Walking down the street, all I ever see is fog surrounding it, making it almost impossible to see around. The air is cold, but somehow you don't even feel the chills you usually get whenever you feel like you are freezing. The buildings are really old, most of them are almost falling over. If you go inside them you will only find rust and old furniture, not to mention the stains of blood and the cadavers of people that don't have their souls anymore.

This is just an unusual place, a lonely place that all it has are memories of those who already decayed. Those souls of the people, those that only serve for one thing, feeding the evil.

Where do you think the people that are in a coma, people that sleep, or the unconscious of a person is? Did you think it was only a coincidence that people forget half of what they dream?

No, he takes that away.

We go to that place in some part of our lives, we will never scape because he is as powerful as God is. And if he gets you, he will eventually eat your soul, until your body remains empty. People see you death, they think your soul would be on a "better" place. But no.

It goes to Broken Heart.

Many people that died during accidents, or died by mistake come here. People with powerful dreams that can travel throughout the space in their minds and land in Broken Hearts by mistake, their soul is taken, and they never wake up again. People that are in a coma, that are one step away to die. They can still survive, but they will die when they are "eaten."

No one survives, he takes care of them.

He, the devil, created a wall between heaven and hell. A wall that God can't destroy because if he does, the souls of many people would go lost in the nothing. His heart is big, he wouldn't let those people who deserve to be in heaven just get lost forever. Though he is a smart man, he will do the impossible to think on a way to destroy this barrier between good and bad.

"He is coming!" A voice of a woman says, I look behind to see a woman running away of something. She stares at me for a second and screams, I walk to where she is. She knew me.

"Go away!" she says covering her face with her hands, as if watching me was some kind of "bad thing." I take a small knife out of my pocket and stare at the woman for a second, she looks old, and she has only one leg and half of her face only. Her soul is about to disappear forever, as she will from this world. She will not be reincarnated, but won't be wondering in the nothing. She will just… die.

I take the knife with both hands, pointing it at her forehead. She was just done.

But then a force pulls me, my super-ego.

This is not you, you are a good person… you don't have to act like this forever.

"But I have to" I said taking the knife closer to the woman, she screams as it gets closer to her.

"Please, I can still go back" The woman says whispering as if I would have mercy, I stare at her wandering.

Juliet… listen, you need to stop this, instead of making it bigger and stronger…

"Leave me alone!" I say taking the knife higher, tears of blood started going down my cheeks. "I have to end this! This is why I was born!"

No, he made you believe it…

You are not the daughter of the devil…

But then, my arms move alone, my ego and super-ego fighting against me. The knife cuts through my stomach, making the cycle break. I go back, my Id flies out of me and combine with my ego and super-ego, making me a whole person once again. My ego will again control the reality of my thinking, my super-ego will help control my Id with good and positive feelings. So now, I will probably just go back to where I was long ago. Earth.

Maybe someday, I will have all my memories back, and I will come back to destroy this place… forever.

"John! Look, she is opening her eyes!" The voice of a woman says as I open my eyes, I heard steps coming near me. "She is back with us!" She says, I try to look at her, though my view is still not good for all those years.

"Let me call the doctor" A manly voice said, then I heard big and strong steps but the sound faded quickly.

"Doctor! She woke up from her coma!"