As soon as I got home from work, I checked the messages on my answering machine and discovered that one of those messages was from someone that I had never seen since our days at Berea High School.

Her name happens to be Jennifer Cox and the last thing I know, she got herself married to another old school chum named Matthew Schwimmer and they were living happily ever after ever since.

But that was before I had just heard this recent frantic phone message from Jennifer letting me know that Matthew had fallen off the wagon and she needed me to go find him before things go from bad to worse.

And since those guys are still my friends, I grabbed my jacket and walked out of my apartment.

But as soon as I had stepped out of the building, I saw Matthew sitting on the steps and being drunk as a skunk from gulping down one bottle of beer after another.

That was when I grabbed that last bottle of Budweiser Black Crown away from the guy and told him that I was there to help him only to have the stupid idiot look at me and say, "I don't need your help!"

And after he had spit on my shoes, I grabbed that stupid jerk by the hair and hauled him into my apartment.

Then, after I forced him to take a shower, I tried to make him drink one cup of coffee before Jennifer came in and told me that Matthew was suddenly fired from his job at the brokerage firm for no reason at all.

That was when I really started to feel sorry for the guy and offered to give him a job at the loading dock and hope that he stayed working there.