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The Ring Bear

Zander pulled Tristan into his living room, their fingers knotted tightly together. His mom would be getting back in about 10 minutes with his cousin, Dimitri, who he and Tristan would have to babysit for almost the entire day while his mom and Aunt had a day to themselves. Dimitri was five years old and very bright for his age, but he had yet to meet Tristan.

"Why are you always so worried about my family not liking you? You know they will." Zander seated himself in Tristan's lap on the couch and smiled when his fiancé's arms encircled him.

"Almost all of my family is unsupportive," he said, ducking his head into Zander's shoulder. "Of course I'm worried."

"Well, you'll be fine." Zander said with confidence. "Dimitri is super cute and super nice. He'll love you. Like I already do." Zander nudged his fiancé's head up and gave him a cheesy grin.

"You're a sap." Tristan said with a laugh, pressing a soft kiss to his neck.

"I know," was Zander's response before he captured Tristan's lips in a sweet kiss. Tristan hummed in appreciation and one of his hands slid up to rest higher on his fiancé's back. Zander tilted his head a bit and deepened the kiss, his tongue poking out to find Tristan's lip ring as his hand cupped his cheek.

"Love that," Tristan mumbled and he was shifting on the couch now, bringing Zander down to lie on top of him.

"I know." Tristan traced Zander's earlobe with his tongue and couldn't help but groan when he felt his fiancé shiver above him.

"We should probably bring it down a notch," Tristan said, reluctantly pulling back. "I'd rather not be the reason a five year old finds out about erections for the first time." Zander laughed a little and agreed, settling for burying his face into his fiancé's shoulder/neck area. Tristan pressed his cheek to the side of Zander's head and placed his hand flat on Zander's back, rubbing in slow, soothing circles.

"You're going to make me fall asleep," murmured Zander, his fingers curling into the ones on Tristan's free hand.

"Go ahead. I'll wake you up when Dimitri gets here." He smiled when Zander nuzzled further into his shoulder, mumbling incoherent words.

Zander had fallen asleep and Tristan was about to do so himself when he heard the lock on the front door jiggling. He blinked a few times and nudged his fiancé, laughing at his confused expression.

"Zander?" Tristan recognized Mrs. Kings' voice immediately and stood after Zander sat up, still rubbing the sleep from his eyes.

"Hi Mrs. Kings," Tristan said when she entered the living room.

"Oh hi Tristan," she replied, smiling as well. Tristan glanced down and noticed a light-brown haired little boy standing close to Mrs. Kings, his hands clutching tightly to the Mickey Mouse sweatshirt he was wearing.

"Hey," he said softly, squatting down to the boy's level. "Are you Dimitri?" The boy stared at him for a moment before nodding.

"You got a earring in your mouth," he said, pointing, and Tristan laughed.

"You're right, I do." His grey eyes looked curious before they found Zander on the couch.

"Cousin Zan!" He squealed, jumping onto the couch and in Zander's lap.

"Woah, hey Dimitri!" Zander laughed, shifting the boy in his lap.

"Don't break my son please Dimitri." Mrs. Kings said, and the five year old apologized, but it didn't seem very sincere. Zander whispered something into Dimitri's ear and his eyes locked with Tristan's and the boy giggled.

"Okay boys, Christina and I will be back around seven. Try not to destroy the house."

"No worries mom," Zander said, poking Dimitri's side and making him squeal. "We'll be good." With a laugh, she left the room and the three heard the front door close.

Tristan seated himself on the couch and Dimitri glanced at him warily before pulling Zander down to his level and whispering to him.

"That's my fiancé, Tristan. Fiancé means that we're going to get married and be husband and husband."

"Husband and husband?" Dimitri asked, clearly a bit confused, and Tristan flinched. He knew that this was coming. "I thought you could only be husband and wife."

"Nope," Zander replied, shaking his head. "You can be husband and husband. You can be wife and wife too."

"Oh," Dimitri said, and he slid off of Zander's lap and the couch to stand in front of Tristan. "Do I get to come to the marry?" He asked and Tristan's mouth twitched in amusement.

"The wedding?" Tristan questioned and Dimitri nodded. "Of course. Maybe I'll even give you the most important job." The little boy's grey eyes lit up in excitement and he bounced up and down on his toes.


"Yep. You could be the ring bearer. That means you hold onto the rings, like this one," he showed Dimitri Zander's left ring finger, "until we need them. We can't get married without a ring bearer."

"And I get that job? The most important one?" Tristan nodded and Dimitri smiled widely.

