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I was bent over his desk, my ass poised up in the air awaiting his next move. With the long skirt of my dress thrown over my head, all I saw was white, white, and more white with the exception of the mahogany brown desk beneath me. My arms were stretched out in front of me and my wrists were bound together with an expensive silk neck tie, one that was supposed to be on the man behind me. My skin felt hot and prickly. The dress was too much. I wanted to be naked. I wanted to feel everything against my bare skin, yet the only things not covered by cloth were the backs of my thighs and my ass, which was still up in the air patiently waiting his next move.

"You've not been a good girl." His deep voice slid over my skin, sinking into my bones and resonating throughout my body caressing me in an unseen way that caused my already wet core to become a dripping vessel and my already perked nipples to become unforgivingly hard pebbles. "I think it's time for you to be... punished."

I wanted to snort at the corny ass line that seemed to be lifted straight out of "50 Shades of Trash" but in my aroused state I just couldn't find it in myself to do anything but let out a feeble whimper and clench my already tense thighs.

There was a pause and silence fell like a heavy blanket over us, neither of us moving or speaking. A fierce and almost aggressive sexual tension hung in the air, heady and all-consuming. For a moment in time we did nothing but simmer in it, we or rather he let it build to an almost explosive level. And then came the first hit.

A loud slap echoed throughout the room, the sound of flesh hitting flesh a sharp crack filling my ears. There was heat where his hand had made contact with my skin, an erotic stinging sensation that caused me to yelp in a kind of delighted surprise.

The second slap came, quickly following the first. This time instead of yelping, I only grunted and reflexively yanked on my bindings. Which proved to be pretty much useless thanks to his expertly tied knot. And then came another and another.

Each slap sent an electric zing straight to my most sensitive parts causing my hips to wreath and my pussy to drip, begging to be touched. It was a frightening exhilaration that caused the hairs all over my body to stand up on end as my flesh broke out in tingling goosebumps.

I moaned and I mewled, my hands curled into tight fists as the stinging slaps worked their magic on my body.

He paused for a moment andI felt one of his large, rough hands palm my left butt cheek and grope it. His thumb lingered dangerously close to my outer lips . I knew they had to be slick with my juices by now and I knew that he could easily see just how wet I was. With each squeeze he gave my bottom, his thick thumb brushed ever so slightly over my core. Just one firm touch and I would become a trembling puddle of woman beneath him.

As if reading my mind he slapped my ass again then grabbing it and roughly growling he said. "You will not come, under any circumstances."

I wanted to answer I truly did, but I couldn't find my voice all I could do was feebly whimper my assent. But he wasn't having that as I knew he wouldn't.

In one quick move he was on me pressing his broad chest against my back, molding his body to mine and letting me feel his weight. Pulling away the dresses skirt from around my head, he reached up one hand to grip the back of my neck of while keeping the other on my ass. Leaning down he pressed his soft lips against my ear and snarled.

Somewhere in the back of my mind this scene felt oddly familiar, only roles were reversed and rather than this erotic and carnal atmosphere it was one of anger and hurt. Oh how far we've come.

"I'm afraid I didn't hear you. What was that answer?" he asked in a guttural whisper.

Aroused beyond belief I stuttered out breathlessly " Y-y-yes."

His grip on my ass tightened. "Yes what?"

"Y-yes Sir."

"Good girl."

Slowly he slid his hand from around my neck and down my back to join the other on my ass. Then without warning he sunk one long thick finger straight into the source of my heat and into the one place I wanted him the most. Shoving it hard and deep, my muscles clenched in around the invading digit and I shuddered in wanton ecstasy.

A low long moan was pulled from my lips and on a baited breath I shoved my hips back matching his rhythm as he slowly thrust his finger in and out, dragging the thick digit along my rippling walls.

The hand that he'd been resting idly on my ass slid up to grip my left hip. Hard. Hard enough to still my swaying body and probably leave light bruises, something the closet masochist in me approved of.

Stopping the motion of his finger, he growled "Don't move."

They were two simple words yet they had their desired affect and desperate for him to continue his ministrations, I breathed "Okay."

He held still for a moment his finger sitting just inside of my clenching core as if to be sure I was going to listen and then, slowly he began thrusting again in long slow strokes. After a moment he added another finger, stretching me and pulling another low moan from my raspy throat. With each push and pull I felt my clit twinge in expectation from the oh so close friction of his fingers.

