"Where are we?" A short brunette asked, "Looks like a cabin" Her red-headed sister replied, The older girl's sharp eyes scanned the small house for any traces of demons but the cabin looked like it had been empty for years, "Yumi set up camp"

The brunette Yumi, jumped upon her sister's command and nodded walking to the house she placed her hand on the door but hesitate to push it open. She looked back at her sister who was busy looking around the perimeter.

Yumi pushed the door open and was met with the musty smell of old and wet wood, an eerie feeling passed over Yumi as she walked inside she felt like there was someone else inside.

She shifted the bag on her back and slowly made her way through the small cabin, "…It's so musty in here" she muttered as she crouched in front of the cooking pit in the middle of the room.

She ran her hand over the ashes and felt heat withdrawing her hand she stood up and looked around her she looked at the sliding door at the far end of the cabin; she gulped and walked slowly toward the door.

She slowly cupped her hand inside the handle of the door and flung it open and was met with an empty room letting out a sigh of relief and walked inside the room, "What a strange little house…" she muttered.

"Yumi?" Her sister called out, "I'm in here Kiko!" Yumi called back walking out of the room, "Did you find anything?" Yumi asked shutting the door behind her, Kiko shook her head.

"No…we're good for now" She told her "I'll go out and some firewood and hopefully something to eat…" she said as she adjust the sword on her side, "I'll be back" Kiko said as she started walking back out the door.

"W-wait!" Yumi called out "How long will you be?" she asked "I-I don't want to be here alone for too long…" she muttered as she clasped her hands together, Kiko smiled and winked.

"I'll be back as soon as I can don't worry" she said as she walked out the door, Yumi sighed and dropped her hands "Right…be careful…" she told her but she doubted her sister heard her.

The two sister's had been traveling for six years now, There village was completely destroyed and burnt to the ground the only surviving relative is there grandmother Kasumi who lived in a different village.

Kiko in those six years had became a master swordsmen remembering what her father had taught her, Yumi was closer to her mother and never took any interest in swords or weapons like her sister she much rather preferred cooking and sewing or picking rice or food out in the fields.

Their mother always said that were the perfect foil to each other like a rose and a lily, Kiko would always be the strong and sturdy rose while Yumi would always be the soft and breakable Lily.

Yumi couldn't take the smell anymore and decided to sit on the front steps, "It's so windy today.." she muttered "I hope Kiko had an easy time finding firewood" looking around her she stood up, "Maybe I could find something around here"

Heading back behind the cabin she found a few sticks and twigs nothing big, as she was gathering them she heard a shifting in the bushes to afraid to look up she gathered what she had in her arms and ran back to the cabin.

"I hope she didn't get lost" she muttered as she sat the wood next to the door, "Maybe leaving the door open would get rid of the smell" she muttered using a piece of wood to keep the door open.

"Ow" Kiko growled out as she rubbed her arm where a stray branch had cut her, The nineteen- year old sighed and kicked the tree "Damn it" she hadn't found any thing that her and Yumi could eat.

"I can't keep letting us go hungry.." she muttered to herself as she trudged on, "Come on.." she muttered as she came across a small lake where she spotted a small rabbit drinking from it.

"Finally.." she said happily as she reached for her sword "Hold still little guy.." she said as she rushed forward toward the animal as she quickly raised and pointed straight at the animals head.

"Sorry little fella" she said as she used her boot to push the animal off her sword "But it's eat or be eaten" she muttered as she picked it but it's ears and walked back to the house, "It's getting dark I'll have to look for wood near the house" she said as she started to pick up speed.

"I hope Yumi's okay" she thought "This is the first time I left her without a weapon..not like she could use it.." she thought again as she took a sharp and unfamiliar turn down a path, "Shit.." she muttered as came across a small campsite which looked uninhabited for the most part.

Taking a quick look around she noticed a few weapons leaning against a nearby tree, she slowly started to back away and then as a figure's shadow started to move along the ground she turned and started to run.

"I couldn't find anything to tell me If their human or demon dammit!" she nearly slipped but caught herself and used a tree to sturdy herself as she looked behind her to make sure she wasn't leading danger to herself.

"I need to clam down.." she took a deep breath "Now I need to find the right path" she took a moment to look around, "I think it's this way.." she muttered as she followed a dark path just the opposite of the way she just ran from.

Yumi had managed to start a small fire the wood she had found sitting in front of it and poking it every so often she looked up and out the door, "Oh Kiko.." she muttered as she pushed her hair out of her face and stood up and walked over to the door.

"Where are you?" she asked placing a hand on the door and looking out "It's getting late.." she looked over to her small fire and remembered what her mother, Eri used to do when her father, Daisuke was out late on his guard duties.

Picking up one of the sticks in the fire making sure the bottom point was red and glowing and gently and slowly walked outside with it she gently placed it in the ground as she took a step back and looked at it.

"Perfect.." she muttered as the red point of the stick glowed brightly in the dark outside, she hurriedly rushed back inside and closed the door, "Please be okay.." she muttered as she pulled out a blanket from her beg and wrapped it around herself.

"I don't know what I'll do if she gets hurt.." Yumi muttered as she poked at the fire slowly hearing a noise coming from the room biting her lip she pulled the blanked over her head, "Nothing is in there.." she though to herself as she peeked out of the blanket.

Standing up and letting the blanket fall to the ground she again picked up a stick from the fire and walked over to the door this time she didn't hesitate to open the door and instead just threw it open, standing open with the stick in hand ready to hit and hopefully burn whoever was in there.

The small window had a breeze going through it giving the room a small chill, "The shade fell.." she muttered as she walked over to it picking it up and walking back out into the main room, "I feel so stupid.." she said as she closed the door to the tiny bedroom.

Walking back over by the fire she said the shade down next to it and then picked up her blanket, "I could fix this and hang it back up…" she yawned "I'm to tired now but I will…" she instead used it as a pillow as she laid down , "I'll only take a small nap.." she muttered as she went to sleep.

"Damn it.." Kiko muttered as she pushed another tree branch out of the way "I'm lost…I'm carrying a dead rabbit…I'm tired" she continued her rant as she soon saw a small red glowing in the distance, "Yumi!" she exclaimed happily she picked up speed.

"Thank god!" she muttered as she came closer and their cabin came into view, stepping the stick making it go out she quickly rushed inside but stopped short when she saw the small fire and Yumi sleeping.

Smiling she chucked a bit "Seems like she's used to going hungry" she muttered sadly as she reached in Yumi's bag and dug around till she found a small piece of rope and then tied the dead animal by the ears and walked back outside hanging it on the pouch.

Unaware to either girl their was a dark figure hiding in the shadows chucking to it's self, "Two young pretty human girls" it muttered as it slowly stalked back to his camp site, "I might catch myself a fine wife.." he said to himself as he smirked, "Perhaps the pretty fiery haired one"

As he settled down for the night he laughed "Yes this will be grand"

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