Blood Moon:

Galatea held in her scream. Her lips were clamped shut and her face was turning white in fright.

The Blood Moon shone red. Her room was bathed in red moonlight and illuminate her entire figure. Her arms began to shake.

Fire came from her pores. Her arms and hands were smoking. A campfire seemed to be on her skin. The fire didn't hurt, it felt like an extension of her body. She knew that if she concentrated hard enough, she could control the fire or will it to extinguish itself.

But she couldn't. Her blue eyes stared at the red moon unseeingly. She seemed to be frozen.

A woman in all-black clothes burst through her bedroom door, holding a needle in her hand. The woman stabbed the needle into Galatea's arm, and the fire disappeared in a curl of gray smoke.

Before Galatea lost consciousness, she looked up into her mother's familiar face.

Her mom whispered, "I'm so sorry for what's about to come. I love you."

James always knew karma was a bitch.

As he stared at the Blood Moon illuminating his small, tidy room, James held his hand before his face. Except that he couldn't see it. He, in fact, couldn't see any part of his body.

Was this revenge for all the times he was the center of attention at school? Turning invisible so no one would be able to see him?

His white bedroom door broke off of the hinges and a man James recognized as his step-father purposefully stepped through the door. His mother was behind her husband wearing a pair of goggles that kept beeping and seemed to be able to detect him.

His mother walked over to where he was standing invisibly. She held out a needle and shot some type of liquid into his arm. His body rematerialized automatically and he felt tired. He dropped to his knees as his eyes began to flutter shut.

His step-father whispered, "Good luck Jamie."

James heard his mother begin to sob as he fell into unconsciousness.

Finley shrieked in delight. Her blonde hair seemed to float as her body raised off the ground. Red light lit up her bedroom, setting aglow all the shiny things in her bedroom.

Finley lurched a bit to the left and her entire body began floating like a leaf in the breeze and carried her body a few feet away to the left.

What was happening to her? Was her lifelong fantasy of learning how to fly coming true?

She began to giggle as she began spinning in a circle, causing a mini-tornado to appear in her bedroom.

Heavy footsteps appeared outside her door. Her door was thrown open and hit the wall, leaving a dent. Her dad regarded her floating in the air as if it was an everyday occurrence. He smiled at her and held up a needle.

"Once you wake up tomorrow, everything will be different. Please be careful, Finn. Love you, baby girl." His deep voice seemed to waver as he began to cry. He shoved the needle into Finley's arm and she dropped to the ground like a pile of bricks.

She grabbed her crying father's hand as she fell asleep.

Gavin's eyes sparkled mischievously.

He teleported from one side of his bed to the other and then to the other side of his room next to his desk. He knew that he could teleport to the other side of the world if he wanted to. Right before he was imagining going to New Zealand, his bedroom door opened.

The red moonlight lit up Gavin's step-mother's deep red hair. She was approaching him cautiously, as if he was a horse she didn't want to spook.

"Just hold still Gavin, it'll be over in a minute. Everything's going to be okay."

Before he could teleport away, she shoved a needle into his arm and he began getting sleepy.

As his eyes shut, he felt his step-mother grab his hand and begin to cry.

Liesel groaned as her head began to pound. As her eyes closed in pain, pictures seemed to flash through her mind. She could see a horrible fire consuming someone that seemed very familiar and she could see the SWAT team breaking into her high school.

Images flew by without stopping and she couldn't see what was happening in them. One of the images froze. Liesel saw that it was an October calendar. An October 2039 calendar with October 27th circled with a deep red pen.

Her eyes flew open in fright when she heard wood splintering. The Blood Moon seemed to begin glowing. She looked over her shoulder just in time to see her older brother stab her with a needle.

Her mind automatically cleared, and she was free from the visions. Her arm stung from the needle and she became dizzy. As Liesel collapsed onto her bed, she heard her brother begin to speak into a phone.

Her eyesight became fuzzy and she fell into a deep sleep.

Emerson stared at his room in shock. It should have been black as night since he had shut the blinds to shut out the red light from the Blood Moon, but he could see perfectly.

He could see around his room as if it was noon. He looked over and saw his unmade bed, his messy bookshelf, and the piles of clothes stacked everywhere. He could see everything.

He was so confused. Yes, he had 20/20 vision, but that didn't mean that he should be able to see in the dark...

His thought process was broken off when his older sister began banging on his bedroom door. He opened it quickly, wondering if there was an emergency. A needle was stabbed into his arm and he gasped in pain. His nighttime vision disappeared and he was left in total darkness as he fell into his sister's open arms.

