Behind her light blue eyes,

in the reflection of her sword,

my true self can be seen.

A girl sitting alone, miles away,

wanting nothing more than to fade from her reality;

escape into the arms of the real you,

but settles for the comfort of polygons that

shape the person you wish you were.

Will there ever be a time where

my words will seem like more than letters

appearing through the glass that separates us?

I can pretend like this feeling is a joke;

that I don't want to scream your name until you hear me.

Until I stop pretending that you're not on my mind

and wondering where you could possibly be right now,

I have to settle for this mask we've created.

But I want you to know the truth.

I'll accept this world knowing that we've found residence

in the peacefulness of the landscapes

and the thrill of our fights,

but that is only when I am hidden behind her.

I hope you know that I've stopped hiding

and that I desperately want you to know

that she's not the one that loves you

the same way I do.