6 years ago

He threw me an irritated glance, not bothering to hide his annoyance.

"You sure do know how to use that mouth of yours to make things ten times worse." he growled.

I smiled a too sweet smile and fluttered my lashes.

"I know how to do a lot of things with my mouth Jerry." I lilted ignoring the gutter trash part of my brain that immediately imagined myself a blowjob.

I had hoped that he'd ignore the statement and focus on the nick name that he hated being called often threatening any and all who called him by it. I had hoped that he wouldn't jump on the juvenile thought-train like myself and ignore any innuendo that might be garnered from what I said.

He quirked a thick eyebrow his eyes narrowing and lips thinning. Good sign, I thought to myself that face usually equals annoyance, which means he's focusing on 'Jerry'.

Only I was wrong, on so wrong.

In the next moment all traces of annoyance dropped, and his gaze turned interested if not a little devious.

"And what exactly is it that you can do with your mouth little Evie?" he asked, his voice low and curious though it seemed to be more of a command than a question. Ahh that's an alpha's son for you always demanding, my older brother was much the same, hell I was much the same when I chose to be.

I let myself regret the words for a moment long then scoffed and rolled my eyes hoping my sudden attitude would discourage him.. He'd called me 'little Evie' a name he only called me when he was about to do some hardcore teasing. Meaning even if I chose not to answer, he would pester until he got some kind of reaction out because he was just that much of an ass.

I tried to think of something witty to say, something that would end this conversation I idiotically started when I sabotaged his potential booty call. I wanted to quell this shit before it even started, really I did.

But all that came out pathetically was "Why do you care?"

Fuck. Now he knew he'd gotten me if he was grinning like that. His eyes sparkled and his lips hitched into a smirk. For a moment I was taken aback by his attractiveness, something you'd think I'd be used to after living with him for almost five years.

Yet in moments like this, quiet intimate moments when it was only the two of us, his good looks always managed to catch me off guard. Large round eyes surrounded by thick dark blonde lashes, high cheekbones probably from some distant native ancestor along with the slight natural tan that belied his Norse dominated heritage, a strong square jaw dusted in a dark blonde shadow and rose pink lips wide and pouty with his top lip slightly fuller than his bottom.

Classically gorgeous.

Though the crème de la crème had to be the thick wavy pale blonde hair that he'd chosen to grow out now just brushing his shoulders, making him look more than a functioning member of society.

He suddenly slid closer breaking me from my moment of admiration, a mischievous gleam dancing in those silver gray eyes. He snatched up my hand and held tight when I tried to pull away, instead opting to play with my fingers.

"Awe come on little Evie, tell me exactly what it is you claim you can do with that mouth."

He's doing it on purpose. He knows and I know exactly what could be implied from what I said. He just likes to watch me squirm, always had because for all my back talk and sass I'm still too 'prim and proper', too 'innocent' as an alphas daughter to actually say much less do anything even borderline sexual.

At least that's how he described it once when I whined about him goading me into inappropriate conversations that only resulted in lectures from my mother on how a 'proper' young wolf conducts herself. And he probably still feels this way, even though for the past year we've hardly been around each other with me going through my first year of college and him going through his first year of training after graduating college.

Which is probably why my next words made him drop that stupid smirk.

"You wanna know so bad, go find your friend Rob and ask him. I'd say he's pretty well acquainted with my mouth."

We sat in silence, eyes locked in a silent battle of will. He'd stopped playing with my fingers but still held my hand in a gentle but firm grip.

Tilting his head curiously, he dropped my hand and let his rest along the back of the couch. "What exactly are they teaching you over at that school of yours?" he asked.

"Well you, were just there last year, I'm sure you haven't forgotten already how…" my voice became airy and light, then tilted my own head acting as though I were struggling to find the right word. "Educational it can be, especially to a naïve and sheltered girl like me."

"Naïve and sheltered girl indeed." his expression was still relaxed his voice had taken on an edge as he emphasized the 'word' girl.

