October 3,

Dear Journal,

I had a dream last night. All the green meadow and calm life, it all disappeared. I'm scared. I believe this wind is new. Clesia feels it too. (Oh, and she says hi.) We both are scared.

Chapter One~


Nothing in this life is very interesting.

I stare dully at nothing as I walk forward. Cars honk and screech in the street, chemically unbalanced gas sprutting from their behinds. Little children screaming and squealing at nothing in the air, demanding the world to do their bidding. Adults yelling and bellowing at the children, who run about wildly like wolves do. I blink. Humans.

Faint jingling coming from my pocket helps me bring the world more into focus. I blink again and nothing is a blurry picture. The air here is thick with toxin and the children, uncorrupted, wonder why their parents stare at me, a girl with long green hair. I grit my teeth and begin to walk faster, wanting to keep all the murderous thoughts to myself.

My shoulder bumps against something, I turn to see a girl with green eyes and sleek black hair. The air around her seems to grow and die at the same time. It struck me as odd. So odd, that I stop walking all together and gaze back at her. She stops just as well and turns to me. She blinks and stares at me a bit.

"Sorry." Her voice is tight and sad. She turns, not waiting for my response. Everyone here is the same. I turn and begin walking too. Stopping at a stoplight, I notice people whispering. They point at me, and move away. I'm grinding my teeth now, trying not to let they see my loathing eyes. My dream is to live in a world where humans don't exist, but sadly, it would be a nuisance to try to kill off this pathetic race. They already kill themselves!

I lightly shake my head at the thoughts, realizing that I was outside of the forest. My home is deep in the forest and humans are too scared to enter. Muttering little nothings I walk in, ignoring the heat I feel from the sun hanging high in the sky.

A few hours later, I stand at my front door. Muffled shouts press themselves against the door, waiting to be free. I don't hesitate to grant their requests and yank the door open. A thirteen year old girl, paces back and forth in my hallway yelling and mumbling and then screaming. The cycle repeats many times before I cut in.

"Bella." I stress her name. She stops and glares at me.

"Didn't you hear about the Purebloods?!" She's yelling again.

"All this yelling is going to give me a headache. Please talk."

She takes a deep breath, "Alright, fine." Her voice is shaking.

"Now, tell me what's now?"

"The Purebloods are trying to pick another fight with Sally. Now the law states that we cannot engage in a war, unless the blood of either Pureblood or Mixed blood is spilled. They attack us. Lightly, and now they are blaming Sally for insolent behavior." Her voice raised to a yell, "This is getting ridiculous!"

I couldn't help but to get drawn in. "Yeah. That sounds so stupid! Seriously, it's not like we're humans!" I hiss the last word.

"Right?! I mean I-" Bella cuts off with a sharp gasp. She clears her throat before continuing. "Hi girls." I turn to see Bella's little sister, Valerie, and Sally's little sister, Clesia, coming through my door.

"Oh. Hi girls." They nod, Valerie's bouncy brown hair bobbing in the air. "Off to study?" The nod again, looking tired. I feel a small pang of pity for them. Their big sister's pound them to study so much.

The pity disappears when they walks by us, "There's a new girl in the forest."

"Another human?" I spit.

"No. I don't know." Valerie turns and starts walking towards the front door agains. I follow, preparing myself for yet another wretched meeting with a human.


I brush my hair behind my ear, surveying the work I completed. A man with dark red eyes and light blonde hair walks besides me, long pointy slender ears just smiling though the strands of the beautiful golden color. "You could've just done that with magic, Isabella."

Wiping my dirtied hands on my jeans I laugh, though not because he was funny. "As true as that is, you're making your own or you sleep outside."

The man walks over to the lean-two. "So crude. Do you really wish to sleep in such as thing?" He kicks the support system, and the whole thing comes crashing down.


He laughs.

"I guess you have to start over."

Grumbling, I kneel down and start to fix the quick shelter. "Once we stay the night here, I would like to travel further into the forest. Understood?"

That look crosses his face-the one that proves that he knows yet another thing that I don't. That face is one of the reasons I hate him.

"If you say, my little grim reaper." He walks off as a pair of footsteps came up to the little clearing I decided to make my little shelter in.

I stand. "Hello?"

"Hello." The man smiles. The first thing I notice is his teeth, perfectly straight across, gleaming white in the dying light. His hair is slightly darker than Salu's, but stretches long past Salu's collar length hair, down to the middle of this back. Atop his head is a silver crown, embedded with bright red and yellow orbs. His shirt was a red velvet and his pants were a darker crimson.

