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Chapter 2


It was close to midnight, the full moon was shining bright over my head casting a mystical glow over the industrial streets of Town. I sighed wanting to get home soon. I turned a corner and almost fell flat on my face, when a flash of pink light almost blinded me. Stumbling I crushed my elbow against the wall. Swearing I cupped my arm against my chest. Blinking rapidly through the pain in my arm and the patches of grey that had formed in front of my vision, I leant against the wall breathing slowly as I did so I noticed a faint floral smell of a flower I could not place but it stirred something deep within my memories. Once my vision had slowly cleared, I wondered if my drink had been spiked, I had had nowhere near enough to drink to be thinking I'm seeing things. Either that or there was a new ghost in town.

Great! This is just what I needed, just when my life had started to look up. A brand new fucking powerful ghost pulls into town. Studying the alley way I searched for any remnants of the ghost, they usually left a grey like web around the area they had been. But there was nothing there except that floral smell and a man sleeping naked in his car. Trying my hardest not to laugh at the way his ass was raised to the air. I sighed making my way out of the alley way, my mother was right no normal person sees what I see or at least thinks they see what I do. I quickly crushed the memories of my mother they were to tender and painful to remember now. A noise made me jump, the loud annoying buzz of my cellphone echoing in the alley.

"Yes?" I said lifting the phone to my ear.

"Hey, when are you getting home?" My roommate and best friend chimed in my ear.

"On my way now," I answered, Leah had this uncanny knack of always knowing when I was feeling spooked.

"Okay you hurry, Mister. I tried this new curry and I need your input on it," she said before hanging up. Picking up my pace a quickly passed the distance home.

I pressed the doorbell letting Leah know I was home before unlocking the door. I had learnt the hard way to remember to do that. Shaking my head at the memory of little Leah charging toward me with her broom in hand, to bash me right between the legs repeatedly with it. I unconsciously rubbed my balls thinking about it. Pushing open the door, the smell of cooking curry hit my sense, my stomach growled as I made my way to the kitchen. For once I was grateful for Leah's night owl like tendencies.

"Where have you been?" she asked her back to me from the stove.

"Out, the guys went on for a drink so I tagged along." I said leaning against the kitchens doorway. She turned around before sniffing the air. Frowning she stepped closer to me and smelt my neck and shoulders.

"Liar! You've been with a woman!" She yelled a smile spreading across her face.

"No I haven't been on a," She interrupted me before I could finish.

"Yes you have, I can smell her on you. Tell me what her name is, what does she look like, did it go well. You see I told you, you should start dating again. To take your mind off things I didn't think you would listen but I'm so happy that you did!" She babbled grabbing my hand and pushing me into my chair.

"Lee, what do I smell of?" I asked.

"Hmmmm like flowers, but flowers that I can't place," She said smelling me again.

"I wasn't with a girl," pausing I murmured my next line softly. "I think there is a new very powerful ghost in town,"

All excitement left her eyes as she sighed heavily, collapsing next to me in the chair.

"How do you know?" she asked

"I saw some weird activity down in an alley way, flashing lights and that floral smell, that you can smell on me but there wasn't any of that goo stuff that they leave behind." I replied slowly.

"Ooh, I see, so you didn't actually see a ghost, just weird lights, maybe it was a club having a show or fireworks?"

"No, no it was more then that I could feel something in the air and its power scared me." I sighed rubbing my face.

Leah was my oldest friend, she almost everything about me and still stuck around to be there for me through the thick and thin. She was a lifelong friend, one I was really thankful for she had stuck around and helped me through my very traumatic life. Her support had been the only thing that had stopped me from collapsing into a pile of self-pity and loathing. Loathing that my mother had set into motion, she had called me the Demon child, her only child that could see ghosts. Being hectically religious woman she had seen me as the Devil incarnate, instead of being a lost boy begging for his mother attention that I was.

As children I had accidently shown Leah my secret unwillingly giving myself away. After that I had been forced to tell her everything and she had sill stuck around calling my curse, a gift.

Touching my shoulder she murmured.

