Always there, when I trip

Always there, when I slip.

Hopefully never going away

I pray forever that you'll stay

To my dearest, my darling, blood

That small cut shouldn't have caused a flood

I know you just want to see me, to say hello

But I rather that you cancel your show.

So red, so wet, so very pretty

What keeps me alive, do I dedicate this ditty.

Always inside me, where it's at home

I really wish that it'll never roam.

Now, blood, what are you doing?

That nick's there because my leg-hair needed shooing.

Now, please stop bleeding, for just a second

I'll need a bandage, I reckon.

Blood, please be with me always

And never be splattered across all the hallways.

If you do, I fear I will be dead

Leaving so many things unsaid!

Hey, blood, may I ask why I piss you every four weeks?

And why do you appear when I pop pimples on my cheeks?

Do you like the outside world much?

And why you have such a soft touch?

Blood, I owe my life to thee

Yet still you torture me when I scrape my knee.

Why do you cause pain when you drip out?

I have I done something wrong, or given you doubt?

Oh, blood, I hope that one day, you'll understand

That I need you, baby, more than music needs a band.

Never will I go anywhere with you

And I mean it – it's true!

Full of cells, red and white

Taking on diseases as a fight.

Transferring nutrients and things my body needs

All the while, it bleeds and bleeds!

The drink of vampires, the thing that gives life

Can come pouring out with the slight of a knife.

So, my dear blood, I want you to know

That I love you, from my head to my tiniest toe!

A/N: I'm not insane. We should all appreciate our blood every once in a while.