I smile, eyes tight and guarded. "Can I help you?"

"It's only proper to state your name before you speak so causally to me. Wouldn't you agree?"

"Nice to make your acquaintance-" The lean-to behind me falls over, letting out a resounding crash. I sigh. "And also, is it not true that you just spoke to me without speaking your own name?"

"Is that so? Well, moving on, tell me, what is your purpose here?"
Annoyed with his cocky attitude, I laugh. "I'm off to overthrow the forces of your government thingy."

His eyes lit up, "Ah! So you're a Pureblood as well. Splendid! You certainly have the attitude of one." He smiles in delight, "Well, we have a room waiting for you. Come, come."

How did he come to that conclusion? Playing along, I tilt my head, green eyes wide.

"Ah, but I really would like to do a little exploration of this new home before I do anything else."

"Come now, you will have plenty of time for this later."
"No." His smile wavers some and he opens his mouth again. Before he can speak, another voice cut through the air.

"She says no." A little girl with light brown hair, going down to her shoulders steps out of the trees. My eyes focus on her, cautiously. The little girl was only six or seven, but even so.

The man snorts, "Well well, an unwanted pest. What do you think you're doing here Valerie?"
"I don't see how it's any of your concern. She said no. Leave her be." Giving up, I turn back to my lean-to. A fight between a six year old and a thirty-five year old-odd- but I've seen stranger. The bickering continues until the man finally gives up and walks away briskly.

After finishing the lean-to, I glance over. "Thanks, I guess." Her eyes flicker to me, then away, then back. She turns and to leave when someone else breaks into the clearing.

"Valerie!" She has long green hair, that looks a little messy, and blue green eyes. Her hands are on her knees as she struggles to breath. "How many times have I told you not to run off?"

Valerie looks at the ground, "Sorry." She mutters. The other girl straightens as her eyes land on me.

"Hello." I state, wondering what sort of reception I was going to get from her.

"Hello." She nods back. Satisfied, I turn back and start to cover the lean-to with leaves to keep out the wind.

"Need some help there? If you don't have a place to stay, you could stay there for the time being."

I look down at the leaves in my hand. "So you're willing to trust a stranger? I don't even know your name, you don't know mine."

"Alright, my name is Ceto Kia. What's yours?"

I glance back, keeping my glare cold. "Nice to meet you Miss Kia."

"Pleasure to meet you too, but call me Ceto please." Her hand is stuck out, her voice void of all emotions. Nodding my head, I finish up spreading leaves over the wood, put the axe next to the trees that I was using as support and crawl in.

"Well then, have a nice evening." I turn my back to them, eyes staring at the spider that crawled up the log.

I hear a quiet mutter, "Look Valerie, she built a cave!" I tighten my chest, keeping the smile buried down and away. "Bye neighbor. I'll see you later perhaps." I squish the spider.


"She's strange." I turn to Valerie. She's lost in thought.

"Val?" She looks up, "Is everything alright?" She nods and waves, heading off for her own home. I look after her until I can't. Then head home myself.

"I'm home. Ellie where are you?" I call and Ellie's head pokes out of the kitchen.

"Welcome home, I guess."

"Right." I sigh and place my shoes next to the front door. "What's for dinner?"

Ellie put a finger to her lips, "Dmitriy's still sick, don't be so loud." I nod and walk into the kitchen.

"Are you making porridge for my big bro?" She just gives me a pitiful look, then she laughs. She hands me a bowl, and I take it upstairs. Some creak under my weight. Others groan. Either way, the noise are enough to freak me out with or without the dark. Walking down the short hallway I pause at the second door on the right. Forcing down all feeling of nervousness I knock twice, wait, and get no response. Slightly annoyed I sigh and gently push open the door. I'm greeted with near pitch blackness. My eyes adjust fairly quickly and I see bed sheets strung up with wrinkles and the steady breathing or the person beneath them. I step soundlessly through the cluttered room and place my hand on the sheets. They're warm.

"Dmitriy. Hey, wake up." The bed shee groan with irritation. I shake them harder, "Wake up!" I whisper louder. The whining ceases and the figure comes out.

"What?" Dmitriy says with that, I can't believe I had to wake up because of you, tone. I just hold up the porridge.

"You have to eat." He nods and takes the bowl from me. I sit down next to his bed, realizing how tired I really am. My eyes drift closed on their own and the world becomes dark.