"I'm going to take a bath, and then you're going to bath and relax, okay?" I cringed I hated bathing but I was slowly getting used to it.

"Thanks Lee," I mumbled still lost in my thoughts.

She walked off and a few minutes later I heard the water start then stop a while after that.

I stood only half remembering what Leah had said to me, making my way to the bathroom, I pushed open the door and I paused, horrified. Not because I saw Leah naked in the bath. I had seen her naked many times before. But her head was under the water, her entire body sub merged under the soapiness. And that brought back so many painful memories, before I could stop myself I was thrown into a memory still so painful that it felt like a knife to the chest every time I thought about it.

I was young a little boy, alone I my room, well not completely alone. My only friend as that time was with me. Andrew the ghost, who had died in the Second World War, he had been stuck in the house for years, something held him to this plain, some business.

He was telling me about the 1920s his favorite era. Absent mindedly I rocked my toy car back and forth, listening to his story and asking the occasional question. Too court up in his tale. I didn't hear my mother open the front door and march towards my bedroom door; she must have heard me talking to Andrew.

Flinging open the door she pulled her crucifix up from around her neck and thrust it towards me.

"Demons, you converse with Demons!" She screeches her eyes bugging out of her head and a vein ticking in her neck. Terrified I scrambled away from my mother. I'd never seen her react this strongly before.

"They will blacken your soul and dam you to hell," She grabbed the hair at the back of my neck, "Demon spawn, my child from hell. What did our Lord father wish to teach me with cursing me with Devil's child!"

Tears filled my eyes, I struggled to breathe my sobs racking my chest. I tried to loosen her rip but I was unable to break free.

"Mommy no stop!" I rasped through my tears. "Aww you're hurting me!"

"You have sinned, I must purify your soul before you Dam yourself and me to hell, Where we will burn for eternity." She pushed open our bathroom door. Locking It and dragging my small body towards the bath tub she switched on the tap. I screeched and fought against her hold, confused normally she beat me after she caught me with a ghost but this was different and I didn't understand, why she was so mad.

Steam filled up the room as she pulled my head over the bath ignoring my pleas for help. I struggled desperately but my small body was no match against her strength. I could feel the steam from the boiling hot water in the bath, hitting my face.

She pulled me up by my arm and flung me into the bath.

I thrashed my hands gripping the side of the bath as the piping hot water but into my skin instantly scolding and blistering everywhere that it touched my soft baby skin.

"Please Lord, forgive me," My mother prayed before she picked up a knife and sliced my forearms down to my wrists. I could do nothing but watch my strength merrily an annoyance to her as my blood seeped into the bath turning water red. I rapidly felt more and more dizzy my head heavy I could no longer hold it up any more. I sagged against the side of the tub. I felt hands curl around my shoulder and shove my head under the water. I spluttered my body feeling too heavy to move. Shrieking I was completely petrified, I couldn't understand what was happening it all happened to fast.

I sucked in a breath of boiling water burning the inside of my mouth and wind pipe. My eyes rolled back in my head as unimaginable pain spread across every inch of my body.

"Die, die, die!" I distantly herd someone screeching. "Demon, release my child and leave this place!"

That was the first time my mother had killed me. The memory flashed in front of my eyes in a matter of seconds. Before I was rushing to Leah's side and pulling her out of the water and into my arms. Desperately I felt for her pulse but I felt nothing, tears formed in my eyes and fell silently down my face. I curled my fingers around her wrist, helplessly bowing my head. I felt a hand touch my cheek.

"Zaros, I'm okay. Your mother is dead you don't have to worry about her anymore." She soothed me, relived in more ways than I could comprehend I grabbed her and crushed her to my chest.

"I thought, she had…and you where…" I said softly, she cupped my check and I sighed. Blinking I raised my head and released that she was naked in my arms. I quickly released her and stood up unable to meet her gaze.

"You finish your bath," I said

"Okay, Do you still want to go after me?" She asked.

"No thanks, Lee I think I'll shower, I can't bath tonight."

"I understand," She said standing, I turned and left my body shaking.

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