Layla looked down, watching fish swim in the light dazzled water. Her lavander tail flipped idly as she combed her long black hair. She admire herself in her hand mirror. She was beautiful. Green eyes with thick, dark lashes shadowing high, pale cheekbones. Her cheeks were full and soft, like her light pink mouth. The sweetest sounds could fall from her lips if she chose.

The mermaid's ear dripped with pearls and emeralds, her neck laced with silver and rubies. As Layla sat there and braided her black locks, lacing a silver thread through, sapphires hidden between the silky strands.

The water lapped gently against her drying scales, signaling a ship nearby. Her soft lips opened and haunting notes spilled out.

"Don't listen to 'er lad! That there be a siren. She'll enchant you to your death." A twisted smile glanced across her face as she sang louder and with more force.

Finally, there was a splash and calls of good riddance as the boy swam to where she sat.

Hello young sailor. Her voice sounded in his head, as her true voice would kill him.

"Siren, they told me that you would enchant me to my death." There was no worry in his voice, only adoration in his eyes and awe in his voice.

They were wrong, young boy. I am Layla of the sea. You will call me Layla, and only so. The sailor nodded and clambered onto the rock beside her. Layla ignored his adoring looks as she contiued to primp herself.

Would you like to see my home?

"Very much, Layla. Take me there." Her delicated, webbed fingers grabbed his and dove into the blue-green water. The boy watched her as they swam deeper and deeper. As they swam, she let go of his hand, not caring for life. She only cared for their adoration, which ran out quickly and could only survive on land.

Layla's pale violet tail glittered in the water and she admired it, thinking of the ways she could make it look better as she floated towards her coral cave. Near by, selkies and dolphins played and chirped, darting past her window.

As Layla idly flipped her tail, propelling herself towards her vanity, where she dropped the man's gold and the pretty necklace for his woman. She laid on her kelp mattress and sorted through her stash as light faded from the ocean's depth.