There once was a beautiful young girl who had the whole world handed to her on a silver platter. Her parents were rich and gave her all their love, never missing anything she did, be it a bake sale she hosted or her having the lead in the school play, they were always there for her. The young girl had all the friends that she could ever want and they were all real friends too, not fake. Although this girl had everything, she felt as though something was missing from her life, she needed something more to satisfy her. The girl decided that she needed a boyfriend, or maybe just a sex life, she thought that maybe that was what she needed in order to feel a certain satisfaction in her life.

The girl started going to parties and hooking up with different boys, all the while searching for the one that would give her all the satisfaction she needed. What the girl was not cautious about was protection, she was not on the pill and if a boy asked she would let him have her without a condom just to make him happy. Her growing promiscuity lead to her pregnancy. She didn't find out until it was too late to get an abortion and impossible to hide from her parents. When her parents found out she had to tell them that she didn't know who the father was because she had slept with too many boys recently to possibly know which one it could have been.

They were absolutely furious with her, so furious in fact, that they told her she had to leave. She had been kicked out of her loving family, left to fend for herself. She knew the first thing she had to do was find somewhere to stay, so she asked around and ended up staying with a friend and got a job. When she made enough money to move into a small apartment on her own she moved in right away and prepared herself to raise her soon to be daughter as best she could.

She raised the baby to the best of her ability until the child was ten, that was when she took a downward spiral into drugs and alcohol. Everyday of her life from that point on until this very day was spent regretting the awful choices she had made that separated her from her perfect family and gave her a baby that she never wanted, that didn't exactly care for at all. Though she would never tell her daughter that she would rather have been able to keep her old life than to keep her, she truly felt that way.

The daughter knew it too, she could tell that her mother did not care about her one bit and she had her own secret that she would never admit to her mother; it killed her inside knowing that her she would never have a mother or a father that truly cared about her, that she had no one. The only people that she had were the people at school who all adored her and only wanted to be her friend because of how pretty she was. No one else.

By the time the daughter was eleven she had been raped my multiple of her mother's boyfriends or just men that she would bring home for a night. After was finished they would always want more so she would tell them to go find her daughter and have a little fun with her, the daughter woud scream and cry but no one ever came to help her. For as long as she could remember, all the daughter wanted was for someone to come save her from the god forsaken place she had to call home.

I am that daughter, and that horrible woman who gave birth to an unwanted child is my mother. My name is Lana and I am now sixteen years old and surprisingly not a complete whore like my mother was. Although I'm sure the boys at my school would love it if I was because the only good thing my mother ever did for me was pass down her looks to me.

My mother and I look almost identical to each other apart from our eyes, I suppose I got my eyes from my father and everything else from my mother. I'm quite glad about that though because my mother is an extremely beautiful woman, but her eyes are a dark brown that have a very frighteningly intense look to them, as though she could severely hurt anyone who dared to get in her way. My eyes on the other hand are an extremely light blue colour, they are soft and innocent looking and as I am constantly told, very pretty and intriguing.

One time, one of my mother's boyfriends told me that he wanted to kidnap me and take me to lie with him just so he could stare into my eyes everyday. I suppose the beauty of my eyes gives me an advantage over some people though, as I can reel them in with just one special look in my eyes and they're hooked, just like that. One single look and they're instantly attached.