Okay my teacher has made it so that we are required to write 3 minor pieces for class. We're supposed to put them online for people to read and stuff. Basically this minor is about a pencil, and how it has connected to me over the years I've been alive. So read it, poop on it. I don't care.

The important thing about a pencil is that it writes. Well also my hand, brain, and other body nerves, and muscles, but the pencil is the main point. It has written all my essays, stories, and drawn my less than fantastic drawings. All those years of stick figures, monkeys, presidents, and monsters made by the piece of beauty we call the pencil.

A pencil is also what is writing his poem thing. And now I have realized this will be put on a website. So basically it's going to be typed… Too late to change subjects! The important thing about pencils are that they write rough drafts? No.

A pencil can be used as a shank, and trust me it hurts a lot. I talk from experience. From when I left my pencil lying straight up on the ground, and unfortunately fell on. Pencils can hurt physically, as in going through flesh, but the devious little weapons can hurt in other ways too. Writing causes hand cramps, which I hate so much, and it makes my brain hurt too. Too many word are not good for my health. And so the pencil strikes me down both ways.

A pencil also means standardized tests. Which most people know is bad stuff. Multiple choice, True or False, and all those nasty things. More brain trauma is the more exact word. Especially when you use a pen. And I know what you're thinking. Pens are fine aren't they? Wrong! Countless times I have made mistakes leading to the destruction of my perfect final draft. The pencil has gotten me my good grades (and some bad), so I thank you 'O' wise pencil.

But the pencil has created good. Without it I wouldn't have the amazing books I read today, like Harry Potter. Movie scripts, like The Wizard of Oz. We would be using the dreaded pens, and buying excessive amounts of white out. Sometimes the pencil relieves the stress, by using it as those listed somewhere above.

In all the beautiful pencil brings drawings, and ideas to life. It causes pain, releases it as well. But the important thing about the pencil is that it writes.

I sincerely hope you did not poop on your computer monitor. Thank you for reading.