It was a long summer night. She looked sideways to see if anyone was following her. Embracing her arms tightly across the little package anyone nearby would think she was hugging herself although it was burning hot. Her little hands trembled a little as a passerby passed her. She nervously glanced back to see if the passerby was out of sight. A small pebble unbalanced her and the package dropped. She gave a sudden gasp and scurried to get hold of the package but it was already in the clutches of another person. She trembled as she looked up and gasped again.

The policeman helped the girl up and examined the package.

"Are you lost?" questioned the policeman.

"No, sir." replied the girl.

"Then what are you doing this late on such a street alone?" suspected the policeman.

"Nothing, sir I was just delivering a package to Mrs. Parkinson" replied the girl innocently.

"Are you sure it's Mrs. Parkinson?" the policeman asked as he raised his brows.

"Yes, sir. I am pretty sure it was Mrs. Parkinson." answered the girl.

"Hmm, Mrs. Parkinson. Strange… may I ask you who asked you to deliver this package and what lies inside it?" the policeman queried the girl.

The little girl shook her head and replied softly "I am sorry sir but I cannot tell you. I was asked to deliver this package without speaking and on time besides it is getting really late as well. I have to get home soon. It would be very helpful if you could direct me to her house, please?"

"As you wish, her house is just straight ahead. The house on the right with spider webs covering the steps and flower pots is the one you are looking for, but I promise you, you will be disappointed." The policeman informed the little girl who seemed curious after his sudden warning.

"Why is that so, sir? Why would it be a disappointment? The way you described her house was as if there wasn't a person living for a hundred years." The girl asked inquisitively.

"Yes and no. There isn't a person living there and it has been deserted since she locked herself in, Mrs. Parkinson I mean. As I've heard the story goes that Mrs. Parkinson was a really sweet lady. She lived alone though some strange people used to visit her house at night. She used to come to my house when I was a little boy. Her son at that time was studying in America. She also had a daughter though I have never heard anyone talk about her and if it the subject was brought up by someone in one of her get-togethers, others would instantly talk loudly and ignore the topic in any way they could so that Mrs. Parkinson wouldn't do anything stupid. I learned that she was a mysterious and odd person when I had lost my ball in her house one day. I was alone when I went inside her house. I found my ball but I also wanted to see her and maybe get some kind of treat too. There wasn't anyone in her kitchen so I decided to see her later but a strange noise coming from a door nearby stopped me. My curiosity made me peek inside the door. Green lights surrounded the room. She stood there talking alone. I asked her who she was talking to and she turned toward me; her hand was covered with red liquid. I wanted to walk out of the room but she grasped me tightly and yelled strangely and shakily that she was coming to get her, to take revenge on her. I got away from her and fled. She locked herself in her house after she heard her son committed suicide. It was the last we ever heard about her. There are still screams and laughter heard from her house even now but no one dares to step a foot inside that house. Well that's all. I hope I haven't scared you. Don't go inside that house just put the package outside and knock. Okay. I'll be leaving now and you better be home, little girl. It's dangerous for a girl to be walking in these streets on such late hours. Good bye and take care." The policeman thrust the package back in the girl's little arms and walked away flipping his stick, continuing his duty.

The little girl hesitated but carried on; taking the policeman's direction and advice. Indeed there was a house which looked long since isolated. She put the package down and spiders began to scurry past her. She knocked once then twice and was almost down the steps when a voice stopped her.

"Come in, dear" a sweet yet old voice called opposite the door. The girl gulped and her heart began thumping loudly. She tripped while rushing down.

"It is really rude to not accept an invitation, isn't it dear?" the same voice spoke now a little hoarsely. The girl hesitated. It was one of her weakness that she could never dishearten anyone (not even a ghost) so she walked back up and entered the house. It was dark and blurred outlines could be seen. She searched for switches but couldn't find them. It was really cold inside despite the burning weather outside. The girl shivered and found herself squeeze her arms together for warmth. She forgot the package outside and never remembered about it. Somehow she found some matchsticks lying on the floor and lighted them. She took a few of the matchsticks and stuffed them into her pants pocket. There were stairs ahead her and a room on her left. There was a kitchen maybe beside the stairs. There were crumbled pieces of paper littering the floor. Some were newspaper articles others were letters or normal white papers. She picked up a letter which was splattered with tears.

