Would You Care?

Would you care if I didn't come to school that day?

Would you question my absence?


you had thought I had just skipped the day away.

Had you noticed my soul grow darker every passing day?


I had told you I was just tired.

When your hand touched mine,

did you notice my skin tremble at your touch?


you had thought I was just cold from the passing wind.

Did you notice the emptiness in my voice?


you had thought the crowd around us was too loud to notice.

Will you miss the feel of my lips upon yours?

I will never know.

Will you miss my voice?

Probably not,

I was a terrible singer.

Will you miss me at all?

I can only imagine.

I question you,

before I,

take my life.

As I swallow the last of sixteen pills,

I wonder,

Did you even care about me?