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Seconds later the empty plates on the table fill with food and everyone begins to fill their platters and eat away but I remain still with my hands balled in my lap. I become so immersed in my thoughts that I jump the second Nicholas places one of his hands on mine.

"Are you okay?" he says with the tone of genuine concern in his voice "You've not taken any food" I nod at him and give his hand a quick squeeze and smile up at him.

"Just a lot to take in is all" he smiles back at me and entwines his fingers with mine and his smile widens.

"Just eat something and then you can sleep it off" I nod in agreement and begin putting various delicacies onto my plate and begin to eat, still holding onto Nicholas's hand. Little does he know that I don't sleep? I never have done, not even in the home did I ever sleep a wink. As for eating I'm not a fan of that either. But if it pleases him then its fine with me. Its only then that I realise how I feel for this boy. A strange feeling, full of warmth and compassion. A feeling that causes my veins to spark whenever he touches me, makes my heart flutter whenever he smiles. I've never liked anyone before which would explain why I'm so slow on the uptake. Does he feel the same way about me though? Or does he see me like he sees Jadeite, as no more than a friend or a sibling.

After dinner I take Nicholas's offered arm again as he leads me through the castle back to my room. Everything is the same as the journey here only now I know what I feel and want. And what I want right now is Nicolas, but how am I supposed to tell him that. We get back to my room in a couple of minutes and stand outside the door in silence for a few moments.

"Thank you for bring me back" I say timidly not quite meeting his eyes.

"It was my pleasure Ametrine" and I really believe he's being honest. The sound of my real name rolling so smoothly through his lips makes my body feel week, like I'm aching for something that's only just out of my reach. I slowly raise my eyes from the floor and look up at him only to see him staring back at me. Now would be a good time, what's the worst that could happen? I manage to shut off the negative voice in the back of my mind before she has a chance to speak her mind.

"Good night" I say and then lean in quickly and leave and soft, lingering kiss on his cheek. I pull back to see his reaction and see it's not shocked and not repulsed. He looks like he's holding something back. I can't look at him for too long because I know I wont hold back either, instead I give him a quick shy smile and walk into my bedroom, shutting the door behind me.

I sit by the door and wait for the sound of Nicholas shutting his but it doesn't come. Eventually I give up and get changed out of my dress and try to find something more comfortable. When I open the wardrobe I see my clothes from home have been put in the bottom of my wardrobe still in my bag. I smile lightly at how thoughtful it was to do then start rummaging through the various items of clothing until I find large black, t-shirt. I pull it over the top of my head and see its comes down to my mid-thigh and slips off my slim built shoulders.

I never realised how baggy and unflattering my clothes were until now, the contrast between the feeling of the material and the way it hides most of my figure, it almost repulses me. It makes me feel like Amy again, and I've already promised myself to let that life lie. I undo the braids Maybel put in my hair and remove all the makeup I was wearing. I leave the pendant around my neck since I don't have the heart to take it off just yet. Something about it feels right, like it belongs to be in contact with my skin. The cool crystal against my warm flesh .Since I don't feel tired I decide to explore my room and balcony.

Its dark now and the only thing lighting my way is the dim glow from the lamps in my room. I stand at the edge of the balcony and feel the cool breeze wash over my skin and play with my hair. The air slices through my sin, sending shivers of ice flowing through my veins. The area around me is dark, so dark I can only just see my hand before my face. Soon it begins to get too cold to stand outside and it's too dark to see out further than what's in front of me. I walk into my room and shut the doors before climbing into the soft sheets of the bed. I attempt to sleep but it still doesn't work so instead I lie still on the bed waiting for the sun to rise, feeling the soft thumping of my heart against my chest, accompanied by the thumping of something else.

Before first light I decide to take a bath. I drag myself from my bed and walk into the en-suite bathroom. Once I shut the door I'm hit by the scent of strawberries and see that a bath has already been run for me. I must remember to thank Maybel later on for this. I waste no time in sinking into the water and submerging myself fully in the beautifully scented water. When I'm finished I once again wrap a towel around my body and walk into my room. I return to see the bed has been made and on it lays a simple black dress. Its floor length again with long sleeves and a silver belt. I don't question it. New life, New clothes. I decide to get dressed and let my hair fall over my face as usual. Before I leave my room I walk gingerly onto the balcony, the cold stone sending sharp splints through my bare feet. I take no interest into the area or the landscape, instead I look over to the horizon and watch as the sun peeks it's way over the far away hills.

Watching the sun became something of a ritual for me. Something that helps me maintain a sense of normality. My hand rest on my shoulder before it slowly slides down, caressing the smooth pale skin, landing at my wrist. There I absentmindedly run my fingers along the bird tattoo. Freedom. I think to myself. So this is what it feels like.

