The knight walked up to the dragon with a haughty sniff. "Thou shall savor the bitter taste of death!" she called out to the monster. The mighty beast blew a puff of smoke through his nostrils then charged at her. The knight stood firm to the ground. No big deal, she thought. Just another extinct lizard. Raising her sword and shield, she raced to meet the dragon. A cool zephyr rushed through her hair, making adrenaline course through her veins. Inching closer to the dragon, she grinned and leapt in the air. Falling through the air, she brought her hands forward and-


The girl popped up, raising her hand into the air. "24!" she shouted. The surroundings students snickered at her awakening. Embarrassed, Melanie shyly lowered her hand. She shrunk into her large white sweater as she met the teacher's cold gaze.

With a tsk, the teacher went back to scribbling another equation on the whiteboard. "Once again, Melanie, you fall prey to the temptation of sleeping. You know what results from daydreaming-"

"Yes ma'am. It won't happen again," Melanie cut in. The teacher smiled in response, showing her crooked dentures.

"You learn from your mistakes rather quickly. But I must warn you, young lady. Falling asleep can result in something awful," she continued, pointing to the door.

"Yes ma'am." Once the teacher turned her back, she slumped in her chair. She forced back a yawn, being cautious of the mentor's ears. But that only made her eyelids heavier. Other classmates empathized with her. There was no way to bring change to a stubborn mind.
Melanie looked out of the window on her right, envying the birds' freedom to roam wherever they wanted. Ignoring the lecture, she tore out a piece of notebook paper. With a carefree attitude, she began to draw.

The bell terminating 7th period rang, with the students' joyful voices chorusing through the hallways. There was much jostling and papers twirled in the air. Melanie weaved through the swarm of bodies, clutching her books tight to her chest. Stepping out into the bright sun, she breathed in the sweet scent of fall. The day is over. With that fact, she hurried to the bicycle rack.
The incoming breeze made her glide on her heels. Snatching the scrunchie from her ponytail, her hair flew free. She hurriedly raced to the bicycle rack, eager to feel the leaves brush past her face. Strapping on her bike helmet and knee pads, she took off for the next destination.

"Ladies and gentlemen, I welcome you to the Joust in honor of Our Majesties! King Aaron and Lady Aerith!" the announcer bellowed.

"Lady Mel, I strongly advise that you consider life. This sport is only for fools, who die for nonsensical things," the servant said as she helped Lady Mel with her armor.

"Don't be silly. I just want to have fun," Melanie grinned. "And I have a reason to participate. To show the others who I am. That I'm not just a weakling, but rather an important person."

The servant rolled her eyes. She took a silver sword off the weapon rack and gave it to her. "Never forget your motive, Lady Mel. And you shall win."

And with that, Melanie mounted her dark, noble steed. Sword and shield at arms, she prepared herself for the battle to begin. Her servant opened the door to reveal her opponent waiting on the other side. He was tall in stature, glaring at her with icy blue eyes. Melanie shook off any fear remaining and made her horse trot to the center of the field to greet him.

They glared at each other with hostility. "Prepare to lose," the dark knight growled. "In your dreams," she hissed back.

"Champions, on your mark, get set, GO!"

The riders pulled back the reins of their horses.

"Ya!" Melanie shouted, kicking at the air. With a neigh, the stallion stood on its hind legs and charged at the opponent.

"Excuse me, but isn't it our turn to cross?"

Looking down, she smiled at the little schoolboy tugging at her cardigan. "Why yes it is," she spoke. The cross guard gestured with his hands to move at a faster pace. The boy's mother gave her a placid smile, taking his hand and rushed to the other side.

Melanie plaintively sighed as she rode alongside the families and their children slowly. She envied what they had- a family. Taken in her grandmother's wings, she never experienced the comfort coming from a close relative. She tried hard to access those emotions through her wanderings, but never came close to the real world.

When she came home, the first thing she did was to open her sketchpad. She spared a few minutes of her study time to give a light reference to her mother and father. Her mom, she heard, had light skin and copper eyes. Her father, on the other hand, had a grizzly beard and a bulky stature. In a rush, she executed charcoal stick figures wearing crowns. One tall, but grizzly with a red cape. Another that was smaller, but fairer in the face. And lastly, herself dressed in the traditional armor, mounted on her noble steed.

After she finished, she tore out the page and put it on her wall alongside her other masterpieces. They all illustrated her medieval dream world, pouring out her heart and soul's content.

Tears began to stream down her cheeks as she thought about her struggle. She struggled to live with her solitary life as a normal girl.
Then she grinned, continuing her thinking. As a knight, she would triumph over the struggles of life. Her daydreams would never cease to exist as long as she lived. They were her gateway to happiness. Once upon a daydream, she strived to live her life.

She kicked off her shoes, prepared for another day, and went to sleep in her royal chambers.