He always loved reminding of just how young I was in comparison to him and my brother. Before, when I was fourteen and he was eighteen it never really seemed like that big of a deal and even earlier than that when it was just me, my brother, and my younger sister, I would hang out with the boys of the neighborhood as much as possible. I just preferred the rough and tough rumble and tumble of getting my hands dirty as apposed to our soft younger sister who liked books and tea parties and cooking with our mother.

Then when I turned sixteen and him and my brother were nineteen and twenty, they started pushing me away more so Jerrik than Isaiah but still. I mean looking back I can understand. What young virile guys, especially wolves, would want a young naïve and sheltered teenager who was a little sister to both of them, hanging around all the time?

But for some reason Jerrik pushed a little harder, and though I've always had the sense that he cared about me he always playfully teased and let me know that he tolerated me more than liked me. But like I said as I turned sixteen and by the time I was seventeen he flat out started acting like I was a nuisance and seemed to be picking fights with me. However instead of fading into the background I just started picking my own fights with him until we built a familiar relationship annoying each other.

Which brought us to this moment, the calm before the storm. Goading one another until someone either backed down or we started arguing.

Coming back to the moment, II hesitated knowing that this could go one of two ways. With me giving into the sudden tension and taking back the words, or playing along and pushing the tension to a breaking point.

Despite our tempestuous relationship, I couldn't deny my attraction or the secret crush that I'd been nurturing under lock and key since he first arrived years ago. Maybe this was my chance to get him to see that I wasn't the fourteen year old he affectionately tolerated or the sixteen year old he considered a nuisance when hanging out with his friends but rather a young eighteen almost nineteen year old woman finally coming into her own.

So adding fuel to the hesitant cinders, all I said was, "Yup." Popping the 'p' with more attitude than I felt.

Then after a moment, "Rob, didn't really seem to mind though."

"And just how acquainted with your mouth is he Evangeline?" he asked, his eyes now an intense dark and stormy gray. All humor had left his face leaving his features cold and hard like stone.

Throwing it in his face that I'd hooked up with a friend of his probably wasn't the best way to get what I want from him which was his mouth on mine, but to me in this moment it was the only way I could see.

The tension between us flared and I became all too aware that we were the only ones awake and all the way downstairs in the finished basement, two whole floors away from everyone else in the house.

Trying not to show the nerves that were beginning to knot my stomach, I pursed my lips and tilted my head in what I hoped was a cocky move. "I don't think you really wanna know that babe."

Never mind said hookup was a drunken mistake on my part, though that didn't stop Rob from trying to go further but I handled it and I certainly didn't want to describe it to the man in front of me.

"Oh but I think I do." he said his features quickly transforming once more, giving me a terrifying grin displaying sharp straight white teeth making a shiver dance up my spine and my heart thud hard in my chest.

What should have been a harmless smile instead made him look hungry and almost savage like he was ready to devour any and everything in his path. Which at the moment happened to be me.

Damn the whiplash, one moment he looks pissed the next amused, you'd think after years of dealing with it I'd be used to it. But no much like his looks, some things just aren't that easy to get used to when it comes to the man known as Jerrik.

I should stop, I thought to myself. Maybe if I stop now, I can step out of his path. This certainly wasn't what I was planning on happening when I came downstairs to hang out with him, I was honestly just bored and sleep was the furthest thing from my mind so why wouldn't I come down and bother my least favorite- lies, my subconscious butt in. Stoutly ignoring said voice I turned my attention back to the wolf in front of me.

I licked my dry lips and glanced away my eyes landing on some insignificant point of the room in a poor attempt to get away from his astute gaze. I was done with this game, suddenly I was ready to apologize for interrupting his phone call, explain that I only wanted to hang out and drop this tension filled conversation before things got worse..

I opened my mouth, "His mouth tasted pretty good but his dick was better."

I realized with horror that I'd said the exact opposite of what was planned.