I grab my boots and pull them on under my dress, luckily the hem of the dress covers them before rushing across the carpeted floor. I open the door to walk out and bump into someone. I curse to myself and look up to see Celestria standing before me in another light pink dress.

"Oh, um, sorry…I didn't expect to see you here at this time" I manage to say as I try to look at anything but her.

"That's okay dear" she says sweetly "I was told to escort you to the library" she smiles at me when I look at her.

"Oh, brilliant!" I say, and I really mean it. I've always wanted to go to a castles library and now I can. The walk is silent, but a comfortable silence. This give me the chance to explore the luxury's we pass. All the door are the same lightwood, some holding different engravings. I saw one a moment ago with what looked like a sword on it. Every hall looks the same. Same carpet, same walls, but different pictures and art work. Celestria stops abruptly and it's all i can do not the bump into her. We're standing before a large set of double doors, the same wood as everything else. The doors are engraved again with the three eyes in a triangle, the top one being closed. Celestria clears her throat once and the doors open.

Once we get there I'm awe struck at the sight of it. Not only is it huge but there isn't a wall that doesn't hold a bookshelf. They're all organised too and I can't help but smile at the sight of so many books. I'm so lost in this new world of books I don't even notice Celestria leave the room and bolt the door behind her. Great. I think to myself. There's a balcony to this room too but its three story's high. Guess I'm going to be here for a while.

I walk over to a small chair to sit down; the thought of disturbing the libraries organisation quite frankly, frightens me. Before I sit down a small scroll appears before me, surrounded by what looks like falling glitter that disappears before hitting the ground. Looking around first, I reach out my hand to grip the scroll but before I do, it opens. Scrawled across teh page in scripted hand writing is a note. A note addressed to me. I peer closer and it reads,

Dear Amertrine,

Since you are now a part of this world, I see fit that you learn some more about it. Feel free to read any of the books that you please.

Learn enchantments and whatever else catches your eye. Me and my wife would love to help you out during your learning but we regret that running a kingdom gives us very few minutes to spare. Nicholas is caught up within his own learning and therefore cannot support you either.

Hope you enjoy, Botolf.

I release a huff of irritation. Great, educating myself about a world I'm new to. Instead of moping i decide to try learning something. I walk straight to the letter 'E' hoping for a simple book to help me learn basic enchantments. And that I find. Flicking to the first page I become so immersed in the instructions to moving objects without touching them, I don't notice the sun leave the sky, or the door unbolt.

I hear footsteps and immediately look up from my text. Nicholas stands in the doorway, the dim candle light flickering daintily off his eyes. I can't see him properly, just a silhouette, but I cant still hear him.

"Glad to see you like the book" he says with what I can hear, rather than see, a boyish smirk on his face "But we have dinner now and a lady such as yourself shouldn't walk alone" I don't even bother retorting something back, instead I smile and stand, placing the book on the chair and walking towards him. He offers his arm and I take it, increasingly away or the way my body warmed by his touch. He smiles at me and I can see him this time, gazing down out me through the candle light. Then he's walking to the dining room, dragging me with him.

The next few days go by with the same routine. Lie awake all night, bathe, watch the sunrise, wait for Celestria, go the library, go to dinner, go back to my room. The cycle is tedious and already I can feel it wearing on me. I don't see anyone all day except for dinner time, the other meals are provided for me and I eat them in solidarity. Something about the food I eat during the day and the meals I eat with everyone else isn't right. There is a metallic taste to all the food and it leaves me feeling lightheaded, but I eat it anyway. I haven't spoken to Jadeite yet, I don't even know what the girl is like, yet at the dinner table I'm supposed to treat her as my perfect sibling. Ridiculous. I've seen what Nicholas meant when he said I would be a good enchantress in the forest that day. It seems like so long ago since I was that girl. Since I was Amy and now I'm Amertine, a girl that is treated and acts like royalty. A girl who has mastered moving objects without touching them.

On the fourth day I'm sat in the library a thought pops into my mind as I'm gently floating a book up and down in the air with a slight movement of my hand. What are the Brookes doing. It's a simple thought, nothing too extravagant. By no doubt they're relieved, probably haven't even told anyone I'm missing. With this thought, another one follows. Who are my real Family, besides Jadeite?

I get up and walk over to a shelf, the letter I go to is H, I've decided to read up on my family. It doesn't take long until I've found my family's history in a book. It wasn't in H but another book caught my eye on the way. Famous Families of Asteria was its name and I became instantly immersed in its pages. I quickly flick to the pages on the Hayes to learn about my parents and hopefully find out the answers I've been looking for all this time.