"Oh boy, I can't wait to tell Mommy and Auntie 'Brina!"

Tristan could see that Zander was looking at him fondly out of his peripheral vision and he gave him a curious look.

"What?" He questioned and Zander shook his head, smiling.

"Nothing." He reached over and squeezed Tristan's knee before standing. "Hey Dimitri, want to bake cookies?"

"Cookies? Yeah, yeah, let's do it!" He bunny-hopped to the kitchen and Zander and Tristan followed close behind him.

"I didn't know we had cookies," Tristan said to his fiancé, helping Dimitri get the cookie sheets out of the lower cabinet without throwing all of the other cookware onto the floor with them. Zander was already shaking the water off of his freshly washed hands.

"We do. Chocolate chip."

"My favorite!" Dimitri piped up, struggling to put the sheets on the too-high countertop of the island. Tristan wrapped his arms around the boy's waist and lifted him so he could reach it. He thanked Tristan and Tristan pulled over a step-stool for him.

"Mine too," Zander said, and he pulled out the tub of pre-made dough and set the oven so it could preheat. "Who has already washed their hands?" Tristan and Dimitri glanced at each other and dragged the stool over to the sink.

Zander smiled to himself as he watched his fiancé and cousin fight over the water and flick soap at each other. They finally got their hands cleaned and Zander gave them the job of making rounded balls of dough as he greased the pan.

"So why are you gonna be husband and husband?" Dimitri asked the two, poking his finger into a dough ball that Tristan had just formed, making him scowl.

"Because I love Tristan," Zander replied and Tristan smiled.

"But how come I never heard 'bout husbands and husbands before?" His eyebrows furrowed together and he stopped rolling the dough in his small hands. "Or wifes and wifes."

"Because some people think husbands and husbands and wives and wives are weird." Tristan said, playfully smacking Dimitri's hand away when he tried to poke another hole in a dough ball.

"I don't think it is weird," Dimitri said. "If people want to be husbands and husbands and wifes and wifes and be wedding—"

"Married," Zander interrupted.

"And be married, then I think it's okay. But only if I am the ring bear."

"Ring bearer," Tristan said, and Dimitri poked another hole in one of his cookie balls. Tristan frowned and bumped him with his hip. Dimitri stumbled off of the stool and clambered back off, after putting both hands on Tristan's side and pushing him as hard as he could. Tristan barely budged.

"Yeah, the ring bearer."

"So you're going to be the ring bearer for every husband and husband and wife and wife who get married?"

"Mmhmm or else they can't be married." Zander laughed and placed the greased cookie sheets in the middle of the island.

"Got it. Now, put the cookies on the sheet and we'll put them in the oven." Zander told the two.

"What do we get to do when the cookies are cooking?" Dimitri asked as he put a cookie ball on the sheet. Tristan followed suit after moving Dimitri's cookie ball slightly.

"We could watch a movie," Tristan suggested and the way Dimitri's eyes lit up reminded him so much of Zander.

"Yay!" He cheered, throwing his hands up in the air and nearly whacking Tristan in the face—he had to duck. "What movie?"

"I was going to let you pick, but you keep poking holes in my cookies and you almost hit me in the head."

"Aw, but I didn't mean to." He frowned. "I wanna pick the movie."

"Go ahead, you can," Zander said, picking up the (finally) filled cookie sheet and putting it into the oven. "Tristan's just being a poopyhead."

"Hey!" Tristan said in protest and Zander grinned, squeezing his side as he passed by.

"Yeah," Dimitri said with a smile. "Poopyhead."

"Come here squirt," Tristan said, narrowing his eyes. He lunged after the five year old and he squealed, slipping by Zander and running from the kitchen. Tristan chased after him, following him into the living room and picking him up around the waist. He tossed him (gently) onto the couch and began tickling him.

Dimitri screamed, thrashing and flailing on the black leather couch. His giggling was contagious and Tristan couldn't not laugh, his fingers falling out of their tickling rhythm.

Zander, after setting the oven timer, entered the living room just as the tickling subsided. Dimitri was still giggling and Tristan had a hand over his eyes, shaking with silent laughter. Zander walked over and pressed a kiss to the top of Tristan's head, sitting down between the two goofballs on the couch.

"Let's pick a movie."

I'm gonna touch the butt.

Dimitri had chosen Finding Nemo and had decided that he would watch the movie while draped across Tristan and Zander's laps. The two had their hands clasped tightly together, resting comfortably on Dimitri's chest.

