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"I told you, Cam. I don't wanna go to the stupid Jace Jaxon concert," Heather moaned to her best friend over the phone.

"Come on! He's the best Heather. And this is his hometown! We gre up with him, remember?"

"Yes, I remember."

"Then why aren't you going?"

"Because of what happened, Cam. You know I can't be around him. I get too angry."

Cameron sighed. "Alright. But you can't be pissed over that forever."

"We'll see about that."

She hung up the phone, and switched on the TV. Her dad, who was a news reporter, was on the screen, talking to the camera over hundreds of screaming girls.

"The Jace Jaxon concert tonight is the largest event to take place in Tickerton in over twenty years! Over 5,000 people will be attending the show at the Tickerton High Stadium, which starts in just five minutes. It's his last stop on his Boy Wonder World Tour before he takes a three month break and heads over to Japan to kick it off again!"

Heather tuned off the TV and laid out on the couch. The thought of going to a Jace Jaxon concert just made her sick. He was a jerk, she didn't care what anyone else thought. Right before she sat up to go upstairs, her older sister Tiffany came flying down the stairs.

"Why aren't you on your way to the stadium?"

"You know I don't want to go to that concert, Tiffany," Heather responded.

"Why? You're gorgeous, Heather. If you sit close to the stage, he might kiss you on the cheek while he sings!"

"I don't care, Tiff. You're pretty, too. Maybe he'll give you a kiss."

Tiffany yelped excitedly and ran out the front door. Heather rolled her eyes and smiled as she heard her sister's car screech down the street. Annie, their cute little pug, hopped up into her lap.

"I swear you're the only female in this world that isn't completely obsessed with Jace Jaxon," she whispered, patting her head.

Annie's ears perked up, and she ran downstairs, barking. Heather followed, and opened the front door.

"Anthony! Come in," she greeted.

Anthony had been one of her closest friends, along with Cameron, since the first grade. Heather guessed that he knew why she wasn't at the concert.

"I was just about to drive over to the concert. You wanna come?"

She looked at him with the "are you serious" glare, and plopped back down on the couch.

"You can't be pissed at the guy forever. He probably doesn't even know about... ya know, the accident."

She shook her head in dismissal, and continued to stare at the TV screen. She blamed Jace for what happened, and she would continue to blame him. It was his fault, and she refused to let it go.

Jace ran off of the stage, hearing the screaming crowd fade slightly as he went below deck. The stylists began to help rip his clothes off as he changed into a new oufit for the last two songs he was performing. Before he ran back out onstage, his manager stopped him.

"Jace, you're doing great out there!"

"I gotta get back up, Greg! What is it?"

"We need to talk, after the show," Greg responded.

"About what?"

"It's... nothing. Just go back out out there and knock 'em dead."

Jace nodded suspiciously and ran back upstage, jumping up and clicking his heels in his brand new, bright white sneakers as he did. He sang "Back Home Girl" as the crowd screamed, and Jace smiled. He thought about his life, and how much he freaking loved it. He was an olive skinned, brown eyed, black haired, thin, average height pop superstar, and he couldn't have been happier. Not to mention he was only seventeen. Being in his little hometown was another bonus.

"I grew up here, and I'm so happy to perform this next song for you!"

He performed Love My Town four times, each encore getting more applause than the one before. At the end of the show, he threw his jacket into the crowd, and went back under the stage. His team clapped and cheered.

"Great job, Jace!"


"So good!"

"You're the best!"

He got to Greg, who clapped him on the shoulder and led him into his dressing room.

"So what'd you have to tell me?"

"Sit down, Jace."

He swallowed and sat on his couch. This couldn't be good news.

"So... the label called me earlier. They did this study, and apparently people love celebs that "love their roots"."


"Jace... they want you to stay here, for three months."

Jace shot his head up and dropped his sneakers.

"What? I love this place, but in small doses! There's no freaking way I'm living here for three damn months!"

"You don't have a choice, Jace. You live here, or there are... consequences."

"Like what?"

"Like being held responsible for an incident that happened three years ago, in this town."

Jace cocked his eyebrow, but didn't ask questions.

"Fine, Greg. But answer me this one question. My mom lives in LA now. My grandma and grandpa, too. I don't have any aunts or uncles that live in Tickerton. There aren't any hotels here. Where am I gonna stay?"

"There's a local news reporter. He's agreed to let you stay with him and his family."

"A news reporter? So basically, I'm gonna be living with the paparazzi!"

"I'm sorry, Jace. There's nothing I can do about it. We'll get your stuff of of the bus, and-"

"No way. I'm bringing the bus."

"Jace, you can't-"

"Greg, my whole life is being taken from me for three months! I want the bus."

Greg sighed. "Fine. Take the bus. But Jace?"

"What, Greg?"

"You'll get through this, alright?"

"Let's see if you can still say that after three months."

Heather woke up the next morning to the sound of some huge vehicle backing up across the entrance to her driveway.

"What the hell?"

She heard screaming girls outside her window. When she opened it, the sound was like they were getting flaming magma dropped on them. It was surprising that their throats didn't tear out of their necks. But why were they all here? She showered and got dressed, then went downstairs. Her dad was talking to some guy at the backyard door. Tiffany and Cameron were sitting on the couch, talking excitedly and shaking.

"Guys... what's going on?"

Before either of them could answer, their dad walked over. The two girls sprung off of the couch and started fixing their hair. Tiffany grabbed Heather and pushed her against the wall.

"What are you doing?"

"Making you look fabulous!"

Heather was a little on the taller side at 5'6, with long brown hair, pale skin with a dash of freckles on her cheeks, and icy blue eyes. She was thin with narrow shoulders and a flawless complexion. Her nose was a little button, and her mouth was small and easy to bend into a frown or a smile.

Heather pushed her sister's hands away from her face and walked up to her dad.

"Dad, what the heck is happening? Why is the entire teenage population of Tickerton in our front yard? Why is there a bus blocking our driveway?"

Her dad put his hand on her shoulder. "We have a houseguest."

"Who is it?"

"Now, Heather, he doesn't have anywhere else to go. I want you to be nice to him, okay? Just remember that whatever happened in the past-"

"Dad, who is it?"

Greg walked in, and tapped her dad on the shoulder. "He's ready. We've got him on the other side of the gate in a normal car. He'll be in here in a moment."

Tiffany and Cameron squealed uncontrollably, while Annie barked viciously at the hoards of girls outside.

"So I guess I'll just have to wait till he comes in to find out who the hell he is?" Heather asked.

The backdoor swung open, and a boy with a black hoodie, black jeans, and a black ear piercing walked in with one bodyguard, who quickly left.

Cameron and Tiffany nearly fainted. Heather's dad shook the boy's hand, introducing himself.'

"Good to see you. I'm Mr. Masterson, but you can call me Will."

Heather studied the boy, then let out a sigh of disbelief.

"You have got to be kidding me..."

The boy pulled his hood down, took off his sunglasses, and gave a fake, irritated smile. He clearly didn't want to be there.

"Hey, I'm Jace. Jace Jaxon."

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