It all started when I was fourteen.

My school held a competition, where the students had to read a number of books and then have a test on them. One of these books was the first of a new series, which I instantly loved and hunted down the next one. The story was like nothing I had read before and it kept me intrigued the whole way through.

Eventually, I found myself waiting for what would be the final book. Impatient and with my mind full of possible endings, I wrote my version of this 'last book' and uploaded it to the internet.

Someone commented on my fanfiction and told me that there was a TV series coming out for it as well. Excited, I logged on to Facebook and found the page. Little did I know what would become of my life…

Addicted to everything about the book series and the upcoming show, there wasn't a fact about it that I didn't know. I would reply to people's comments with the answers to their questions every time I saw them. But I also replied to the one that would change my life.

A boy – whom I didn't know – had posted a review of the trailer. In his post were a series of questions about the trailer, so I went through and answered every one of them.

But his questions had been rhetorical and he knew the answers anyway. He, like me, knew everything about the series.

With all of our knowledge, both of us were chosen by the 'Crew' to promote the premiere of the TV series. With this luck, we ended up working together from opposite sides of the country, but grew closer as friends.

It turned out that we were both writers, so we – and two others that were working with – created a private group for sharing ideas.

The two of us, however, went further with our knowledge of the series and made an informational website about it – quickly becoming the most popular fan site. This lasted for a while, before we eventually grew distant again and the website faded to nothing.

I almost thought it was over and I'd never speak to him again. But I was wrong.

Months later, he texted me. I replied, asking how he was doing. That was just the beginning.

Hardship had struck him and he had no one to turn to. Instinctively, I tried helping him through. It took quite some time, but I succeeded. We stayed in touch from then, talking and catching up on each other's lives. After a while, we even started dating.

His friends got to know me over time, until two of them found themselves in a difficult situation. They loved each other, but had no idea what to do.

They both came to me about it, not realising that the other was saying the same things. With a bit of work, I convinced them both to tell the other. They were quite surprised when they realised what had happened.

Knowing that I would talk to anyone about anything, another of their friends came to me with a problem. He was questioning his sexuality. Again, I guided my boyfriend's friend to a state where he was comfortable with himself, eventually getting him to come out of the closet to a few of his friends.

I thought it was funny that everyone was coming to me, but a friend of mine from school soon decided that she would, too. Someone she cared about had passed away and she needed a shoulder. I invited her over and spent the day with her, distracting her from what had happened and making her laugh.

The more people I helped, the more I thought about my future. My mind was set on becoming a Forensic Scientist. But I couldn't help but joke about becoming a Psychiatrist with my friends.

One day, however, I received a message from someone I had never heard of. He had picked a random person and sent a message, asking for help. Wondering why it had been me, I went straight to work with trying to help him through his struggles.

We began talking more and more, meanwhile my mind was working more and more.

Maybe Psych wasn't such a bad choice of career…