See every now and again when my nerves spike, I get an endearing case of word vomit where my sentences don't go through the usual filtering process and I end up blurting out the absolute wrong thing.

Holy hell, I thought, holy hell please tell me you didn't hear that. However I know even as I think it, that that is highly unlikely considering that we are the only ones down here and our enhanced hearing allows for us to hear a pin drop in a crowded room full of shouting people when we focused meaning he clearly heard me in this empty room.

I watched his face in the silence that followed, looking intensely for hints of what his next words would be. Again he'd lost the smile, only his face didn't become stone rather his brow furrowed, he briefly chewed his bottom lip and his nostrils flared all in all telling me nothing about his thoughts.

An awkward moment of silence. Then another. And then another. And then he burst out laughing. Well maybe burst and laugh are too strong words to use.

It was more like he started by doing that thing where you softly out of your nose in quick successions until it became a low dark chuckle that made the hair on the back of my neck to stand on end.

"Hmmm," the chuckles faded and closing his eyes he tilted his head back until it was resting against that back of the couch. Then he continued "I always wondered why he always asked about you, figured it was just a crush. All those knee length skirts and high neckline sweaters; if only I'd known you'd been such a slut..."

It was a moment before the words fully processed but when they did my mouth dropped open and I felt my heart break. He was a dick, like nine times out of ten, but never had he said anything like that to me before with such an obvious intention to hurt, even when we were at our most volatile.

I felt my eyes start to sting as a flush ran up my chest, neck, and spread to me face.

No, I thought, I will not let this fucker do this to me. He means nothing and I will show him such.

Gritting my teeth and steeling myself against the feelings of sadness that were threatening to come down upon me, I hardened my gaze and forced my mouth into a carefree smirk. Sliding my legs up onto the couch and under me, shifting my body so that I was resting on my knees and facing him. Resting on my palms I leaned forward and placed my face about five inches from his ear left ear. Even though his eyes were closed I knew he was tracking every movement I made. Looking down at his profile I made sure to let out a breathy sigh against the skin of his neck before speaking.

"Nice try babes, but name calling won't hide your jealousy. If you want me all you gotta do is ask, I more than willing to give you all the access you desire since I am a sexually liberated young female or as you described a slut. Besides you're one to talk, you've had an endless parade of girls surrounding you since we first met."

He didn't give much of an outward reaction other than a slight tick of his jaw. Even though he had just said one of the nastiest (and not the good nasty) things he'd ever said to me, I still found myself filled with the desire to run my tongue along his strong, defined jaw line. As Lady Gaga or rather her American Horror Story character The Countess would say, he had a jaw line for days and it looked like the perfect throne for my princess ass.

My breath slightly hitched at the unsolicited thought, but forcing it back I forced myself to focus on the fact that he'd just degraded the hell out of me.

He didn't say anything, and as I was beginning to feel awkward in my hands and knees position with my face so close to his, he spoke.

"Thanks for the offer babes," he mocked his eyes sliding open and over to me, two hard gray stones. "But even if it was the full moon, you were in heat and my mate, or the last female in the world human or wolf I would never, ever touch you. And not just because your my best friend's little sister but because this just in babe" he closed his eyes again "I don't do fat chicks."

I felt the blood drain my face and my body become cold. I quickly pulled back, struggling to keep my feelings in check and off of my face

. As many times as he's teased me, it was never because of my weight. Yes I was heavier than your average wolf and even being the alpha's daughter it was something people never failed to remind me about yet never has this man, no not a man this boy, ever said or used it against me.

Guess he's two for one tonight, I thought sardonically.

I sat staring at him waiting for the pain to go away and be replaced by the anger that I knew was coming. I didn't get much from my father genetically or personality wise but I did get his temper and what a fierce temper it was.

After a moment of tense silence, I soon felt the familiar heat prickle my fingers. Before I could stop, my left hand shot out and my fingers wrapped tightly around his thick neck. He was big now, but when he really came into himself as a man and an alpha he would be unstoppable, assuming I let him live that long.

