COR Chronicles. The Green Phantom

'Duke of Edinburgh' is one of the oldest engines on the island (I would say the oldest but due to events in the future that is not the case). Some say that he is too old, but that never stopped him, although at one point people were beginning to think that he was going mad with his age.

The time I am remembering he reversed into the sheds at Newshore to find Rambler sleeping there, when usually he would take the post train, delivering post across the island. 'Duke of Edinburgh' decided not to wake Rambler as he knew how much of a hard worker Rambler was and that he had rightfully earned a good night's sleep. He was about to fall into slumber himself when a noise rang out, it sounded like a motor engine and a flash speed of green past the light of the shed pulling a cream coach 'Who was that?' he thought to himself.

A little while afterwards Peregrine entered the shed after his night train, Duke was still thinking about that strange green and cream train that passed by "Peregrine…"

"What is it your Grace?" Peregrine sarcastically asked, the Duke ignored this "about fifteen minutes ago something green passed the sheds, it made a loud growling noise like a motor car"

"Maybe it was some green bear phantom" Peregrine replied jokingly.

"Don't be absurd" Duke retaliated.

"Well I would be if you would, you must have imagined it, now let a refined engine such as myself sleep" and with that Peregrine let of steam as he slept.

When Duke woke that next morning Rambler had gone to work and Peregrine was still joking "Let hope nothing that goes bump in the night don't bump you early" and with that the garter blue engine went to collect his train leaving the Duke frustrated.

The day went by without any hitch, no signs of green bears, green phantoms or green bear phantoms.

That evening Duke backed into the sheds again to find Rambler fast asleep in his place Duke decided not to wake Rambler as he thought it wouldn't work, if Rambler didn't wake during the growling or by the conversation between himself and Peregrine, then what would?

Again the green object and the cream coach with the growling motor noise passed the sheds, and again Peregrine entered the sheds minutes later, "Well did you see the green phantom tonight?"

"I am sure it is not a phantom, tomorrow is Sunday so we have less trains, so tomorrow I'll find out what's been happening"

Morning arrived and Duke travelled to the shunting yards to see Rambler. Sentinel who he had only meet at passing was shouting "No, not that siding the one to your left" Duke pulled up to Sentinel's side who was still shouting "No your other left"

"Good morning Sentinel…"

"What are you doing here? Express engines do come here"

"Well I was looking for Rambler; I wanted to ask why he wasn't pulling the post train for the last couple of days"

"That because our newest engine has been pulling it."

"Newest engine?" Duke was about to ask further when the trucks to the other side of Sentinel were pushed in the opposite direction to where the two engines were facing and a long green diesel seemingly jumped off the line and landed on his side "Sorry Sentinel."

"This is Crompton; the works built him to help with Rambler with the longer goods trains though he needs a lot of teaching."

"Says the one who…"

"Don't say anything and get the breakdown crane will you?"

"Your dignity is not important Sentinel, but I know what is important" and with that 'Duke of Edinburgh steamed off with news to break to Peregrine, but as he said Crompton's predicament was more important.