Not Just a Belly Button

At first sight

It made me weary

Not just your eyes,

but whats in the center of your belly.

It wasn't an inny,

and it sure wasn't an outy.

It haunted my thoughts,

even when i went potty.

To gaze upon it,

was any man's wish.

I would even stare at it,

if I was eating fish.

My eyes and mind are glued to it like magic.

Could you be a witch?

If any man dares touch it,

I'll throw them in a ditch

Its small, but extremly valuable,

even for me.

For when I dare to look at it,

its heaven I see.

And the day I am in it's presence,

is when I must make a choice.

I will go to any length just to touch,

thats the day I rejoice.