For Bullying Awareness


I recently received a small vial of doubt
from a girl that was a bully.
She handed it too me
with a few pills of hurt,
and in no uncertain terms,
told me to wash it down.

Thinking about it now,
her colors were a little too purple,
and a little too red.
I think maybe she had been told
to wash them down too.

I swallowed both without thinking,
and then read the bottles.



(I think I shouldn't have taken them.)

To late now,
I'm already doubting myself;

The hurt just makes it worse.

The girl marched away,
and her colors turned a bit green.
She made herself feel better
doing this to me.

I already checked with the pharmacy,
there's no antidote for the doubt.
They said the hurt would go away,
but I wouldn't be quite the same.

And sadly,
I think some side effects are showing.

Was the world always this gray?
Was I always this imperfect?
Was that knife always so tempting?

the side effects are showing.

Why did I let her
tell me what to do?

Why did I let someone
give me doubt and hurt,
and take it all?

I didn't think it through.

I don't want to be a bully too.

I don't want to make anyone
feel like this,
even if it would make me feel better.

Why would she do this to me?
I guess it doesn't matter,
but maybe I can help.

I don't want anyone to go through this,
no one deserves it.
So I guess I'll help stop bullying too.