Blood Moon
Chapter Four:

James hissed in pain. He opened his tired eyes slowly, adjusting to the bright lights around him. These days, he hated waking up. According to the doctors here at the "underground supernatural base of operations," every time James fell asleep, he slowly shifted from visible to invisible every 30 minutes. Only when he woke up did he feel the pain of his body shifting from visibility to invisibility. They said it was like a late reaction, sort of like having slow reflexes. He could only feel his body's pain during his process of waking up. They were trying to help him control his powers and were trying to come up with a way to stop his pain, but nothing seemed to be working. During his most vulnerable time, sleep, James body did whatever it wanted to do.

As James stepped out of the warm hospital bed and walked barefoot across the freezing linoleum floor, his awareness sharpened and he felt more awake. He grabbed his letterman jacket from the hook right by his door and slid on his tennis shoes. James had walked this route so much since waking up and learning about his supernatural family and friends that it seemed to be imprinted on his mind and he could probably walk it with his eyes closed.

When James walked into the weight room, he shrugged off his jacket and threw it on the floor next to all of the workout equipment. He slapped on the paper-thin patches that stuck to his skin and were sensors that weren't connected by any wires. One was placed over his heart and the others were placed on random places around his body. The science-whizzes invented these so that they could tell you when you had reached your max in a workout and so that you didn't push yourself or get too tired. If James got too tired then he would begin to lose control of his powers and he could be visible one minute and invisible the next.

After about an hour of some difficult workouts, the little patches on his skin began to tingle, telling James that his time was up and he should stop working out. James stripped off the patches and slid them individually into little cases that were then slid into the computer. The sensors kept track of his athletic ability and all of his statistics.

He'd only joined the school Astronomy Club because he needed to fill one more time slot on his schedule and he didn't want to do Human Anatomy. He'd only come in contact with a couple of the kids out of the class of ten in his entire high school career. Even then, none of them were his friends and they mostly all ran in different social circles. The only one that he wanted to be close to wouldn't even give him the time of day. Now he's pretty much stuck for the rest of his life with all nine of them. He was only supposed to be stuck with them for a semester.

James, or Jamie as most of his friends called him, had it all. He was captain of the football team, voted most likely to win Homecoming King, had a B average, got all the girls he wanted (well, mostly), and had the whole school under his control. Now, what does he have? Seclusion from the outside world, "bonding exercises" with people he'd have refused to talk to just a few months ago, powers that made him wish he was an insomniac, and a supposed "soul mate" that he was supposed to have children with in the future.

Where did it all go wrong?

James brushed his dark hair off of his sweaty forehead. Invisibility took a lot of concentration and strength. He could only be in control of his powers for a few seconds before he began "going haywire" as the nameless tech-wizzes fondly called it.

Right before he turned invisible, his body slightly changed as if he was mutating. His normally tan skin turned pale and his dark green eyes flashed ice blue. The color seemed to leak out of hi. This was only discovered after the scientists took a video of James turning invisible and played it in slow motion. Even then, the cameras almost missed it.

The most messed up thing about this whole "separated from the outside world" thing is that now James had to spend time with the one girl he probably ever had real feelings for. Less than a year ago they were happily dating, but all it took was a drunken hook-up to lose her forever. Tallulah doesn't forgive easily.

Every time he sees her training with Gavin or doing homework with Gideon, he's torn between crying like a little girl or punching himself in the face. His workout space had even been stolen from him. Now Tally and Gavin use it to do their squat workouts, with her barely-there workout outfit and their sweaty bodies pressed together as she squatted and he spotted right behind her. Now he usually works out in the wee hours of the morning when he's still on an adrenaline rush from all the pain he felt when he woke up.

She was the first one to approach him, which he had not been expecting. His mom and step-dad had just kindly informed the entire underground base that they were expecting their first child together, even though they had both passed 40 a couple of months ago. His mom had told him right before her second marriage that James completed her and she didn't want anymore children. Looks like she changed her mind.

Tallulah walked towards him slowly, as though he was a stray dog that might have rabies. She looked worried, maybe worried about him?

"Hey James. Um, congrats on your new sibling."

"Half-sibling," James managed to push out of his clenched teeth.

Her lips pursed. "Right, of course. So I guess you aren't taking the news well?"

"She's over 40! The pregnancy will probably have tons of complications and she might die along with the baby!" James screamed, voicing the concerns he had been holding in since right after she announced that she was pregnant.

Tallulah's face softened and she pulled him in for a hug. They hadn't been this close since before he made that horrible mistake. He tightened his hold on her really quickly, just in case she decided to pull away. He began to run his fingers through her silky hair and she began running her hand slowly along his back.

"She's going to be all right, the baby too. We're in an underground facility with the best scientists in the world," Tallulah tried to comfort him.

"Yeah, but science doesn't fix everything. I can't lose her. I've already lost dad, I can't lose her too." He pulled her flush against him and rested his face on her shoulder.

They stood there for a long time, just holding each other. He pulled his head back slightly, staring straight into her bright eyes. He knew that he had to be the one to make the first move. He began to lean forward, centimeter by precious centimeter, until his lips ghosted over hers. Suddenly it was an embrace of passion, a tangle of limbs. They were so wrapped up in each other that they didn't know where one body began and the other ended. They conveyed all of their feelings into that ferocious kiss. His guilt, her anger, his jealousy, her sorrow. They melded together, and after nearly 10 months apart, they knew things were going to be all right.

They pulled back at the same time to catch their breath, both panting as if they had been running a race.

James cupped her cheek in his palm. "I screwed up. I never wanted to lose you. Give me another chance, I want to be with you. Please, just don't leave me okay?"

Her bottom lip trembled. "I was just so angry and... and hurt. Just a week before that, we were telling each other "I love you" and I didn't know what had changed since then."

He kissed her again, slowly and softly. "Nothing did, except that I made a drunken mistake and had to deal with the consequences. I still love you, and I've never loved anyone but you. These months have been hell, especially since we got stuck down here and I've had to watch you with Gavin." He spit the other boy's name out in anger.

Tallulah smirked a little bit. "You're cute when you're jealous." James pouted at his girlfriend (damn, he loved calling her that) and laced their fingers together.

"Baby, let me make it up to you. You won't be complaining afterwards, I promise." He smirked lecherously at her.

She threw her head back and laughed. "Is this your way of asking to have make-up sex?"

He squeezed her butt and kissed her roughly. James nipped at her bottom lip and shrugged his shoulders. "Maybe."

Tallulah smiled at looked up at him through her dark lashes. "Lead the way," she answered, swinging her arm forward.

James picked her up bridal-style and nearly jogged back to his room.

Later that night, as Jamie and Tally lay next to each other in the dark room, James spooning Tally, they whispered "I love you" softly to each other.

When James woke up the next morning, he felt no pain. He felt complete.

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