His mind became foggy and he fell asleep quickly with his head in the crook of his sister's neck.

Maria cussed in Spanish when she gave herself a papercut on the homework she had finished earlier that night. Red moonlight leaked through her closed blinds.

When she looked down, about to suck on her stinging finger, she gasped when she saw her skin closing. No scar, no trace of blood. Nothing. It looked like nothing had happened.

When she looked down at the scar on her arm that she'd had since 3rd grade, she shrieked when her skin began healing. Her scar disappeared. It faded in seconds. She'd had that scar as long as she could remember and it had just disappeared, leaving nothing but unblemished skin.

She didn't even notice that her Abuela was standing over her until she felt a stinging in her arm from a needle. She began getting extremely dizzy and laid her head back on her pillow.

She felt her Abuela begin to pet her hair as she fell into a deep sleep.

Theo groaned when a headache began to form. His headache was making him dizzy and he stumbled right into his dresser. Before he could brace himself for the crash, he stopped falling. He was standing in the middle of his dresser. His body was in the middle of his wooden dresser. He was surrounded on all sides by wood.

How was this possible?!

He cautiously took a step away from his dresser, and he glided right through the wood as if it was water.

His arm began to shake with nerves. He began to hyperventilate.

What was happening to him?

Theo's uncle, who was staying with his family for the time being, walked through Theo' slightly ajar door. He brandished a needle like it was a sword and stabbed Theo in his bicep. Theo whimpered in pain.

He began getting woozy and stumbled around for a few seconds before he crashed to the ground. Theo's uncle pulled a blanket over Theo's tired body. He felt his uncle clap him on the back right before he fell asleep.

Tallulah let out a deep sigh. She was outside enjoying the sight of the Blood Moon when her dog decided to steal her cell phone to play tag.

She was still tired from her track practice earlier in the day. She stood up and stretched her sore body before taking chase to her speedy Siberian Husky.

She came to a grinding halt when, as if she ran at the speed of light, she was already ahead of her dog. He was all the way across her giant yard. How did she catch him so easily?

Her dog began barking since he was probably as confused as she was. He dropped her soggy cell phone into the grass at his feet as he tilted his head and looked at her confusedly.

Tallulah felt a hand cover her mouth, blocking off her scream. A needle was shoved into her arm, and Tallulah bit down on her kidnapper's hand. When the hand was pulled back, Tallulah turned to face the person who drugged her.

As she began to wobble from tiredness, she looked into her twin sister's face with confusion.

Her sister, Tamzin, just shrugged and laughed a hollow laugh. "Sorry sis, it was for your own good."

Tallulah collapsed onto the cold grass at her sister's feet and she felt her dog cuddle up to her as she fell unconscious.

Gideon was on his laptop, using Google to find facts about bats for his animal report due the next week. His room was bathed in a warm, red light from the space phenomenon happening in the sky right now.

As he clicked on a link about something called echolocation, Gideon realized that he misplaced his pencil that he was using to write down research notes. Without seeming to wonder why he was doing it, Gideon opened his mouth and let out a sound that seemed to vibrate around his room. He suddenly knew where his pencil was. It had dropped under his bed when he shifted his pillow.

After he retrieved the pencil and began reading about echolocation, Gideon shrieked in shock. Did he just use the bats' powers of echolocation to find his missing pencil?!

He began shaking like a leaf in fright. What just happened?

Gideon's door handle began to turn slowly. He let out a sigh of relief when it was just his aunt that stepped through the door. She took a few steps towards his bed and placed the back of her hand against his forehead.

"You feel warm. Are you feeling okay Gideon?"

"Yeah," Gideon said, trying to sound normal. "Just a little tired is all."

"Why don't you lay down and finish your project some other time."

He nodded as he shut off his laptop and moved it to his nightstand. He laid his head back and was quickly falling asleep. He felt something jab his arm, but he just thought that he must have forgotten to move his pencil. He tried to use his hand to find his pencil, but couldn't feel it. Without even thinking of it, he opened his mouth and tried to use his newfound ability, but no sound came out of his mouth.

His eyes closed and his mind went blank.

He was asleep.

A/N- Just an idea I had. This will be a multi-chapter about these 10 teens discovering their powers and handling the situations the world throws at them. Hope you enjoyed!

xoxo Raegan

Person: Power

Galatea: Control over fire
James: Invisibility
Finley: Air Manipulation "Flying"
Gavin: Teleportation
Liesel: Clairvoyance/Precognition
Emerson: Night vision
Maria: Healing
Theo: Intangibility
Tallulah: Super speed
Gideon: Echolocation