Two Lives

Taps against the keyboard,
Notes on slips of gray,
Sitting in his cubicle,
Working away.

The bell rings,
And people stand,
All hurrying to escape
The working land.

He climbs onto his bike,
And hurries away
Down a dark street,
And away from the day.

He pulls up a hoodie,
And puts on a mask,
Eyes growing cold,
And set to his task.

He enters the bank,
And pulls out a gun.
"Give me your money." He says.
"And then start to run."

Into a bag
The money goes,
And the sound of his footfalls
Slowly go.

He reaches his home,
And pulls of the mask.
He opens the door,
And walks inside,
Hiding the money,
And hugging his wife.

"We are out of milk,
And we spent our last dollar,
Can we really survive
A single moment longer?"

The man nods,
And hands her a roll
Of much needed money,

"I have to go now,
But I'll be back.
Just wait for a while,
You'll see
I'll get us back on track."

His wife leaves,
And he glances around.
Pulling out the sack,
And running out.

To other houses
He ran inside
Handing each a roll
And waving goodbye.

Not to much, not to little
Just enough for little Timmy
And his old mommy,
To eat; not much,
And just slightly
Fill their Tummies.

Two days later,
The man was arrested.
"You stole thousands,
Was it really worth it?"

The man nodded,
With a smile,
"It was indeed,
For Mary can feed her child."

"Not only her,
But all of the others,
They can live
One more night,
And smile in the morning."

The judge stared,
With tears in his eyes.
"Every last dollar?"

"Has lightened their lives."
The man smiled,
One last time
And with a salute,
Resigned to his crime.

"I have no choice!
But, how can I burry,
The people you love,
That have so much worry?
Nay, you shall not die.
Go back to your work,
And keep them alive."


Hammers fall
As blades are made
From forged steel, sweat, and pain

Helmet strong
Armor true
Tests are finished
The weapon an ivory hue

The knight pulls it on
And dons his sword
Bidding farewell to his wife
To go serve his lord.

Hundreds of men
Lined up to fight
Weapons of steel
Glinting in the sunlight

The horn blows
And the armies clash
Arrows are thrown
And maces bash

An enemy
Cloaked in black
Nods his head
And prepares to attack

The knight points his blade
At his foe
And charged forth
To fight the unknown

The battle goes on
All around
But the sounds fade out
And screams dull

All he can hear
Is a quiet null
His foes blade
Whips forth

He blocked it fast
And returned the blow
The slash whooshing past
His foes nose.

With a flick,
The knight is disarmed
His sword flying
And his shield caught.

He jumps forth
And tackles the man
Punches traded
And blood is shed

The knight wrestled free the sword
And flicks off the others helm
He nods slowly,
And raises the others end.

A sudden kick
He topples down
A blade raised above his brow

The blade begins to fall
But it is stopped
Caught by the hand
Of the man in black

The offender falls back
In complete surprise
As he is run through
His unprotected side.

The black knight
Offers a hand
Covered in grime
And helps up
The fallen knight

He hands him a sword
And raises his guard
Preparing to fight
And to set things right

For one more time
The blades rise and fall
The final blow is landed
Lifeless hands drop to his side
As the black knight is landed

The remaining man
Raises a salute
To respect his honor
With a quick blow,
He removes the others head,
And hears the blaring horn

The other army runs,
And the winners
Cry out in delight
They turn around
And begin to head back

A single knight remains on the field
Scarred by the dead
He heads through the fields,
And stops at the black knight

He kneels down, and removes the armor
Putting it in a sack,
Hiding it away

Years later
An old man wanders
Through the streets
Doors slammed in his face

A single door
Does not close
He enters,
And sits with a sigh.

He opens the bag,
And gasps go round
The woman of the house
Begins to cry

The old man grins,
And pulls himself to his feet
With a grin and a bow
He slid out into the night

Truth and Darkness

Dark, unswept streets,
Men dressed in black,
Slip through the shadows

Taxed for living,
Mocked from behind.
Controlled with out knowledge
Forced to live in fright

Conned from their wealth,
Live with the barest crumbs,

Claims of greatness,
Truth of failure

Despicable, is it not?
Some of you will laugh,
Some will forget.
This horrendous truth.

But, I ask you,
What is this about?
Look around you
Take it in.
You know the truth now
I spoke of you