a drink. She looked into his eyes the entire time, not breaking his gaze for a second. When she had drunk her fill he pulled the bottle back, turning back towards the middle.

Collin watched how in sync all of them were, every time he would walk towards one, the opposite girl would move slightly forward with him, every time he went back to the center the girl would move back into place. He gave each of them a drink, untying a mouth gag on one and replacing it after wards.

The Dom turned towards Collin when he was done. Collin was suddenly self-conscious, he didn't want a repeat of the last scene and get asked to go away. "Do you want to take a closer look?" The man said, gesturing towards the girls. He ran one hand over his buzzed head. Nodding Collin looked at Morgan, telling her with his eyes to stay there. She looked for a moment like she was going to pout, but she kept it in.

Collin moved about the small space, inspecting the knots of all the girls. He recognized some of the intricate designs, but one looked completely new to him. Each girl was tied with something different too. The one in the corset was all with rope. The girl to her left was bound by thick long strands of pearls. Some of them went between her legs, one looked as if it entered her, but Collin couldn't be sure that the angle he was at. He knew that she could have broken out of the bounds easily, but there was something about the way she sat there as if she couldn't move at all that made Collin's breath catch.

Moving towards the next girl, he saw she was tied completely with thin silky scarves. One went across her eyes, and another was in her mouth. The rest of her was almost completely covered, the scarves snaking around her body, twisting and knotting beautifully against her skin.

The last girl was in a leather harness, chains hanging all around her. She sat the straightest of all of them. He could tell that she was the one who had been with the Dom the longest. She followed her Dom with her eyes, every time he came near Collin could tell she ached for his touch, and he always gave it to her, gently stroking his finger through her hair, or just playing with a chain on her bonds. Her eyes lit up every time he came near and Collin, suddenly feeling like he was intruding, walked back out, combing his finger through Morgan's hair.

"Lets go check out the maze." he said, placing a kiss on her forehead, letting her lead him toward the maze. There was something in the girls eyes that he knew was similar to Morgan. The way that she was completely devoted and all she wanted was for him to look at her. It softened Collin's anger. He didn't want Morgan to ever think that she wasn't his main focus. He didn't want to see the look on her face when was focused on someone else, he didn't think he could stand the slightly hurt look of him taking care of another girl.

As Morgan led him to the opening he looked up trying to see how high the curtain went, he realized then that there was another level. All along the top of the maze were balconies with people just looking into the maze watching. They went through the opening, the top was completely open and from the inside you couldn't see the balconies with the people watching. It was set up so that where people would be the walls went up further, they would have to lean completely over to be seen.

Collin had expected for the walls of the maze to be made up of curtains, but they were thick, made of cinderblock and painted with a thick black paint. Every once in a while along the walls were nooks with chains, cuffs, or sometimes X's in them. They first few they passed were occupied. Collin saw Dash looking on as a Domme took a whip to her sub. He was gagged, with a leash around his neck, and she was whipping him, then walking forward to let him kiss her legs and boots, every time his mouth went too high she would step back and begin whipping again. Dash looked at Collin, the smile on his face held more mischief then Loki probably could have mustered, he winked and turned back to the show.

They moved through the maze, discovering that the further they got into the maze the more intense. He saw spanking benches, wooden horses, even a few people doing suspension. He watched as one woman was pulled up, her body hanging completely relaxed 3 feet off the ground. They stopped and watched as her Dom knelt and buried his face into her heat, every once in a while lifting her slightly so she could breathe easier. Her arms and legs beginning to shake after a few moments, he stood, walking around her, his erection showing through the thin fabric of his pants.

Collin felt self-conscious again, he was getting more and more hard with each new thing he saw. He knew pretty soon he would be finding a nook and taking Morgan in it, no matter what his earlier thoughts were. Collin pulled Morgan in front of him, he began to run his hands down her front, putting a hand into her shirt and under her bra, gently playing with her nipple. They stood like this, Collin placing gentle touches all over Morgan while they watch the man hump the woman through his pants, the front of them becoming more and more wet.

It was over the second the man unzipped his pants. One of the onlookers from the balcony must have told Jordan, because she came from out of nowhere telling him no penetration. Wagging her finger at him like am angry mother. Collin half expected an argument, but the man just nodded, putting himself away and slowly lowering his sub, gently taking her hands down from the hook and leaving them tied, he led her away, winking at Collin as he walked away.

