Jace Akiyama

Impromptu Creative Writing # 8
(5) Gift at my door.
(42) I shouldn't be in love with this person.

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Morning arrived with a shepherd's pink spreaded across the light clouded sky. My mind flashed to the moment I pulled the door open in surprise to see an envelope stamped in a cursive handwriting with a matching inked star. There was a gift at my door.

To: Aaron
Sender: Grace
[ Someone sent me star studded earrings. Should I return it? ]

To: Grace
Sender: Aaron
[ Why would you return it? It's a gift, isn't it? You should keep it. Who knows what will happen. ]

"Grace, someone's looking for you," Tash pointed behind her towards an empty doorway.

"Hm?" I tilted my head to the side, eyes narrowing Tash's direction. "Who is it?" I raised a question while pulling an original chocolate flavoured pocky into my mouth. She pulled a chair beside my window-seated desk and dug her hands into the red box packet filled with long thin biscuits.

"Some guy, I presume," her eyes rolled as if predicting the future of her best friend's soon-to-be love-life confession. Tash tunneled her fingers into her pocket and pulled out her phone with stars dangling at its ends. She flipped the device up and began skimming through missed messages.

From the corner, I eyed towards her phone charm. Stars...I wonder who she got them from, I thought.

"Then tell him I'm not interested," I assured with a fake smile. Tash didn't even take one look, but I knew full well that I was nowhere satisfied with being in a relationship just yet.

"Why don't you just show up and tell him that yourself?" Tash's eyes flashed a corner. She tilted her head to the right, leaning against her hand with her phone on the table. "I'm not your butler or some sort," she glared a look filled with jealousy, "and I'm certainly not a mad dog." Tash's phone beeped. A message.

"But you're my friend," I quickly snatched her phone off the table before she reached her gentle hands out, "and I'd love it if you delivered a small message to this unknown someone." I flipped her phone up and clicked on the recent unread message.

"On second thoughts," my thumb ran over to the delete button, "I'll do it myself."

I handed back her phone carefully before thinking of slamming her phone down out of frustration. But before I could storm off at that very instance, there was one thing I needed to get off my chest at that moment, and that was, "Where did you get that phone charm, by the way?"

"It's from Aaron."

Mutters of female groups gathered around in a circle by the reception area, talking about that one message that began sprouting rumors of a particular someone.

I wasn't deaf; I could hear every last drop of conversation. They were loud, obnoxious, and certainly rude. I walked passed the group of girls, squealing, laughing, screaming at the latest news delivered via by a famous website. Total ignorance, I thought.

"Good morning, Grace," the receptionist was a male. Deep voice, blonde scruffy hair, blue eyes, green hue near the pupil, tall build, slightly shady but comforting. I liked him better than Tash, and she's my best friend. "How can I help you this time?" He asked with a widened smile. "Off to see that special someone, I suppose?"

"Rather than 'that special someone', it's a-"


"I was going to say it's a-"

"Pain in the ass? Waste of time?" Good job, Aaron, you've scored a point on knowing me so well.

"Right," I finished. "Just tell me where he is so I can end this 'love declaration' once and for all." I scanned the area in search of a lonely male waiting for a special someone to appear right before his very eyes.

"Majority of females would love to be in your position, actually. Being in a relationship, I mean. Better yet, even get far as to being confessed by an actual male, go on dates, and bloom into a beautiful relationship. Funny how you're the only female that doesn't seem to appreciate the existence of males. You're weird, but I like you."

"He's that way, isn't he?" I pointed with my finger to the nearest exit.

"You're not listening to me at all, now are you?" Aaron blinked at my movement trying to eye out on a certain presence. "Didn't think so." He sighed and gave further permission to do as I wish. "You'll have to check your locker."

"Locker? Oh, good thinking, Aaron," I departed the opposite direction than I intended. "Thanks for the help!" Even though I wasn't far off from his reception desk, I had full ears on his response, even if it seemed like I wasn't paying attention at all. "No problem, but that's not what I meant."

If going to the locker wasn't what he meant, that I don't know what was.

Left, right corner, straight ahead. The lockers. "Hello? Is anyone here?" I smashed my bare fist to the metal locker. Rattling echoed from the clashing of my fist to the bearings of the wall. A shuffle of foot movement on the other side rummaged through the air. Found him, I thought.

"So you're finally here," His voice sounded insincere and rather incompetent. He most definitely switched sides from the time I'd hammered my clenched fist to the gym lockers.

"Finally? I had to chase you down, and you say 'finally'?" I couldn't recognize the voice, even with a small scoff of insult, I still wasn't able to put my memory to the test.

"Allow me to introduce myself," the shadow stepped forward from the dim lighting revealing his natural beauty of his face. "Surely, you know who I am."

Flattery, I immediately alerted myself. "I most certainly don't," I replied. I didn't like the feeling of this guy nor the aura he was giving. "And I most certainly don't like narcissistic males. I'm leaving."

"Just hold on a minute, Grace," his hand gripped my shoulder from departing another step. "You do know who I am, don't you?"

"What are you talking about? How could I possibly remember a male who buys women with flattery and vanity over a single show of...your face, I guess." Reflex got to me as I reached his hand and twisted the palm of his wrist to the back, face-planting his body to the locker. "Don't ever grip on me like that."

I heard a faint murmur of swear words as I released his arms. "Shit, Grace..." Wait for it. "You've got skills."

"Wait, what?" My head spun a 180 degree turn. I watched as he massaged his own wrist, flicking it from side to side, ensuring that neither of his bones were dislocated and were still functional as normal.

"You've got skills. I like that." Dropping his hands, he stepped forward, scruffing up my hair in a small motion, enough to make me smother it back to normal. "The name's Ernest."


Now whereabouts have I heard of that name?

"As a commemoration of this day," Ernest lingers his fingers into his pocket and pulls out a pair of star studded earrings. "You'll need to get your ears pierced first if you want to wear these."

My eyes flickered up. "Ernest...?"

"'Welcome back' is what you're supposed to say." Warm, soft lips pecked the side of my check. I could smell a wood scented fragrance with a breath of cool freshness, specks of mandarin, cardamom, rum, and an Egyptian jasmine scent to top it off.

I feel hypnotized by the aroma given from his nape. I want to bite it.

"Shall we go?" Ernest pulls away, no longer standing a near 30 cm ruler distance. He seemed distracted, looking around as if he'd just heard a clang hit the floor.

Whatever was running through my mind at that time makes me want to question whether I was actually considering to be in a relationship, or whether I was just daydreaming in my own little world.

"Yeah," I managed to gulp down my actual thoughts. They were jumbled around, tangled to be specific. I needed help. I need Aaron.

After all, I shouldn't be in love with this person.

To: Aaron
Sender: Grace
[ I need to talk to you. ]