If you had asked me even a year ago if I could have imagined myself in this intimate situation with this boy, now a man, from my childhood I would have called you crazy. Yet in this surreal moment, he was doing things to my body and suffocating my senses in way that was almost overwhelming and dreamlike. I was the puppet to his puppeteer, and I was in heaven (or hell) under his skillful manipulations.

I felt him pull out and spread my lips with his fingers. Cool air brushed against my wet heat and sent a chill throughout my body. For a moment he said nothing and the only sound once more was that of our heavy breathing in the otherwise silent room.

Then he whispered into the still air, admiration coloring his voice "So pretty. So pink."

And then he roughly thrust those two fingers back in.

I cried out and balled my bound hands into tight fists, yanking on my bonds, jerking my hips and letting my nails bite into the flesh of my palms. No longer was he pulling long, slow strokes. Instead his thrusts were hard and short, his fingers were slightly curled so that he was stroking that tender sweet place deep inside of me.

The wet sound of his fingers inside of me filled the room as I moaned and fought to keep my hips from thrusting back onto his fingers, remembering his earlier warning. My thighs were wet and shaking, sweat beading my upper lip.

At this point I was gasping with my eyes tightly closed. I was close, so close. Just a few more pumps of his fingers and I'd come. I felt the familiar clenching in my pussy and my gasps and moans became one long drawn out moan.

I jumped and yelped when I felt a sharp sting on my ass. He'd spanked me again.

"Don't you dare fucking come." He growled thrusting his fingers harder.

I whimpered and struggled to keep my body from giving in. But it was hard. So hard. With each pump I felt that tense feeling of pressure wind tighter and tighter waiting to be released. I was right there on the precipice, my body taught and ready to go over the edge.

Then the ass that he was, he stopped cutting off my impending orgasm. With his fingers still buried deep inside of me and using the hand that wasn't he reached up, his long arm stretching above my head to unbind the knot in the tie that was anchoring my to the desk. Then he gripped the space between my shoulder and neck and hauled me up until my back was molded against his chest and my arms fell down limply in front of me. A perfect fit, like a puzzle piece with his fingers still buried inside of me.

My body was vibrating and it felt as though my nerves were live wires, buzzing with unspent energy. My skin was prickly with sensitivity each time he skimmed the pad of his thumb back and forth over the nap of my neck seemingly absentminded. I was so turned on that all I had to do was twist my hips and clench my thighs a certain way and I could probably get myself of. Yet I knew it wouldn't be nearly as satisfying as if the man standing behinds were to do it for me. So instead I remained still waiting for his next move.

I didn't have to wait long because almost immediately he was bringing his shiny wet fingers up to my face and pressing himself closer against my back.

"Lick." He commanded, his mouth pressed against my ear. With his hand out of the way I felt his hard need against the crest of my ass, intensely aware of the thin layer of clothing separating slot A from tab B.

Sighing, I slowly slipped out my tongue and ran it over his damp finger tips tasting the tang of my own arousal mixed with the natural muskiness of his skin. A juvenile part of me found it unfair how turned on I was while he stood behind me unnervingly calm. So deciding to be naughty I shoved my hips back and ground my ass against his rock hard erection as my lips wrapped tightly around his fingers, erotically sucking and sliding my tongue between the two digits. He hissed, his hot breath fanning over the right half of my face. Got him, I thought to myself smirking inside of my mind.

I licked his fingers until I could no longer taste myself and only the saltiness of his skin remained. Unwrapping my lips from around them, I hummed in appreciation of the filthiness of the situation. Pulling them away from my mouth, he stepped back, putting space between us.

I didn't move, keeping my back erect and my chin tilted up proudly even as the skirt that had become bunched around my waist fell down and back into place. I shivered as the cool silky material slid over the heated, slightly sore and sensitive skin of my ass and flowed like water around my still trembling legs. I remained achingly horny, so incredibly horny. My sex was throbbing, begging to be touched, filled, and finished off. I felt dampness pooling and sliding down the insides of my sticky thighs.

"Turn around." He said in a low guttural voice.

I did as he said, turning in a slow half circle to face him, my arms hanging down in front of me and my wrists still bound. I kept my eyes positioned downwards, nervous to look up and make eye contact with the man who'd had complete control over my body not even a minute ago.

A part of me hated him, hated what he did to me and made me feel. Submissiveness was not familiar to me, in fact growing up I avoided being submissive at all costs as a form a self preservation to the point where being submissive goes against my nature. Yet in this moment, here in this mans hands it felt like a safety blanket where outside matters were deemed irrelevant. A release without release you could say, since I'm still standing here all un-orgasmed and what not.

