Mackenzie O' Dwyer had seen many things in her life. And she had persevered. Even by tough standards, she was far 'wiser' than her meagre 18 years. Yes , she had seen much.

She had seen the dreary settings of her meagre childhood apartment. But she hadn't complained. Instead she had tried to make it seem like an adventure to her siblings.

She had seen her mother crying while hiding in the closet.

She had seen her father come home, drunk, day after day. She had seen him beat her mother.

She had seen him leave.

She had seen her mother's cracked hands because of her gruelling work.

She had seen her sister burning with fever. She had seen her mother desperate.

She had seen her sister die.

Somehow this was not enough. Lady luck was cruel.

She had seen the rest of her family die in an accident.

She had seen them bleed to death. She had seen the doctor carelessly drape the white sheets on their faces.

She had seen the snow biting through her clothes as she hunted for work.

She had seen the odd men smiling crudely at her. She remembered her fist colliding with his nose.

She had seen the blood spurt. She had seen his furious expression, so like her father's. She had felt the memories rush back.

She remembered hiding from the others.

She had seen their grubby hands clawing for her. She had heard them growl.

She remembered running away. She remembered the biting cold and the unrelenting hunger and the hopelessness of it all. But she had lived.

Her young and inexperienced hands had worked until they were raw.

Then she had lost all hope. An orphanage came and took her away.

She felt like this was the final blow. Her only true desire had been to become independent, and even that hope had been crushed.
This was no place for dreams. The world was cruel. That had been the moment when the frail girl, with the short hair and the expressive grey eyes had finally become a woman.

She had built a wall of hate with the stones of insults.

It had been 3 years when finally a couple had adopted the 14 year old child who seemed to repel everyone by choice.
She had felt love and friendship in the following years.

She had befriended the only two people who seemed unruffled by her behaviour.
She had been truly accepted by the girl with the flowers in her hair and the girl who was a far less damaged version of her own self.
Carmen had been an impossibly bubbly character with an unrelenting love for all that was around her.

Her rosy complexion, soft blonde hair and hazel eyes contradicted her Hispanic descent. Her tendency to wear soft colours and the mild lily-of-the-valley scent that seemed to hang around her gave the impression of pure was a person with a honest inability to see the bad in things. Despite the vast difference they had somehow completed one-third of each other. Their final missing piece had been the odd girl that seemed content on her own.

She was one the most intense people Mackenzie had ever met. Her deep red waves and cornflower blue eyes complimented her intensity.
While Carmen seemed to fade even more in the sun, Cerephina seemed to darken. Her fiery hair gave the impression of fire and her eyes seemed to reach into your soul. While lazy would've been the perfect word for her own self, Cerephina Electus was easy going. She seemed to want to avoid confrontation until the last moment, until she had reached her limit, and then she exploded with uncontrollable heat.
t was all or nothing with this girl.

And then Mackenzie O'Dwyer had seen more.
She had seen Carmen, supposedly, finally lose it. She had seen her friends accusing her of things that were too deep to be understood, but it had stung, and to get away was the only way to save herself.
She had seen her best friend's body laying motionless in the fog. She had seen the unearthly crater in her best friend's chest that made her want to sob.

But despite all that she had seen, nothing could've prepared her for this moment.

Sitting in front of her was a god. That is if he wasn't a fake. But somehow even she couldn't deny his reality.
Waves of power seemed to radiate from his very being.

He wore an old fashioned cloak that seemed to ripple despite there being no wind. It changed from stormy grey to sky blue to deep purple. Yet the change seemed calculated and it occurred naturally.

Somehow she felt an un explainable and rather childish resentment towards him.

He had barely glanced at her and grimaced, and the disappointment in his stormy grey eyes reminded her of her father. Or were they blue?
He was giving her a headache, she decided irritably.

And what was even more annoying was that both Cerephina and Carmen seemed to be in awe of him.

Carmen waited hand on foot to him while Cerephina listened to his useless babble about the puny gods.

Her pale face seemed to grow paler and Mackenzie thought with a hint of pride that if it had been Carmen, she would've fainted by now...

' I presume you have been made aware of the circumst-' He was cut short by Kenzie.
'Psssst...pssst...Dude? Do you have wings and stuff? Since you're the god of the sky...' Mackenzie feinted supreme interest.
The god's face tightened. Carmen appeared horrified while Cerephina managed a weary smile.

Seeing her expression, she felt even angrier at this stranger that was using her bestfriend.

'Lord Zeus, I apologize. You see she has recie-' Carmen was cut short by the calm but steely voice of the king of the gods.

'Does your weak mind suppose that I am not aware of this predicament? This situation with you, you impure scum?'

Somehow this insult seemed to glue her mouth shut.

'If it was in my hands, I would blast you to ashes right now...but you have been, unfortunately, spoken for.'

'By who?' Cerephina asked in a strained voice.

'Don't worry, Red. I don't need this creep's help...the choice is up to you. If you want me to leave, I will.'

'Ofcourse not!'

'Contrary to your belief, it is not actually up to you. This is a curse. Not something you choose. You an be destroyed but that may wreak havoc.
You see, every thing is made in balance. Night and day, Dark and night. Similarly you are The vessel's counter.'

'Lord Zeus, perhaps you should explain about the scars...along with the other stuff.'

'Ah...yes. It must be done...There was a reason you were made. To make sure that the gods did not have more power than they needed, Since their power is made of the pure things they have done, the more just the gods are, the stronger you'll be. But you have to understand, it is difficult to keep the world in balance, what with all the negative energy...sometimes we aren't able to be that just. We make mistakes. When such a thing happens...our powers are depleted and in connection, so are yours.
When such a thing get one of these burns...These are the marks of where the power has been depleted.'

'So you're trying to tell me that I will suffer for the mistakes you make? Well, that's nice to hear. Real encouraging. Any other great news you have to give me?' Cerephina asked sarcastically.

'Yes. There is this make sure the gods remain powerful, you have to accept your fate. By the time the twenty years are over, you will experience a great many things that may cause you to want to give up, but you must remember that this is for the greater good. You will have to know more about your'll have to know to make sure we survive. The keeper shall guide you.'

Apparently this was the end of the conversation. Quietly he stood up and walked towards the door.

'See me out, will you?'
Calmly Cerephina followed him. Just as he was about to be enveloped into the swirling mass of wind that had magically appeared, he said one final thing that Made Cerephina doubt her very being.

'Remember, keep your friends close and your enemies closer. I'll leave you to decide which is which...'

Inside the mood was sombre.
'Ya know...when I read the 'Percy Jackson' series, I desperately wished to be a part of the greek mythological world. I whole heartedly take that back.' Mackenzie said in a wondering tone.

'About learning about my past...what did he mean?'

Carmen seemed to fish around for words. Cerephina noted warily how her gentle aloofness was vanishing with the seconds.

'We have to go back. By your past he mean your past lives. You need to be prepared for the final ritual.'

'Oh. Okay...then I'll just go borrow 'T.A.R.D.I.S' from 'Doctor Who' and we'll leave.' Mackenzie said sarcastically.

'It means that we have to go to the pond.'