"How hard is it to remember, no fucking sex in the champagne room!" Jordan said throwing her hands up.

"I take it this is a normal part of the job, stopping people from sticking it in somewhere." Collin said with a small laugh.

"You have no idea. It is like trying to keep an eye on a room full of three-year olds and saying 'don't throw anything.' The first thing they are going to try to do when you back is turned is throw something." Jordan's hand went to her ear for a moment. "On my way." She said.

Wanting to ask her what she was talking about he looked at Morgan, she pointed to her ear and said "Headset." They followed Jordan, she flew through the maze. Collin could almost feel the fury coming from her as she went. He could see she was trying not to full out run, but she was going as fast as her bare feet could go while still being at a walk.

They rounded a corner in time to see Jordan grab a big man, about 7 inches taller than her tiny frame. Collin watched at she swiftly grabbed him by the hair, kicking in one of his knees and slamming his face into the floor. Collin could see Dash on the other side, it was clear that she had gotten there a second before him, coming from the other way. Jordan had a foot on the back of the guy's neck, from her expression she was thinking seriously about breaking it.

"Dash, I want you to get him out of here, now." She said, every word dripping with restraint and rage. Dash picked the guy up and began to lead him out. Jordan walked over to a girl strapped to a wooden horse, sobs wracked her body, and Collin instantly knew what sent Jordan into the white hot rage. It was the same thing that was now eating at him. You do not do this. The girl's back was criss crossed with huge welts, some of them already starting to turn purple, a cane was lain next to the horse.

"I am sorry, I asked him to stop, I gave the safeword, I didn't want anyone else to get involved." the girl choked out. She was apologizing like it was her fault he did this to her. She kept making small sounds, whimpers and gasps.

"Shhhh, sweety, you didn't do anything wrong, come here." Jordan said, helping her down, almost fully supporting her weight. The welts went down the backs of her legs and across the tops of her arms. She had probably taken a lot before she finally safe worded him.

All of the thoughts Collin had before about finding a spot in the maze were gone. He wanted nothing to do with it any more, his dick had gone completely flaccid. He followed Jordan and the girl out. Watching as Jordan laid her down on one of the couches, off to the side, as far away from everyone as she could find.

"Will you sit with her for a minute?"

"Yeah." He said looking at Jordan before kneeling and brushing the girl's hair out of her face, Morgan sat on the arm of the couch and combed her fingers through the girls silk straight hair. They sat like that trying to comfort the poor girl. Collin couldn't understand why anyone would do this. Especially to this girl, she had such an innocent face, big blue doe eyes and long blonde hair. She was so small if he didn't know she had to be at least 18 he would have assumed she was a child.

Dash appeared a few minutes later, he sat on the edge of the couch by her feet and began to slowly massage them. Collin looked at his hands, they were cut across the knuckles, red bruises already forming. As he looked up Dashes arms he saw small scratches, like someone had tried to stop him, and obviously failed.

"What happened to your hands man?" Collin asked looking at Dash's knuckles, Dash gave him a hard animalistic look. He had known what happened, he just didn't want to admit it to himself, but that look said it all. That man was probably more bruised now then the poor girl on the couch. Jordan walked back up and began to place ice packs along the girl's back and legs, every once in a while kissing a particularly bad spot first, almost like a kiss could really heal her boo boo's.

"Do you need us to do anything?" Morgan whispered to the girl. She had finally calmed down some, her hands pulled close tucked under her chin, every once in a while a tear would roll down her face but they could tell that she was keeping most of it in.

"Will you please get me my clothes?" She asked looking at Morgan.

"Of corse honey." Morgan said getting up and Collin stopped her, saying he would go get them. He couldn't just sit there anymore. He walked up to the side of the bar, he had seen a few people stash their clothes behind there earlier. He asked the bartender about her clothes, after trying to describe her, he pointed to the couch at the back of the room. He didn't want to draw attention to her, but in the end that is what got him the clothes.

