Around a star in blackest space
Spins a stone, a barren place
Twin moons light the twilight sky
The daylight sun is blazing high

Of two guardians, each work apart
To form the world, they do their part
Oceans spread and flowers spring
Beasts roam among everything

Birds sing tunes to greet the morn
The sun rises, new life is born
But howling wolves warn of the moon
All hope the day returns soon

Dissonance soon takes its hold
A clash between the warmth and cold
An angry god, defending light
Wars with the one who holds the night

Bursts of light flare in the sky
Cowering, no bird dares fly
Divine wrath tears up the ground
A rumble of thunder, the only sound

Soon they stop, soon they pull back
The stone could crumble at one more crack
Horror quells their heated anger
At themselves putting their world in danger

A compromise forms a solution
As each hopes for absolution
From each god, two spirits are born
Called forth to settle the feud forlorn

But a chance these spirits see
As they know how their world could be
If they work together of free will
No feud to settle if none wish ill

"Rebuild the world to make it new
If you help me, I will help you
Our creators' feud is not our own
The world needs our unity shown"

And so their work, the spirits do
Creating life to start anew
Each taking pride in their creation
To make it worth a god's frustration

The fire spirit's blazing bird
Could never die, it was assured
A flying wolf, from she of wind
Great intelligence to now ascend

To walk the earth, a beast called "man"
Raises sprawling cities, because he can
And water's child, a shifting beast
A fluid change to hunt its feast

It cannot work, they realize
If each makes one, then teamwork dies
They see they cannot work alone
And ignore their goal of unity shown

As each gives strength, a creature forms
With blade-edged teeth and ivory horns
Coated with the strongest scale
From deadly claws to powerful tail

Wind spirit gives her gift of flight
Earth gives his strength and vicelike bite
Water adapts- her gift, the same
And fire's pride: his gift of flame

The creature forms, though not yet done
The spirits' efforts- they worked as one
A divine gift from warring gods
Sense and valor to surpass all odds

Loosed on the planet, this newborn beast
Of lesser beings makes its feast
Unified creation with no visible flaw
To hold the world in its claw

Falling back, energy to conserve
The warring gods wait and observe
All know the path that they have set
But years pass to interfere yet

Their perfect beast must overcome
Challenges to they called "dragon"
The gods wait for the path to go wrong
And so they sing Euthora's song.