In Lumpville there are creatures called Lumps. The Lumps are created in a building called the Lump House. There they are born with the knowledge they need to live their life and daily new lumps are sent out to live their lives. It is the perfect society; the Lumps who live there know exactly what to do and are great at doing their jobs, to live. But, every now and then, the Lump House, about which little is known, messes up and one of the Lumps set up get a touch too curious. Larry Lump was one of those.

Larry Lump came from the Lump House and immediately started his life, having been born knowing exactly what he was to do. He lives in a cube house on a small hill of grass. His house has white walls and a clay roof, all with right angles. Each day he waters his grass using all the water of his watering can which sat outside his house. Inside his house he had all he needed. He had his bed, his shovel, and a patch of dirt. Each day, after watering his lawn and he sets his watering can by his door, Larry Lump goes into his house and he grabs his shovel. With the shovel he digs into the patch of dirt in his house. After the third strike, always the third strike, he pulls out a cube of bronze and refills his hole. He knows what he has to do.

With this cube of bronze in hand, he walks out onto the road and meets Lauren Lump. They always reach the road at the same time. Together they walk along the road leading to Lump City to eat. Along the way Lauren, as always, asks Larry if he watered his lawn, if he dug up his block of bronze, and about how hungry he was. Upon reaching the city where other Lumps were gathered Larry sits down with Lamar and Lauren Lump on their chairs that line up next to each other. The line extends for miles and miles, for all the Lumps have a chair of their own. These chairs are settled in front of a wall about as tall as the Lumps. For every Lump's chair there is a niche in the wall. Each day Larry Lump puts his block into the niche. The cube is sucked away and replaced by a luminous blue orb. Larry eats this orb each day and immediately he walks back to his house with Lauren and goes to bed. The next day he wakes up, always at the same time and does it all over again, the same as the thousands of other Lumps. Each day Larry repeats this process, until one day Larry encountered boredom.

Larry decided to try to find a new place to live. Larry knew there was the Lump House, Lump City, and the Lump Homes. So he figured there could be other places. So one day, Larry didn't know what day as he hasn't learned of time, after watering his grass and digging up his cube of bronze, Larry left his house. He was going in new directions, ones he wasn't taught how to do. Larry hadn't learned about geography so he just walked. He walked over all the lawns of his fellow Lumps. He passed by Karrie's house, he passed by Jared's house, Ian's house, Harold's house and Garcia's house. Lump after lump after lump Larry Lump lumbered on. He walked over Felicia's lawn, Easton's lawn, and Danielle's. Past Candace's and Bambi's houses he reached the house of Abigail. But past Abigail's lump was nothing, nothing except an ivory plane with nothing on it contrasted by a white sky that looked stained with coffee. Larry Lump walked on. He was leaving that which was familiar. He walked and walked and walked. Larry didn't know how long he was out, he didn't understand time. But if he were to look back he would see the Lump Homes fade into the distance. Larry kept walking. He walked until he reached a white little spherical hut sitting in the middle of nowhere. On the side of the hut was a square hole, Larry looked in.

Inside was a short little creature. It was as pale as the plain which Larry stood on. The only features it had beside his four limbs were a head covered almost completely by a large nose with a large hat upon his head. "Where to, where from?" the thing said to Larry. Larry didn't know this conversation he was only used to responding to Lauren's questions and just stared incredulously at the creature. The little thing realized Larry had no clue who he was, so the creature said, "Greetings, my name is The Navigator and this is my hut, those who are lost will find me and I point them in the direction of wherever they want to go. Where would you like to go?" Larry said nothing. Figuring that Larry didn't know where to go The Navigator made some suggestions. "Would you like to go to Alphaland?" suggested The Navigator. Larry stared. "Planned to go to Burville?" asked The Navigator. Larry decided to use the only conversation he knew, "Yes, I have." The Navigator stared back at Larry, "Are you sure? I wouldn't recommend that." The conversation seemed to have worked so Larry continued, he presented his bronze cube. The Navigator accepted the cube as payment although he wouldn't suggest it. "I want to get there soon," continued Larry. The Navigator climbed out of the hole in his hut and pointed, into the distance, "It's that way," stated The Navigator. The Navigator gave Larry a push in the right direction. Larry continued his walk.

After walking on and The Navigator's Hut disappeared Larry saw specks in the distance. As he got closer Larry saw that they were moving. When Larry got close enough he saw the Burs. The Burs were grey, round and pudgy creatures with two stubby legs and two large eyes. Their skin looked like melting wax. There were thousands of these and no two looked different. Larry Lump liked the Burs, he saw them just wander around, unguided, without talking. They just moaned. They walked at seeming random not ever bumping into another. Larry Lump liked it and joined in on the fun. The Burs wobbled around and Larry followed their example. The Burs didn't stop and neither did Larry. Then in the bumbling mass of thousands one Bur stood still. Larry saw it; he stared at it wondering why it stopped, from what he'd seen they always moved. The Bur sat down, its legs sinking into its pudgy body before it melted onto the ground becoming a lump in the middle of the wandering Burs. Larry joined back in the action of walking, Larry saw more and more lumps of Burs which had melted like the one he had seen. The longer Larry stayed, the fewer Burs were walking around and more and more lumps appeared.

Soon there were lumps of Burs lying all over the place to where Larry had to be more decisive in where he walked. There were only a few Burs still wandering. Larry Lump walked into a dead end created by three of the still Burs. Larry, seeing no other way, turned around but a Lump had collapsed right behind him and Larry was successfully surrounded. He had nowhere to go. Soon, however, another living Bur leaned, threateningly over Larry. The Bur wanted to melt in the place where Larry was trapped. Larry, in a rush, desperately clambered up one of the silent Burs that surrounded him. Unfazed by this situation, Larry tried to rejoin in the action. But his legs had sunk into the Bur upon which he stood. His legs were trapped still on top of the Bur. All Larry could do was watch. From his new vantage point Larry saw that the Burs had been making what looked like a circle of raised land from their melted bodies. Only a few Burs still weren't in place as they searched carefully for a spot to stay. A minute amount of time later there was one Bur still looking for a spot to settle in the circle they were making. Larry saw the hole in the middle of the settled Burs for which the remaining one searched not that far away, it wasn't a very big hole. The Bur saw the tiny hole, dashed over to it and tried to fit in anyways. Halfway into its place something exciting happened. It couldn't fit and all the Burs around it were knocked loose. Immediately all the Burs were thrown loosely through the air, returning to their original form. All the Burs plopped onto the flat plain in disarray. They stood up and tried again and they would continue trying again until they could make that perfect circle and fit the last Bur. Upon which they would be done living.

Larry Lump, scattered further than all the Burs, looked around and was given the chance to think. He missed life where he could talk, where he did multiple things, where he was rewarded, where his people were, and he had his own place to live. Larry didn't like living with the Burs. So Larry trekked back to his home. He missed his shovel, he missed his grass, he missed the gleam of a bronze block, he missed his conversations with Lauren, he missed his watering can, and he missed his bed. On the way back Larry met The Navigator. The little man just handed Larry back his cube and pointed Larry in the right direction without saying a word. Larry followed the directions and soon saw specks in the distance. Larry walked past the houses of his Lump kin and lump after lump after lump Larry reached his little house on a hill of grass, his grass was still green and Lauren was just leaving her house. It was time to walk to Lump City. Larry walked up to Lauren and immediately fell back into the flow of the conversation. Larry fell back into the order of his life. When he got bored and wanted to leave Larry remembered the Burs and continued his day happy knowing how lucky he was.