"Winter, stop picking on your little sister." I call to my eldest son from inside my small kitchen.

"Bu' muum!" He whines a bit. Nine-years old and still acts like that. He gets it from his father.

"Winter." I use my warning tone. I rarely use it with my darling little Violet.

"Fine! Here's yer stupid doll!" I hear him toss it at her as she whimpers then she comes running in and holding onto my skirt.

"Mummy, he's so mean to me!" She's been crying.

"I know darling. Look forward to the days when you'll be interested in boys, he's going to keep all the bad ones at bay. And your father." I giggle a bit.

"Wha' was tha' abou' marriage? She is too young. Do nay fill her head wi' nonsense." I hear my lumberjack of a husband walk in as well. His foot steps are heavy.

"You don't want her to marry?"

"No' NOW." He picks up Violet and hugs her, "She's daddy's wee girl righ' now an' tha's all she needs."

I giggle and glance at them. He's nuzzling his nose against hers as she giggles as well. She's holding her bunny doll, I made it for her. It took a lot of work, and it isn't perfect, but she loves it. And I couldn't be happier about that.

"Daddy!" She throws her arms around his neck, "I missed you! Did you ge' it!?"

I'm the only one in this family without an accent. I almost feel left out.

"Aye. An' I can' wai' to show yer mum." He shoots me a dazzling grin-smirk.

"What did you get this time?" My voice tells him I'm a bit wary and very amused by the shape his lips made.

"Oh, ye will see. Go ge' yer brother." He sets her down and she runs off to find Winter. "Here. I ne'er go' ye one. I's pre'y la'e bu' I think ye'll like I' anyway."

I inhale sharply when I notice the ring he slips onto my finger. I can make out a gem... two smaller gems... and the ring itself...

"I wish I could say 'it's beautiful' but.." I laugh a bit and throw my arms around him, "Thank you. You didn't have to get one though."

"Aye. I needed e'ery man to stop hi'in' on ye when we go to marke'." He hugs me tightly.

"And how is this going to accomplish that?"

"On th' ou'side th' words 'Belongs to Daniel' are engraved-"

"DANIEL!" I start laughing very hard. I can't imagine how he saved for this.

"I's true! I'll ha'e Viole' read I' to ye." He ducks his head down and kisses my neck, "We need some alone time, wife."

"Oh. I would love that. But I love the children more than I love you." I smirk as I speak.

"Lies! Ye can nay love them more than me!" He looks appaled.

"Ye do mummy!? YAY!" My two children run up to me and hug my legs tightly.

"OH!-" I fall forward right into Daniels arms... well, a little more like his chest, but still.

"Family hug!" He declares and kneels down and hugs us all. Then he stands up and my head is right next to his ass.

"DANIEL!" I squeal and hit his lower back.

"Och, lass, wha' do ye think tha'll accomplish?"

"Daddy! Pu' mummy down!" Violet is always on my side. It's one of the infinite reasons I adore her.

"All righ', all righ'. Do nay hur' yer bunny." He sets us all on the ground and grins broadly.

"So wha' did ye ge' me, dad?" Winter sounds excited to get something.


I tune out. Whatever the consequences are, Daniel can deal with them. It's been so long... and I can't believe I am here and this happy. After all that happened... after those many years of solitude... Now I am in a good place. I pray to Drin every day to watch over my children closely. I pray for Elyssa, that she may still be happy by his side. And I pray for one more child. I miss having a baby in my arms.

"Hey, Daniel." I whisper and motion him closer.

"Mm?" He leans over while the children marvel at what he brought for Winter.

"Let's have Sheik and Mary watch over the children tonight." I give him my best 'come hither' look.

"Aye!" He nearly jumps for joy when I say those words. "All righ' kids, yer goin' to Sheik an' Mary's. Go ha'e fun wi' Clara and Timmy." He is practically pushing them out the door.

I can't stop laughing. He's such a strange one. How did I end up marrying him?

"All righ'. Le's ge' star'ed." He closes the door and locks it then advances on me.

"I don't know. I sudden think it's a bad idea-" I look away, innocently.

"MARIA!" He pounces, wrapping his arms around me so I can't escape.

"NOO! YOU BIG BRUTE!" I laugh again as he kisses the ticklish spots on my neck. Which is actually my entire neck.

I don't think I will ever know how I ended up marrying Daniel.

Authors Note: And that is the end of 'Blindness'. It wasn't perfect but it's a story that I enjoyed writing. Leave a review or comment and tell me what you thought of it. Thank you for reading to the end!