"The child is one of questionable origin."

"We know... However, this is a curse that no human should have to bear."

"Its power is terrible... he would only hurt those around him."

"His family must be punished!"

"This is too far! This punishment is too much!"

"His family deserves it!"

"But the child doesn't!"


"You are not thinking clearly!"

"The child will be punished!"


"No! No more arguing! The decision has been made!"

Wait, what? Reign of Rayne is writing another story? Yes, yes I am! Not that this one will be updated nearly as often as Charged, (it's pretty much like Dator Mortis, minus the 'on hold' part).

Basic backstory: I was typing away at Charged when "Pain" by Three Days Grace comes on and BAM this idea pops into my head. It was just too good to pass up and any comments on the story/plot/errors I will make would be very, very awesome!