The day was cloudy.

It was pretty cold outside, but my jacket was still in the wash. Mom said that if we had time we could get me another one. She was always so busy trying to figure out where to go next that it was clear I would have to bear with the dropping temperatures. We left much later than we usually did – it was around 8:30 when we went out the front door to the car. She started it half an hour before so that it would be warm when we got in.

That morning was the second time in a row that we got a sandwich from the gas station. They were better than the ones we got from that weird fast food restaurant down the street from our neighborhood. I ate about half of mine before we arrived at this brick building. She threw out all our trash and told me to "wait until she got back." I did that, though it was the most boring thing I had done that week. It was not the first time she had told me to wait.

An hour passed, and I continued staring out the window. I had left my game at home, which made me really mad. It sucked for me when I left it at home because there was nothing for me to do and it was my fault. The car was off so there was no radio; she took her phone with her, so I couldn't play on it; I was seated in my uncomfortable car seat for so long that I thought I'd die from cramping.

She came back eventually and we went home for a little bit. Whatever this place was for I didn't know since she never said.