The cool breeze was fingering its way through the bright blue tree tops. Lavender fireflies fluttered drastically, illuminating the forest that held an unnatural beauty. Shut out from the human world was this place, a place untouched by man. This was the only beauty witches could keep still and... unnatural.

Ciarra lifted her head from the ground, sensing the presence of another creature. She took out her dagger, throwing spitfires of blue magic. For a couple seconds, time was still until her friend Phoenix leaped out of the tree; his arm burned.

"Hey!" He growled, his fox-like tooth peeking out of his mouth. Ciarra couldn't help but giggle."What was that for! Why are you laughing?!"

"Heheh... i thought you were a demon or something.."

"That's no excuse; you need to get your Witch Sense fixed!" Phoenix growled. Ciarra grabbed him by the arm and stopped walking away from her.

"Take me home, birdy." Ciarra said, still having the giggles.

"D-Don't call me that!" Phoenix hissed as he transformed into a fiery, demon-like bird of prophet. She climbed onto his back, and he began to fly high into the night sky.

Meanwhile, down below...

"God, why did i have to be paired up with this imbecile of a demon?" Seth said to himself as the two demons sat impatiently in the cave.

"Stop praying to God since he's not our god!" Akuma yelled, his rather small demon horns faintly appearing. The 'cool' , devilish 19-year old (really 200 in demon years) was very furious. As the demon of anger, he naturally hated Seth (demon of sadness).

Why in the devil was i paired up with him to check up on the family of witches? ,Bloise thought, I could have been paired with Everdeen or Rock or anybody but Seth!

"Whatever..." Seth sighed. "Anyway, what's really the point of checking up on this family? They are mostly on the dark side, except for a few family members, so they don't pose much of a threat... right?"

"You stubborn fool..." Akuma growled at the 500-year old demon (21 years old in human years). "What if the WHOLE family converts to White Witches? Then the're a threat!"

Seth nodded, corresponding to this. Jack-ass, you're suppose to be disagreeing against what i said! Why are you so agreeable-Aah! that came out wrong!

"Hell, i'm going!" Akuma said as he stood up and prepared to walk out of the stone cold cave.

"H-Hey! where are you going?!"

Akuma turned his head and smiled evilly. "I'm gonna pay a certain someone a visit."

"A-Akuma...?" Ciarra stuttered as the jet-black haired demon grinned. Phoenix shape-shifted back into human form, his eyes wide with confusion.

"Who's this?" Ciarra's friend whispered to her ear.

" Akuma." Ciarra growled at the demon, pulling out her oak staff. Glinting on top of it was a purple orb and dangling hawk feathers. "Demon of Fury and Servant of the Crooked One."

"Oh, please... You know i don't like being called so formally; just call me Akuma!" He laughed, his hands glowing slightly red. What is he trying to do? , Ciarra thought.

"Well whatever you're called, demons aren't allowed in The Spiritual Land, so get out!" Phoenix hissed like a fire (Well, since pretty much he turned into a Fire-bird you would know that that would happen).

"Hah, how lovely! To see such a pretty couple... it pains me." Akuma growled as he said the last sentence, staring directly at Ciarra. "Literally."

Ciarra reached slowly for her dagger in her back pocket. "Listen to Phoenix before you get into some serious trouble! Leave and never come here to 'visit' me again!"

Just then, Ciarra noticed something. Akuma , for a complete one second, looked pained. But that was quickly erased to a complete rage and hatred.

"Trouble?" Akuma almost yelled, heaving in anger."T-Trouble-BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Such an ignorant witch!"

"Who are you calling ignorant!?" Ciarra said, her friend standing impatiently next to her; waiting for the signal to attack.

"Maybe... if i approached differently..." Akuma then started muttering to himself, his hand to his chin. Ciarra looked at him, dumbfounded. He just looked like... he was about to murder us! Now he looks like the human Aristotle!

"H-Hey! Ciarra said to him, her expression shocked and furious. "What the heck was that for-"

Akuma kissed her smooth, pale hand and winked. "See you later, Senorita ."

Then he disappeared, and the forest was left in silence.

Minutes passed until Ciarra yelled throughout the woods "WHAT!?"

What the heck was that..that kiss for!? And why did he speak Spanish!?

"Interesting...meeting...with your, uh, demon crush..." Phoenix stuttered slightly, his voice kind of laughing at the same time.

"H-He's not my crush!" Ciarra said to him, turning away. "Let's go home..."

Phoenix sighed and shape-shifted into his Fire bird form and the 16-year old scrambled onto his orange back, prepared to fly to her dark, grey manor.


"Took you long enough!" Seth bitterly said. "Devil called up. Said we were done."

"W-What?!" Akuma said, stunned. I wanted to... mess around with Ciarra some more! But i have to follow what Devil says...

"Why so surprised? I thought you hated The Witch's Land?" Seth smirked. He knew Akuma was up to something.

"It doesn't matter! We have to go; i have to talk with my brat of a brother, and Chastity, that female vampire who is having some angel-war business..." Akuma sighed as he opened the blood red gate that can transport demons anywhere.

"Chastity?" Seth stared at him, surprised. "Devil assigned you to that vampire noble? Be careful; she's crazy..."

"Yeah, whatever!" Akuma snapped, walking slowly through the portal. "I don't need advice from you!"

Seth smiled slightly. He thought maybe he would hate this mission, but maybe he was wrong for once. Maybe.

And so, the two demons disappeared from the Witch's Land, leaving the forest to an eternal bliss.

Or so they thought...