I couldn't be apart from you

You would be sad

So we took flight

We ended up on the streets

But that doesn't matter

Because we are together

I loved being with you

Being beside you

I was truly happy

Seeing you happy

I am in pain

When you are in pain

You were judged

By what we did

You couldn't take it

You couldn't hide it

Plastering a fake smile

I know how you truly feel

I need to let you go

I knew that the pain and the hurt

Have overcome that love

You once felt for me

So I had to let you go

And make you happy

You knew, didn't you?

There was no love anymore

Only pain and sorrow

That's why you left me

Knowing how much I love you

That your pain is my pain

The smile you showed

Before you finally left me

Gave me courage

To face this reality

And try to move on

And live my life.