I am a rose

Gorgeous and red

But to be perfectly honest

I am quite hard to grab

For on my beautiful green stem

There are many thorns sticking out on end

So be careful next time you see me

If you ever see me again

For I am quite Beautiful yes I know

But when you grab me

Your hand has a red flow

Blood dripping of your hand

I thought you were going to give me to your girlfriend

Oh well I will just wait a little bit more

As I see a kid coming out of a door

For the last time I don't need another crying person

But too late a Small minded kid put his hand on me screaming and crying


I did not mean to make that little Boy cry

What the heck is wrong with me?

Can't you see?

I am one of the most beautiful flowers

Next to the big oak tree

Suddenly I see an old man

"Oh dear" I thought

Not again

But this elder did something very wise

He kneeled down my red petals to his blue eyes

"Poor flower, you are misunderstood"

"Yes, I am misunderstood, I just want to be loved and not pushed away, the last thing I need is to make another person cry anyway"

The old man went to the back of his pocket

Grabbing out scissors as he brought them close to me

What is he doing?, trying to end me?"

But this old little man

Cut off my thorns

Each one of them

Fell to the ground

"There" he says "You have a very nice stem"

I was so happy, I was overjoyed

"Thank you mister, Now I will not be misunderstood!"

The old man looked at me and smiled for a while

"I will take you to my wife, she loves a good rose"

"Oh boy" I thought "But I am praying I will not get pressed against her nose

I am a rose

Gorgeous and red

But to be perfectly honest I am quite hard to grab

But if you are careful

And think before you act

You may just realize

I am not bad