Cluedo Audition

Vanessa enters the party with a scowl on her face. I really dislike rich people. She thought to herself. Two party goers bump into her. "Watch where you're going!" She snaps wildly. "We're sorry we didn't-" "Just get away from me!" She interrupts storming away and taking a glass of wine. When Vanessa's nephew comes into view, her composure completely changes. "Jimmy!" She squeals with a grin. With light feet, Vanessa quickly moves over to Jim. "Jimmy!" She cries as she leaps onto him, wrapping her arms around his neck. "Uh… Aunt Vanessa?" He questioned. "How's my favorite cousin?" She asks as she turns her wine glass upright; avoiding spilling the rest of the wine. "I'm your nephew…" He began as she reels back, leaving her arms around his neck. "My favorite nephew!" Vanessa insists with a happy smile plastered across her face. "Your only nephew." Jim corrects. "How's football?" Vanessa continues, ignoring his prior statement. "I don't play football…" Jim informs. "Ugh! You are such a boring kid!" Vanessa exclaims, her legs giving as she expresses dramatization. "Funny, since I'm your favorite nephew." Jim chuckles a little bit. "Awwe, you're no fun!" Vanessa complains, standing up straight. "Boring things need something colorful to spark up their lives." Vanessa grins, "And I'm your rainbow Jimmy!" Jim rolls his eyes. "That's fantastic Aunt Vanessa." Jim's a meanie," Vanessa giggles, tipping back her glass and finishing what was left of it. "Meanie! Meanie! Jim is a meani-" Vanessa had been leaning into her nephew who was taller than she, that when he stepped back he'd slipped on the wine she spilled. They struggle to remain standing before collapsing onto the ground. Vanessa's look of shock remains on her face before she looks into Jims eyes and starts laughing. "Hahaha!" Jim stands and pulls Vanessa with him. "Aunt Vanessa- People are looking!" Jim hisses under his breath. "Jimmy! I gotta tell you something!" She giggles, leaning into his ear. "Don't… let society define you." Vanessa whispers solemnly in his ear. She quickly pulls back and starts to laugh again. Vanessa points to the glass mess at their feet. "Hey! Servants! Someone should really clean that up!" Vanessa calls out before departing.

Anyone who hadn't known who she was might've just mistaken her for a drunk. But it was really just her first medically diagnosed personality: childlike. Vanessa twirls in her long white dress. White is such a pretty color. So bright. But yellow is better, yellow has color. But yellow is white once it's too light. But it's never too light, white and yellow are the same color. Well maybe not-but maybe so-but maybe not-but maybe so! But maybe not-but maybe so-but maybe not-but maybe so! Vanessa giggles to herself as she's engulfed in her thoughts.

Vanessa quickly returns to reality when she bumps into someone. "Oh I'm sorry! You aren't hurt are-" Vanessa's sentence comes to an abrupt halt as she realizes she's found her sister-in-law. Vanessa's bright smile falls into a plain one. "Hello Marina." Vanessa notices how Mrs. Black's eyes examine her for a moment. "Is there something you're looking for?" Mrs. Black shakes her head. "No. Hello Vanessa. A pleasure seeing you again." Vanessa smiles toothlessly with not as much soul as when she smiled at her nephew; but soul nonetheless. Though she hated her brother, she found it hard to be contempt towards her sister in law. Even if she'd tried to do something, it probably wouldn't have been able to keep her out of that godforsaken place. "You too sis." Vanessa smiles again before departing. She frowned. "My brother's here huh?" She murmurs to herself. 'How exciting." She frowns. Second personality: Sophistication.

Vanessa notices the food set out neatly at a grand table. "Food!" She squeals running over to it. Without getting a plate to put the food on, she starts down the line of food, picking up food as she continues and popping them into her mouth. Vanessa soon finds herself at a standstill at the chocolate fountain. She picks a strawberry from the bowl and dips it in. She allows it to dry before biting into it and dropping the leaf onto the ground and plucking then dipping another; and another. Vanessa clicks her tongue, indicating thirst. "Hey! Hey you!" She calls over to one of the servants offering wine. With a polite salutation, the waiter comes to a stop parallel form Miss Black. "Thanks." Vanessa gets on her knees and leans over the table to take the wine. She lifts a glass and pours it into another glass. "You guys should really fill these up the whole way." She states, putting the empty glass back and taking the now full one. Vanessa returns her feet to the ground and tilts back the glass. "Vanessa!" A familiar voice calls. Vanessa looks over to see Jane Beige walking up to her. She grins widely. "Hi!" She gives her a hug, drinking from her glass once they're interlocked in a hug. "It's so good to see you!" Jane says, beginning to pull back. Vanessa grins, releasing her and placing her glass down. "Good to see you too. Being in prison in all is such a dreary experience." Vanessa rolls her eyes as she bites into another strawberry. "It was a mental institute." Jane corrects. Vanessa looks over at her, "Oh I know." Vanessa dips another strawberry. "So I see this reporter thing is working out. Congratulations!" Jane laughs. "Thank you." Vanessa catches Jane staring at her. She nervously turns away as she plays with the liquid chocolate.

Vanessa looks up in surprise as the Singer's voice rises in volume. "Hey Janie, I have a story for you." Vanessa says before guzzling the rest of her wine. "Really?" Jane smirks, "What is it?" "Woman refuses to be a puppet to society." She replies as she steps onto the table then off of it and crosses the room to disrupt the show.


So just so that you were aware, Nessie here has four personalities: Childlike, Superiority, Sophistication(host personality), and depressed. While writing this, I decided they'd all just come randomly instead of being triggered by something. FULL ON PSYCHOPATH HELL YEAH! Lol. I hope you like it. I included these three characters because I'd already had a conversation with Jim and Jane about their relationships, but if I don't make it angelofmusic was already lost since someone else is auditioning Miss Black. So whatever happens I guess the dear will figure it out lol :D So yeah there's that!