Dear mother,

I wanted to tell you that you can't hide the truth anymore. I know you were trying to protect us but your daughter, my sister died because of you. From that day forth you were the only one I had to rely on but you locked yourself to mourn on sister's death and didn't raise me. Do you know that I had to lie to everyone and it hurt me so much? You were never there for me after sis's death. I know it was hard for you but it was hard for me too. Not having my goodnight stories, my goodnight kisses and the happiness. Even with the trouble we went to sis always made us laugh and smile and forget our troubles. You were also an important part of our lives as well, but you were as good as dead to me from that day onward. Sis's death will keep haunting you but I will die soon and make you feel the pain I felt. You can't carry on lying to everyone. Once the truth comes out you will be pitied or despised. You will be haunted till death takes you away. This will be my last letter to you. Sis's death is entirely your fault and mine will be too. I am sorry for not being the son you wanted or not behaving like that in this letter but you haven't been much of a mother to me as well.

Love, Your soon to be dead son

James Parkinson.

The girl put the letter down and looked around thinking how the son and his mother's life was before and how she wanted to know more about the famous 'Parkinson Case' as she liked to call it. A sudden noise woke her from the stream of thoughts she had sunk into. She looked around and found herself staring shakily at a dark outline of a figure almost visible from a barely lit room. Her heart pounding and her heavy breath sounded like it was her last day on Earth. Trembling legs slowly and steadily tried to find their way out. Her only light had dampened soon after she finished reading the letter. 'The Parkinson Case' was officially over for her when the shadow moved and neared her. Her legs froze on the ground. Her stomach did a summer-Sault. She suddenly went dizzy and felt a need for oxygen. Her body trembled and began pounding as if she carried thousands of hearts all over her body. There was a sudden slam and there she lied on the floor half dead.

She woke up to stare at the walls colored dark by the night's light. Her hands hurt a lot since she fell on them. It shuddered a little as it sensed its surroundings. She gazed at the room again. It was a bedroom. Questions ran through her mind. Why was she here? When did she have such a splendid room? How did she come across this place and why? Her questions were answered by her as she recalled the past happenings. Her heart skipped a beat when she recalled how she had passed out. She wondered whether she was dead and in Heaven. She was a little overjoyed when she believed she was dead. Maybe she would see them again. But when she realized she was alive and not dead, her expression turned sour. Her expression changed again when she realized she was sleeping in a ghost's house. A voice called her downstairs but it addressed her as Emily. She stood up shaking violently as ever. It was obvious that it was the same voice that had told her to enter the house and that voice belonged to the one who had dragged her into this nightmare. But her curiosity made her braver than she ever thought she would be. She walked as silently as she could, keeping an eye for any disturbance beside her.

The stairs were wooden and creaked at every step. She tiptoed as noiselessly as she could and peeked downstairs without stepping at the last stair. Her brunette hair was visible through the old stained walls. The kitchen shone in a bright orange and yellow light. Humming slightly a woman prepared a small yet delicious meal upon the almost broken table. Her back was turned facing the entrance to the kitchen. Her dress was once a beautiful one but now it had been stained with blood and torn in certain places. Her hair was shaggy and looked like it hadn't been combed for years. It looked almost like a bird's nest. She looked like a vagabond and smelled like one too. The girl dreaded to see the face of the unknown woman. She turned to face the doorway of the kitchen and the girl suddenly regretted imagining that the woman looked like a witch. Her skin was pale and wrinkled a little but it still had a flawless look in it. She had the face every woman dreams to have. She could have been the top model if she didn't have such a nightmarish past and behaved like a manic.

"Emily? Come downstairs, dear. We haven't had our supper yet." A melodious voice spoke again but this time it had come from the woman standing in front of the girl. The girl shivered and screamed inside until she realized that she is the 'Emily' the woman was calling downstairs. Who was Emily? The girl had no whatsoever clue about this Emily. She danced a little as she put her right foot forward and then backward while debating whether to answer her call or ignore it and run for her life. Her curiosity held her and she answered the call of the still unknown woman.

"What took you so long, sweetheart?" asked the woman as the girl crept inside the room.

"Oh, I got lost in the darkness. Can I ask you a stupid question?" the girl inquired.

"Ask away, sweetie, ask away"

"Who am I? I mean I just woke up and I couldn't recall anything. I couldn't even recall my name until you requested me to come down." The girl did a fake laugh and expected an astonished face from the woman.

