Private First Class

I remember that day,

it was the start of the year.

There was nothing anyone could say,

for my life goal was near.

Four months of training

Four months I had to endure

I embraced the suck

but I wanted to face more.

Even though it was a close call,

I accepted and passed the test

But after graduation

more responsibilities were to be tasked

The Challenge was completed.

The transition was over.

From a boy to a man

From a city boy to a soldier.

Now I'm heading to the south

the lands were long and wide.

Unlike the cities of the north

I am now part of Old Ironside.

I am Blackhawk

Part of first platoon

The future won't be easy

And making E-9 won't be soon.

I'm not saying that I'm highspeed

but I'm moving up the ranks fast

Now I'm not just a Private

but a Private First Class.