A/N: Had to write a 10-minute script for my theater class. It could be about anything and take place during any time. The only catch was that there had to be some sort of revelation. Hope you guys like it!

Summary: George is a CEO of a large company. He has a conflict - he is in love with two women - Ariana and Raven. He asks Ariana to marry him, only to have her break up with him when she finds out about Raven. She ends up with George's best friend Kevin.

Genre: Romance/Comedy

Rating: K

George – CEO of a large company. Is 5'6, skinny, has brown hair & eyes. In his mid-30s.

Ariana – George's girlfriend. Is 5'7, has an hourglass figure, blond hair & green eyes. In her early 30s.

Raven – George's secretary. Is 5'5, has an hourglass figure, dark brown hair & brown eyes. Is 28.

Kevin – George's best friend. Is 6'4, a little overweight, has thin brown hair & brown eyes. In his mid-30s.

Setting – An office party. 2013.

George and Ariana have been dating for three years and they work in the same office. George has been planning to ask Ariana to marry him, but he is also in love with Raven, his young secretary. Ariana doesn't know anything about Raven.

Ariana and Raven are wearing dresses. Ariana's is periwinkle blue and has thick sleeves. It also comes mid-calf and has a flowing skirt. She has nice black leather closed-toed shoes on her feet. Around her neck is a string of pearls.

Raven's dress is black and low-cut. It has spaghetti straps and also has a flowing skirt. She is also wearing closed-toed shoes, but is in black four-inch heels.

Kevin and George are dressed in suits. Kevin is wearing a green necktie. George is wearing a red necktie. Both of them are wearing nice loafers.

Upstage center, there is a table with food and drinks on it. George and Ariana are to the audience as they get their food. On a small table next to the food, a laptop is playing soft instrumental music.

Downstage left, standing in a corner are Kevin and Raven. Kevin is George's best friend and has always had a thing for Ariana. Raven is George's twenty-something secretary, who he always had a thing for.

GEORGE: (smiles at Ariana) Nice party, huh?

ARIANA: (shrugs) I guess. I don't know half the people here.

GEORGE: I do. There's Ray and Sophia. (he points and waves to them)

RAVEN: (to Kevin) I'll be right back, sugar. (gets some food and sneers as Ariana bumps into her)

ARIANA: I'm gonna get a drink (almost bumps into Raven). Sorry.

GEORGE: Ariana, wait! There's something I want to ask you. (she turns around and sees George on one knee)

ARIANA: George, what the heck are you doing?

GEORGE: Ariana, you have been in my life for three wonderful years. There is nothing I wouldn't do for you. You make my life complete. I guess what I'm trying to say is, Ariana, will you marry me? (presents her with a ring box)

ARIANA: (is speechless for a moment) George – I really don't know what to say! (gets teary-eyed). Yes! I'll marry you!

KEVIN: (strides over and claps a hand on George's shoulder) Dude! Good going! You haven't told her about Raven yet, have you?

GEORGE: (makes motion with his hand in front of his neck and clears his throat. Raven is standing right behind him, eyes narrowed)

ARIANA: (narrows eyebrows) Who's Raven?

GEORGE: (giggles nervously) No one, dearest. (smiles sweetly and puts an arm around her shoulders) Come on, there's some people I want you to meet.

ARIANA: I'm not going ANYWHERE with you, you slime ball! Tell. Me. Who. Raven. Is! (gets angry)

KEVIN: (slowly backs away) I'll um, go over here.

RAVEN: (walks over and puts a hand on George's shoulder) (in a Southern drawl) Were y'all talkin' about little ol' me?

ARIANA: (raises eyebrows) This is Raven?

RAVEN: What were you expectin' girl, an actual raven? (giggles and walks behind George) (pulls him aside) You didn't tell her about us, sugar?

KEVIN: (to Ariana) Let me get you a drink (Ariana punches his arm) Ow! Or not!

ARIANA: (is close to tears) George, why didn't you tell me?

GEORGE: I – um – thought I – um – did.

ARIANA: (sobs and throws her wine in George's face and throws the ring at his feet before running out of the room. Kevin runs after her)

KEVIN: Ariana! Wait!

ARIANA: I can't believe that two headed snake! (paces and wipes the tears out of her eyes)

KEVIN: (hugs her) Forget him. I'll take care of you.

ARIANA: What do you mean?

KEVIN: (gets down on one knee. Ariana rolls her eyes) Would you consider me your other Knight in Shining Armor?

ARIANA: (helps him to his feet) Can we start off as friends? I already got my heart broken by that slime ball. I need time for it to mend before I can say 'yes' (gently touches his cheek). I'm sorry.

The song Can't Fight This Feeling comes on the overhead speakers. Kevin grabs her hand and dances with her.

Fade to Black.