Souls of the damned that wander in the land.

All of what they cherished lost forever.

All drowned in the sea of blood.

For something that's not really there.

True happiness buried in a castle of sand,

slowly withers away in the wind.

A barren land dyed in bright red,

colored by the stain of greed.

All the broken pieces of a long lost memory.

Hatred rises as justice falls apart.

Sin is marked in everyone's eyes,

Say aloud a prayer in attempts for penance.

As reflected by others' eyes,

who is truly miserable?

Tears dry up and so will your soul.

Engulfed by corruption itself.

The pain in your heart runs very deep.

By your own hands will others fall.

A kingdom of happiness dyed in red.

But is this a true kingdom at all?

/I was listening to a vocaloid song called Lost destination... I knew the lyrics was vague but I tried to give a shot at making a poem inspired by it... It's a bit sadistic for me... but I'm sure I can play along... And the page line breaks are annoying sometimes... I can't save it with a double spacing format... can anyone help me solve it?/