That's not even a word, my subconscious muttered irritatingly making me bite my lip. Whatever point still stands that I have yet to climax, something that both my body, mind, and hell even my spirit weren't too keen on.

"Look at me." He commanded in an even tone that told me he expected to be obeyed.

A part of me wanted to rebel, even after everything that just happened. But another bigger part of me knew that that wasn't the smartest idea, not with the amount of tension radiating off of him belying his calm voice. So keeping my head tilted down, I slid my gaze up to his, looking at him from beneath my lashes as I wondered what would come next.

If I'm being completely honest with myself, I really really wanted him to throw me down on the desk and fuck me senseless until we both couldn't walk, talk or even think. But I didn't think that was gonna happen so instead as I waited for him to make his next move, I studied his appearance.

Fuck him, of course he looked as though nothing had happened. His expression matched his tone of voice, bored, as though he'd just told his secretary to bring him a bagel. With his mouth relaxed but unsmiling, eyes flat, brows smoothed, and defined jaw unclenched he looked as though he didn't have a worry in the world.

He definitely didn't look as though he'd just dragged sexual submission out of me and left me breathless and randy. In fact the only signs that he'd been affected in the least was the faint glisten of sweat dotting his forehead, lust darkened gray almost black eyes, and of course the huge erection tenting the pants of his suit.

While holding my gaze captive with his own, he reached down and grasped the tie binding my wrists together. His blunt fingertips lightly slid over my hands and wrists as he worked to undo the knots. I shivered, remembering that two of those fingers had just been deep inside of me getting to know the most intimate part of my body deliciously well. If the smug twitch of his full pale pink lips and slight narrowing of his dark eyes were any indication, my reaction to his touch didn't go unnoticed.

In response my own lips lifted in a weak silent snarl, though it was absent of any actual malice.

He only chuckled, the warm throaty sound wrapping around me and causing my pussy to throb reminding me all over again of my unsettled arousal. Then still not breaking our gazes, he gave one hard yank and my bindings came undone allowing my wrists to fall to my sides.

I resisted the urge to rub my wrists and instead waited for something to be said to break the quiet. His hand lifted and he gently ran his fingers down the side of my face before cupping my cheek in his rough calloused palm. My mouth dropped open and I couldn't stop the soft gasp that escaped me at the overwhelming tenderness that suddenly filled his gaze. It was a look I hadn't seen from him in years.

"Jer-" I croaked, suddenly at a lose for words.

As if the spell were broken, he dropped his hand from my face and his expression becoming impassive once more.

"You can leave now." He said cutting me off, staring down his nose at me his eyes becoming disinterested and all traces of any previous emotion gone as though it had never existed.

Frowning I jerked back as if physically pushed by his brusque, dismissive tone. Instantly I snapped out of the submissive space I was in, dropping the vulnerable act and quickly catching the attitude that had been simmering since I'd first walked into his large office.

"Look here mister-" I started, putting a balled fist on my waist and cocking my hip only to be cut off again.

"Evangeline Mastersons, I said you could leave now. Do not make me ask again." He said giving me a hard look before turning his gaze elsewhere and diverting his attention to putting on and retying that stupid tie, effectively dismissing me.

"Besides," he continued now focusing on rolling down the sleeves of his dress shirt. "We've got a wedding we have to be at in fifteen minutes and there is no reason for us to be late. So go."

Silently fuming at the dick and his inconsistent emotions giving me whiplash as they have some many times before, I opened my mouth to speak again before thinking better of it and letting my lips seal shut. I rolled my lips and sucked my teeth then huffing, I spun on my toes and stomped out of the room, the spiked heels of my shoes clacking louder than necessary against the glossy wooden floors of the masculine office.

Fine, I'd leave for now. But that bastard and I had a lot to talk about later, like what the hell he thought he was doing treating me like one of his many toys. Even after the agreement we'd made. Of course I ignored the small flutter in my stomach and chest that told me I liked what he did to me, and rather focused on my building annoyance and irritation.

Letting my feelings be known, in case he hadn't gotten the memo before and because I was now feeling petty and childish, I slammed the door behind me. The only reason I was even listening and leaving wasn't because he told me to but because he was right.

We had a wedding to be at soon for in fifteen minutes I would become his wife, missus Evangeline Jerrik Strider and alpha female of the White Dagger Pack.