The Hayes

The Hayes are known as being one of the original gifted families from the beginning

Of Asteria.

Melanite Hayes is know as the first gifted enchantress who made a deal with Asteria

herself, so as to let an un-gifted man become gifted much like herself. This is rumoured to have left

a curse upon the Hayes but even to this day no evidence of such a curse has been found.

It is a well-known fact that the Hayes have kept a tradition of naming any of their

children after their gem stone. The only known living descendants of Melanite in the present

day are Ametrine and Jadeite Hayes, the only two children of married couple Ruby amd

Avery Hayes. Sadly it is known to all that after an incident over 10 years ago both Ruby and

Avery lost their lives during a brutal battle with a fellow family which is not to be named. During this battle it is well know that the eldest daughter Ametrine was lost to the gift-less world to be raised once it was known what powers she withheld.

The Hayes were a family of the light side known for ridding their kingdom of the dark enchanters that enjoyed to cause havoc in their attempt to claim Ametrine and her powers for the world of the dark. This is the reason that Avery, Ametrines father, locked her power in his wives gem stone effectively killing them both before sending his oldest daughter away and dying in an attempt to sneak out of his family home with three year old Jadeite and his wives gem stone.

It is unknown what happened to Jadeite after her parents both died. It is rumoured she was adopted by the dark as bait for Ametrine to return. Other sources claim she was taken in by another light lord who was friendly with Avery before his end.

The Hayes are the family assigned by Asteria to rule the north side of the kingdom. Rumours of Ametrine's mental-

"ENOUGH!" I shout to no one as I throw the book across the room, using my hands instead of my new skill. Before it has a chance to hit the wall it bursts into flames and explodes, showering the room in ash. I found my answers. Now I'll never forget them.

I sit in silence in the middle of the library with my knees pulled to my chest and my arms wrapped around them. I want to cry, cry for the mother who gave herself to protect me and put her kingdom before her life, to cry for the father who was forced to kill his wife and then force his daughter to an unknown world, all for the sake of a kingdom he was obliged to protect, the same father who was killed in an attempt to save his youngest child, to cry for the sister who I robbed of a normal life and her true family all because her selfish older sister wouldn't give up her power at 6 years old.

I can hear people banging fists against the door in an attempt to get it. I heard it get unbolted over two hours ago but I don't wish to see anyone. And what I don't want, I won't get. Somehow I can still use my power and I don't understand I simply sit in the ashes on the library. Every now and again I calm down and decide to move on, only to know Jadeite is outside the door now, yearning for the sister that robbed her of her family. Every time this happens another book explodes in a mass of paper and flames.

When they finally break through the door I'm lying on the ground, curled into myself, buried in a blanket of ashes that coats the floor like grey snow. When I feel myself being picked up from the floor I don't object. I feel so numb I don't even realise its Nicholas and his strong arms carrying me. I don't notice how I curl into him and cling onto his shirt like a frightened child. And I don't even notice when he lies me down on a bed in a blue room rather than a purple one. He stands over me for a few minutes until he realises I'm not going anywhere. At this point he walks over to the bed, kisses my forehead and leaves me alone in his room. That's when the tears come. Rolling down my face and splashing on the plush blue pillow beneath my head. I listen as they sizzle on impact and see in the corner of my eye how they scorch the light material, sending tiny trails of smoke drifting towards my face.

After all my tears are dried I no longer feel numb. Now I feel angry. Why did no body tell me that my family died 10 years ago? Why did they tell me months? And why does Jadeite seem totally oblivious to what's happening? Soon I can't take it anymore and I climb my way out of this bed. I walk over to the wall and pick up the first thing I see. It's a vase and looks like it's worth a lot of money. SMASH!

The vase hits the wall and shatters into hundreds of tiny little pieces. This continues with everything can find. Soon I'm standing the middle of his room, surrounded by broken glass and china, feathers from the bedding and wood from chairs and photo frames. The wardrobe is lying face down on the ground and three out of four posters from the bed have been smashed into splinters. My breathing and heart rate have increased dangerously and I'm finding it hard to drag breaths through to my starving lungs.

My hair it matted with blood from where debris hit my head several times causing a wound that is currently releasing blood and allowing it to trickle down my face and neck. My hands are severely cut and releasing more blood than is safe. My dress is ripped with only one sleeve remaining and covered in blood. My bare arm is cut into from where shattering glass has sliced against it along with scratches formed by my fingernails and wherever there is hole in my dress there is blood visible. I feel my chest rise and fall; feel the overactive thump of my heart, crashing against my rib cage, like a caged raven, bursting to be free. Above that I feel something else. Something small. I raise my hand towards my chest and feel my bleeding fingers caress the smooth surface of the crystal. My fingers linger there, unmoving and unwavering. Impossible, I think to myself. Beneath my fingers I can feel it. Like a second heart. The gem giving out its own delicate, thump. Thump.

