Ok so today in my writing class we were asked to write how things in our life effect us. And well knowing me, I made it into a story...rite! So the the story was a page and a half and we had to peer edit.

My friend being the craziest, kind of mean, and awkwardest said my little short story sucked and well I wanted to see if she was right. Keep in mind, this story is completely made up!


I can't do this! I thought. Looking to the side I watched as my obsession played with his friends. He was pefect in everyway! Tan with a lean body, that had just a hint of a six pack.
Oh and his eyes! The brightest baby blue, you would have ever known! It was like little small pieces in the sky floated into his eyes! Oh there were many ways to describe this adios of a boy...no man!

But there was no way I was going to speak to him. Sighing, I turned back to my friend who had yet to notice I wasn't listening.

I didn't like her. She talked a lot and always had the loudest perfume on, with her face caked in makeup!

I shuttered.

Sighing again I wondered why I didn't have the nerve to just leave her and as if the room suddenly grew colder, I knew the answer.

I was scared. I was scared to be alone, to be called a freak or a loser.I didn't want that. I wanted to fit in with the others.

Sighing for like the fourth time, I waited for the bell to ring as I pulled out a gay romance novel that was hid in the under the cover of another book. Yes, this was my secret. I loved gay romance, I couldn't help it! It was just so facineting to know two men and women could have a hot streamy relationship together without the other sex was amazing!

But just as I began to read, the bell rung. Grabbing my stuff, I headed for the door. Pushing pass many people, when I bumped into something strong and solid.

Looking up I saw it was "him". He stared at something on the floor. Confused, I looked down and saw my novel. I stared at it as my world seemed to be crashing down.

" what's that?!" Someone asked.

Snatching it up, I turned and ran when something pulled me back.

I felt air on my ear, softly tickling it before words were actually spoken.

"Don't run, I really like this also." A voice whispered in my ear. Shocked at what I had just heard, I turned and saw once again it was "him." He smiled down and at me and I couldn't help but wish I had been able to receive one of his smiles earlier.

If I could blush, I would have but I couldn't. So instead of playing cool, my mouth dropped and I said,"I'm not lesbian!"

He laughed but it didn't quite met his eyes." Oh, well I'm bi." Again I was shocked to the core.

Nodding, I realized why he didn't look happy anymore.

"I'm not lesbian, but I support the gays." I rushed out, wanting to see that amazing smile again.

"Good,because I want you." He smirked as he walked away.

Please leave feedback on should I turn this into a story or not!