"Don't touch the butt," Zander murmured, eyes glued to the TV. Tristan glanced over at him, a corner of his mouth twitching.

His fiancé was so cute.

He squeezed Zander's hand and he turned to Tristan, blinking. Tristan pecked the corner of his lips and Dimitri looked up at them with a glare.

"No kissing when the movie is on." Zander's cheeks tinted pink.

"Can we kiss after the movie?" Tristan asked innocently.

"No." Dimitri stuck his tongue out and Tristan mimicked his action. Zander was about to say something to his fiancé about bothering the poor boy, but the faint beeping from the kitchen timer caught his attention.

"Oh boy, cookies!" Dimitri leapt up from the couple's laps and ran into the kitchen.

"Don't touch the oven until I get there!" Zander yelled and he kissed the back of Tristan's hand before jogging off to find Dimitri inside the kitchen. Tristan paused the movie and went to join the two.

"Here, be careful, I'm taking the cookies out of the oven." Dimitri backed up an entire two inches and Tristan tugged him further out of the way when he walked into the room. Both boys eyed the cookies as Zander placed them on the island and turned off the stove, turning around and smiling.

"Can we eat 'em now?" Dimitri asked, bouncing in excitement.

"Not yet. They're hot. We have to wait a little bit."

"But they're best when warm!" Tristan grabbed a spatula and scraped a cookie off of the pan, picking it up and taking a bite.

"Yes, warm, not hot!" Before Zander had finished speaking, Tristan dropped the remainder of the cookie and started huffing and gasping like a fire-breathing dragon.

"And that's why we wait," Zander said, trying hard not to laugh. Dimitri didn't bother to hide his laugh.

"It still tastes good." He frowned. "But oww…my tongue."

They waited the remaining few minutes without any further incidents and Dimitri, after having one cookie, had to be pulled out of the kitchen so he wouldn't eat all of them. After Zander got one more, he had to pull Tristan out of the kitchen as well, because he had already had three cookies.

"We gotta finish the movie!" Dimitri said, at this point having forgotten about the cookies cooling in the kitchen.

"We will." Tristan and Zander sat on the couch, thighs touching and fingers knotted tightly, palms pressed against one another's. They waited for Dimitri to assume his spot draped across their laps. Instead, he stared at them before climbing onto the couch and wedging himself between them. He grabbed Zander's hand with one of his and Tristan's in his other and smiled to himself.

"Okay. We can watch the movie now."

Tristan and Zander shared a fond and knowing look over Dimitri's head, and Tristan unpaused the movie.

When Mrs. Kings and Dimitri's mom, Christina, returned, popcorn and cookie crumbs littered the area around the couch, DVD cases of Finding Nemo, The Incredibles, and Meet the Robinsons were scattered on the coffee table, and the three boys were asleep on the black leather couch. Zander was seated between Tristan's legs, the latter's chest pressed to Zander's back. Dimitri was sprawled on top of Zander, arms wrapped around his waist tightly. His cheek was smashed against his chest and he was breathing softly.

The two women grinned at the sight and were reluctant to wake them, but Christina had to take Dimitri home.

"Hey Dimitri. Sweetie, mommy's here." She jostled his shoulder gently. Her movement didn't wake her son, but it did wake Zander and he smiled sleepily at her.

"Dimitri, your mom is here." Zander rubbed his back and he stirred on top of him. "Hey pal, wake up."

"More cookies?" Dimitri asked, his words slurring together.

"Nope, sorry Dimitri. Time for you to go home." The five year old whined, finally awake, and buried his face in Zander's neck.

"I don't want to! I want to stay here!" Tristan was now awake, still rubbing the sleep from his eyes and trying to figure out what was transpiring.

"Dimitri, you can't. You have school tomorrow." Christina said and he frowned, now pouting.

"Can I come back next weekend?" Dimitri asked.

"Oh, well I don't know…" Christina looked to Sabrina, and Mrs. Kings gave her a smile.

"Sure, Dimitri, we would love to have you back."

"Yay!" He jumped off of Zander and did a funny dance that made him look like he had to use the bathroom and hugged Mrs. Kings. "Thanks Aunt 'Brina." He flipped around and pointed at Tristan. "And you gotta be here too, 'kay?"

Tristan smiled. "I will. Wouldn't miss it."

Dimitri smiled and hugged Zander and Tristan. He took his mom's hand and they said goodbye as they left. They could hear Dimitri as the front door began to close behind them.

"Mommy, I'm gonna be the ring bear!"

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