When Nicholas returns I'm stood with my back to him on the edge of the balcony. I hear him curse at the sight of his room until he looks up and sees me facing away from him and leaning into the now dark night air, but my brain doesn't process it. I can hear him step closer to me but I can't bring myself to look at him, not directly. I know that my face is paler than usual due to lack of blood and that what little makeup I wore today is currently smudged and running down my cheek. I slowly turn around when I feel Nicholas touch my arm. He looks terrified, either by how dangerous I am to him or possibly even to me.

"Ametrine, please get down" his voice sounds desperate and scared. I look down at him from the edge and know I should feel guilty for doing this to him but my anger is too strong to control anymore.

"How long have you know?" I ask him quietly through my tears. He only looks down at the floor at the question. "HOW LONG HAVE YOU KNOWN!" I'm screaming at him now but I can feel that this isn't my voice, it's too old for me and sounds far too angry, not only that but I recognise the voice. It's my mother's voice. I remember over hearing her shout at my father the day they died. The memory hits me from nowhere and suddenly I realise my mother is speaking through me, how, I don't know, all I know is that she is. All my surroundings suddenly dissolve and I'm falling forward, back onto the balcony.

I brace myself for the impact of cold stone only to land in the arms of none other than Nicholas. I fold myself into his chest as the sobs begin to rack my body again. He slowly and gently strokes my hair and makes reassuring noises as he sit on the bed and rocks me back and forth slowly like a child. I don't even notice the pain anymore. My body already feels like its burning away, disintegrating into nothingness. After I've cried myself out he takes me into the bathroom and begins to slowly wash the blood from my hair and face. I should feel embarrassed, I should feel foolish for acting like a child in front of him, but the numbness has already taken control. I only recognise small fragments of what's happening. Where I am and how I'm feeling. After all my wounds are clean he slowly hovers his hand over my head and mutters some kind of incantation, I then realise it's to try heal the worse of my head wound. He brings me my black T-shirt and I put it on with no objection.

He takes me back into his room which I know see is a good as new and he lies me down on the bed. He pulls the covers up to me chin and kisses my forehead. He strokes my head and smiles down at me. Not with his usual smile though, this one looks forced and worried as though he's fighting a war inside himself but it trying to seem normal, for my benefit. My mind clears and I know what I want. He stands up but I grab his wrist and pull him back.

"Please don't leave me" I say. I sound weak and helpless, my voice sore and hoarse from both my screaming and crying.

"I'm not going anywhere…I promise" he says to me. I try my best to force a weak smile and I know straight away it's futile so give in and just stare into Nicholas's sky blue eyes. Without a second thought I grip onto the front of his shirt and pull him towards me until our lips meet. It only lasts a second until he pulls away. I can tell he is supressing a smile but I don't pick him up on it. Instead I shuffle across the bed to make enough room for him to lie down, and he does.

He puts as arm around my shoulders and I snuggle myself against him, resting my head against his chest. I can hear his heart beating against his ribcage as he slowly smooth's my hair with his hand. I feel his lips gently brush the top of my head and feel shivers course through my body. It feels strange how one boy can calm me down when I feel so angry, how his arms can make me feel safe and guilt free, how the sound of his heart beating send me off into another world. I close my eyes but sleep still doesn't come, not now. Not ever. I lie there all night, listening tentatively to the three heart beats.

Hours pass and my eyes flutter open I am greeted by the arms of Nicholas wrapped daintily around me, once around my shoulder and the other drape gently over my waist. I can tell by the dim, pink glow surrounding the room that the sun has not yet risen. Still no sleep. I snuggle closer to Nicholas and bury my face in the front of his shirt. His arms surround me in a protective barrier where I feel calm and safe for the first time in my life, even if there is something not quite right about the feeling. I don't fit perfectly next to him like the girls claim in books, but then a remember, my life isn't a book. I snuggle my head more into his chest with the soft smell of peppermint tickling my senses as I inhale his scent. I belong here, I tell myself, this does feel right. But it doesn't.

Reluctantly I move his arm from my waist and slip out from under the rich bedding. After replacing the cover from my empty spot I assess the condition of his room. It shows no signs of my ambush from the previous night and the light blue colour scheme calms my frayed nerves. My head continues to pound and a strong aching pain succumbs my body when I move, especially my head. I can still feel each of the places where my skin was punctured or carved, but I can't see any marks, and still I find the will to cross the room to the door. I turn the handle slowly and step out of the sanctuary of his presence, crossing the boundary to my own room without looking back.