Chapter 3

As soon as Ryder was out of sight Kinsley was climbing up front.

"What are you doing?!"

"I'm taking you somewhere you can get all your questions and more answered, hopefully." He added.

"But Ryder-"

"He'll be fine. He'll be mad but he'll deal with it. Now, do you want to go or not?"

"Fine, but I'm not sitting back here."

He said nothing.

"Or maybe I will?" He just shrugged his shoulders. "Okay, what's your problem?"

"I don't know what you're talking about. I'm offering to take you-"

"Yeah, yeah, somewhere where all my questions will be answered. And I'm glad and all but you won't look at me and you've barely said anything to me since we left my house."

"I'm not in the talking mood, so what?"

"Just forget it and drive." She leaned as far back in the seat as she could.

They pulled in to the parking lot of the old movie theatre. Before she realized the car was off Kinsley was opening her door. As if she couldn't get out on her own Kinsley took her hand and helped her out. To her surprise he didn't let go once she was out.

"The movies? All my questions will be answered at an old, rundown movie theater? Are you high?"

Kinsley spun her in front of him, still holding her hand. His hold on her was firm but gentle.

"Ava, just trust me. Please?" She wanted to trust Kinsley, she did, but something was stopping her. Was it that he never talked about himself? Or could it be Jace? She didn't know but either way she did know that Kinsley would never hurt her. Right?

"Alright, lead the way." She sighed. What's wrong with me? He's trying to help me and all I can do is fight with him!

Kinsley released her hand and began walking again.

The doors to the theatre were locked; at least that's what Ava thought before she inched closer. Once closer to the doors she realized that they weren't locked, however, the chain for the lock was broken.

"I thought the doors were locked when this place went under?"

"Yeah, they were. We, um, unlocked it a while back." He cocked his brow and Ava thought she could make out the tiniest hint of a crooked smile.

"Uh huh."

Kinsley went through first to check things out. Ava didn't like being out in the open like she was but she wasn't about to go in there without knowing where Kinsley was.

She took in the scene around her. The road broke off a ways back so there weren't many cars around. There were however an abundance of trees around; Washington always has Weeping Willows all over. Beautiful Weeping Willows everywhere.

It's beautiful. Why've I never noticed them before? These trees, they're more beautiful than anything I've ever seen.

Except Kinsley.

Where'd that come from? We're just friends. I don't even know Kins that well. I've always known Jace. Jace.

"Hey, it's clear."

Ava nearly jumped outta her skin. Kinsley always was really quiet.

"Oh. So what now?"

"I take you in."

Before Ava could object, which she had no intention of doing, Kinsley took her hand and led her through the doors.

"Kins, it's dark."

"I can see. I won't let you hit anything, promise." His grip tightened on her hand slightly.

Ava didn't say anything she just nodded. She really did trust Kinsley.

"Okay, now what you're gonna see is kinda, well, disturbing if you're not used to it. No matter what though don't talk to anyone or leave my side, even if you see someone you recognize."

Ava nodded again. Kinsley turned and looked at her.

"Promise me, Ava. Promise you'll stay by my side unless I tell you otherwise. Promise."

"I promise." The words came out automatically.

They went back to walking.

Ava tried remembering what the theater looked like before the fire that put it out of business forever but she couldn't. Anytime she tried thinking about it all she could see in her mind was Kinsley.

What's wrong with me? This doesn't make any sense. He's right beside me but still I can't think of anything else.

"Stop." Kinsley whispered.

"What is it?"


Ava's breath caught in her throat. She knew Kinsley said about vampyres and that he and Ryder were half but she'd known them forever so it didn't click. Hearing the word now though well that made it real and that scared the hell out of her. It was her turn to tighten her grip. And she did, a lot.

"It's okay, Ava. It's okay, nothing'll happen. I promise." They slowly began walking again.

Kinsley led her through one of the theater doors. Instantly she felt a cool breeze coming from in front of them.

"But the doors are behind us." She said without realizing it.

"Shh. Just wait."

They walked into the theater a little farther, then Kinsley had Ava sit in one of the seats in the front.

"I'll be right back. Don't move."

She still couldn't see well but she could hear the fear and worry in Kinsley's voice and that scared her even more.