Letting my fingernails digs in deep, I squeezed and watched droplets of blood start to gather beneath the tips. I wanted to throttle him, make him hurt but I knew I wasn't nearly strong enough since my turns were still inconsistent even two years after having my first turn. Though I still had considerably more strength than a human. So instead of attempted murder I settled for squeezing with all my strength, endgame being to cause as much pain as possible.

He hadn't moved yet, even though I knew I was slowly crushing his windpipe he had yet to make a move against me. In fact the bastard had the nerve to keep his eyes closed and his face relaxed as though I weren't there. Probably because he knew I wouldn't, couldn't actually kill him or maybe I couldn't even really cause that much hurt. But damn if I'm willing to try.

Keeping my fingers wrapped around his throat I slid my left leg out from under me and planted my foot firmly on the other side of his lap onto the couch to pull myself closer to him. I pressed myself against his side and shoved my right knee hard into his side making sure to dig into his ribs. The heat radiating off of his body reminded me of a furnace and made me want to curl up next to him rather than assault him. And for that I dug my knee in even further.

Still no reaction.

To be completely honest this wasn't the most comfortable position but it was dominating and in this moment that mattered far more than my comfort.

I shoved my right hand into his thick wavy locks and pulled hard enough the snatch some of the pale blond strands out of his scalp.

"Look at me." I growled shoving my face only inches from his.

Still no fucking reaction.

Snarling, I yanked even harder. "I said look. At. Me"

Finally his eyes slowly slid open, his stormy gray gaze looking into my own no longer hard stones but instead almost bored and completely unimpressed as if to say 'can I help you?'

I didn't say anything only looked deep into his eyes my hand still applying pressure to his neck. I knew I wouldn't be able to make him submit, not when he ranked higher than me being the first son of an alpha as opposed to me being the eldest daughter with an older brother. Sexist I know, but biology plus things were much better than they'd been only one hundred years ago.

I continued staring into his bored eyes and then leaning forward to place my lips by his ear once more I said in as calm a voice as I could muster. "Don't you ever speak to me like that again, in fact don't even speak to me. My father is doing his duty and my brother likes you enough that he'll probably keep you around even after you leave but if you so much as look at me I promise I will break your legs, cut off your testicles and drag you back to your pack broken and impotent."

I pulled back to resume our staring contest for a few more moments before digging my nails into his neck and deeper into his broken skin one last time letting a couple rivulets of blood run down my fingers. Pulling my fingers away, I roughly dragged my hand down his hard chest wiping the ruby red liquid off on his soft cotton shirt.

Then letting go of his hair and pushing my knee into his side one last time, I rose up onto my feet standing over him one leg on either side of his lap. Giving him one last look, I stepped over him and up onto the arm of the couch and then down onto the floor. Thankful for my height, I was able to make the step down without tripping though it was still a bit awkward.

Without looking back I kept my back straight and my chin up until I was up the stairs of the basement and down the hall into to the kitchen. There I let out a shaky breath and grabbed a glass off the dish rack, struggling to reign in my emotions. Filling it up from the tap I gulped it down in less than five seconds.

My eyes were starting to sting and my chest was now rising and falling in panicked breaths. Slamming the glass down on the counter I winced as it cracked under the force and snatched it back up to throw it in the recycling bin.

Taking a deep breath I made my way upstairs to my room and once safely ensconced behind the closed door I let my back hit the solid wood, sliding down to the ground. My hands lay limply at my sides as silent tears rolled down my cheeks. Part of them were from anger, anger at him at his words and at myself for allowing him to get to me and the other part was from genuine pain and hurt.

I stayed there for the rest of the night, watching as the almost full moon cast shadows across my room. Letting the sounds of crickets and cicadas from outside my open window lull me into an uncomfortable rest on the wooden floor, I struggled to shut out the feelings of inadequacy and remind myself that there was more to life than the approval of a good looking male.

Of course that was easier said than done.