I've been traveling with my friend the Angel and a Devil

To learn the truth that lies beyond the balance of dark and light.

As we walked the path of gods ;

«O my lord, how I love him, my brother the Devil rebeled but not me !»

The sly Angel said,

«O my lord, how I hate him, now that my brother the Angel betaryed me»

The crying Devil replied.

We were walking this never-ending path, longer than the nights

Spent gazing at the stars to hear the whispers of life,

When I saw God lying on the ground, safe and sound.

«O my lord, how i hate him, soon enought i'll be king»

The smiling Angel soughed

«O my lord, how I love him, eventhought he'll never forgive me»

The crying Devil roared.

When i drew near the sleepy divinity to wake him

I saw red as I bent toward his disorded face,

O so Beautiful primal red,

Warm seas of life spreading on his chest !