Destiny: the word conjures images of grand battles, great loves, harrowing epics and sweeping sagas. Our heroes are tested, tried, and ultimately emerge, as the Gods always meant for them to, with the spoils of their winnings.

But Destiny is not always so grand. It can be the ocean as it laps at the toes of a non-believer, as he comes to realize that there are things so much greater than he, and what other choice does he have but to believe there is something else meant for him? It takes shape in the form of a child's sun-reddened face, reminding cynical grown men that life is better lived in the light, despite with the pain that might occasionally accompany it. And sometimes it is the quiet whisper on the wind in the dark of the night that only our hero can hear… just hold on for another night, for you have not yet reached the end of your story.

Destiny finds men great and small. I hope that, if nothing else, our story has taught you, Dear Reader, that all men, no matter their part, can have something bigger than themselves; a higher purpose. To scorn one man's role in Destiny, no matter how miniscule, is folly. Not all men have a part to play… but – and here is the important part – all those who do, choose to play their roles. It is this choice which Destiny seeks. She finds it in the unlikeliest of players, and asks only for their entire life to change in return.

The last chapters of our story are filled with grand battles and great, sweeping loves. Our heroes have flirted with Destiny, and have chosen time and again to fulfill their fates. But our story is also the ocean, the child's face, and whisper on the wind. The choices all men with a part to play, no matter how small, have the power to change Destiny. That is the beauty and the horror of such a fleeting mistress.

And so our story continues.