"Poor thing. I wish she would have come in here without him before this. She will probably never want to have anything to do with the scene after this. It happens all the time when people meet online and don't really know the people they are coming with. And that guy, he has a mean streak. None of the subs we know here will have anything to do with him. He is crazy." the bartender said with a southern drawl, handing him a stack of folded clothes. "The worst part is that he probably was gentle with her and never did anything like that before tonight. For some reason he likes to be rough in public. This is the first time that he has really hurt any of the girls he has brought. He usually pushes hard, and we all watch him like a hawk, so it has never gotten out of hand. Tonight we are packed though, he probably saw a chance and took it. We don't be seeing him again, I am sure Jordan had him banned."

"I think Dash had a talk with him too." Collin said, taking the clothes, letting it drip into his voice how much of a talk Dash had and walking back over to the couch. Looking at the girl's face, he didn't think he had ever seen someone so broken, well someone so broken who was sober. She was not meeting anyone's eyes and only gave one word answers. When Collin got over to her Dash took the clothes from him.

"Come on baby girl, lets get you dressed." She looked at him, like she wasn't understanding for a moment. "I am gonna get you home." Dash said when she wouldn't get up.

"Can we go somewhere else? I don't want my room mate to see me." She almost whispered. Her face filled with shame, tears starting to run down her cheeks again. Collin stepped forward, whipping the tears off, before they could make it too far down.

"You can come back to my place, I have an extra room, and we can play Apples to Apples. Much more fun then hanging out here." Collin said, giving her a small smile. He looked at Morgan, making sure this was alright with her. She gave a small smile too, nodding towards the girl and saying what a great idea she thought that was. He was glad that she wasn't upset, he was glad that their Play Party night wasn't ruined.

"Fuck yeah Apples to Apples! That is my favorite game!" Dash yelled, he looked actually excited, like this was totally the best idea he had heard all night. He looked like he hadn't been excited about this all week, and that going back to the apartment and playing games would be his idea of heaven. Collin raised an eyebrow at his enthusiasm and Dash just shrugged back, his smile not wavering in the least.

The girl smiled and nodded, finally dragging her hands across her eyes. They carefully put her back in her little black dress and helped her out of the club, she winced with every step, but tried to keep it from showing too bad. When they got out the front door Dash picked her up and gently as he could, carried her the rest of the way to the car. Jordan had to stay until the club closed in a few hours but told them to save a round for her.

It took them a few moments to get comfortable in the car, and when they finally did they set off. "So, what is your name little bit." Dash asked cradling her in his arms in the back seat. He was trying to keep her from having any of her back touch the seat, but it ended up just making it look like she was giving him a blow job.

"Miley." She responded quietly. She was finally relaxing into Dash's lap, letting him hold her and stroke her hair. It was weird, she just had the worst night of her life probably, and she was letting three perfect strangers take her home. To Collin that meant she was either much more naïve then he originally thought, or her life was so bad that three random people couldn't make it any worse. Looking in the rearview mirror and seeing her face, she didn't look as young as he had originally thought. Her face looked young, but she had an age to her, it was the same one he had, the same one Cameron had, and he suddenly felt more of a need to protect her.

"Well Miley, I am Dash, the one driving is Collin, and the one in the front seat is his sub Morgan. Welcome to the family." He continued stroking her hair the entire time he said this, and when he said the word family she closed her eyes, fully relaxing into his lap.

"So sweety, what's your story?" Morgan said turning in her seat to look at her gently.

"I don't have a story. I met Brodie online, we went out for coffee a few times, and he invited me to this. We had talked about everything. Things I was okay with, things I wasn't, and when we got there he completely ignored all of them. I was stupid and trusted someone I didn't know, the end."

Morgan went rigid, like she had been slapped in the face. She snapped her fingers in Miley's face making her open her eyes. "Hey, do not dare say that. You are not a victim, bad things happen to good people, but you choose not to be a victim. You did everything right and that dick took advantage of you. End of story, no more calling yourself stupid. I want you to hold your head high and know that now, you have us, we have adopted you and no one will ever do that to you again. Do you understand me?"

"Besides," Collin put in, wanting to reassure her that not all Doms she would meet acted like that, "The bartender said he has been thrown out before, for lesser offences, but still. You aren't the first girl he has tricked into thinking he was a saint." He didn't know if their words helped at all but she nodded at both of them, accepting what they said.

When they got back to the apartment Dash offered to carry Miley again and she shook her head, wincing as she climbed out of the car, and held her head high as she climbed the stairs. Obviously something of what they said stuck.

They went into the apartment and true to his word Collin pulled out Apples to Apples and they played for hours.

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