"Well, of course, honey you are my daughter. Emily Parkinson. My most obedient and beautiful girl I have ever known." Mrs. Parkinson replied and got a freaked face in return. The girl managed to hide her scared face with a forced smile but scary thoughts crept into her mind. She removed her doubts by an advantage which can help her to solve 'The Parkinson Case' and accomplish what no one has ever dared to do.

"Sorry… Mom. I think I have evoked most of the things but I still don't remember the past. I would really love it if you told me about it while we eat our supper." She got an unexpected face in return.

"Of course, sugar. I have prepared your favorite dishes and I would also love to tell you everything. First sit down and then we will talk while eating. Alright? " Mrs. Parkinson replied excitedly as she drew a chair for the girl to sit. They sat and the girl and her pretend mother sat opposite each other while Mrs. Parkinson told the tale.

"I don't know if you remember about your father but you were so young when we had to flee. He was a very nice person but he soon had bad companies and became mental. He loved you and your brother but he fancied your brother more. Oh, your brother was something as well. He is now studying in America, did you know? Well when you were young, despicable people organized a party where they take girls from families for slavery and give the families a big sum of money. Your father and I were always against it and made others hate it as well. But your father had taken into drugs and beat us a lot. He had money problems since he had been gambling a lot as well so he thought he would sell you and solve his money problem. After a lot of arguments and beatings we, your brother, you and I fled. Your father did a lot of false reports and stuff to get us caught but no one could catch us. After some time we couldn't manage it anymore so…" Mrs. Parkinson's expression changed. It looked like she was being possessed. The girl stopped eating and looked up. She had the scared face she was trying to hide. "So, one day when your brother was trying to find water and more firewood I threw you into the fire. I thought it would save me and your brother, that we finally can have the peaceful life we used to lead. But we didn't. You cursed me while your body was being embraced by the fire. Your last words still echo in my mind, even today 'You will regret this, you'll be haunted by my spirit. You'll never have a peaceful life, I promise you. You'll be haunted…' and you died. Your brother died and I thought he didn't know I killed you but he saw it all happen. I can't die until she forgives me, until YOU forgive me." Mrs. Parkinson looked at the girl and her eyes showed red lines like veins and salt water poured out of it.

The girl trembled from head to feet and stood up unexpectedly. Air hugged her body as she ran as fast as she could, unaware where she was going. Even with her old age and tired muscles, Mrs. Parkinson caught her. The girl entered a room. It was a familiar room, maybe she heard about this room somewhere, and then she remembered the police had described a room exactly like the one she had entered. Mrs. Parkinson entered the room before the girl could run away and blocked the entrance. The girl slipped as she ran backwards on the oil splattered on the floor. Her head started bleeding a little and a bone got misplaced in her feet as she tried to escape.

"I know that you hate me but I can't die because of you. I have to live in regret. I need forgiveness from you and I can die peacefully."Mrs. Parkinson half-yelled half-screamed. The girl saw blurred outlines as she put her hand inside her pants pocket. There lied the matchsticks and few bucks. She moved her legs to push herself backwards against the wall and as far from the woman and the slippery oil.

"I know your… I mean me. I know that you know I hate you but I think you have been very selfish. My brother needed you when you I died but you weren't there for him. I would have forgiven you long ago if you had taken good care of him. You needn't beg forgiveness from me if you had given him the mother he needed. But I think you have suffered long enough and I hope you have learned what my brother wanted you to learn. I guess you can be forgiven so I will offer you my forgiveness." The girl said as clearly as she could with her head burning and as she finished her speech to offer forgiveness, Mrs. Parkinson was ablaze. The fire had burned long enough for the girl to escape from the nightmare she had experienced. A lot of people had gathered around the house after all the sounds. The girl looked around and felt what a celebrity does. The people had astonished and scared expressions on their faces. Children were looking out of the windows of many houses and everyone had the same look on their faces.



An orphan girl, Evana Brussell, 15, is the bravest girl the world has ever seen. The infamous 'Parkinson Case' is now a solved case. Yes folks, we don't have to worry about the scary ghost named Mrs. Parkinson roaming on our streets anymore. It was solved not by detectives or brave men (they were so ashamed of themselves) but a 15 year old girl. We still couldn't get the whole story out of her but she promised us that Mrs. Parkinson was set ablaze by her and we will never see her again. Indeed it turns out she didn't lie because the house was in ashes a few hours later when Evana came out of the house. The people who lived near are now relieved as their children were usually woken up by the loud screams, shouts and laughter heard inside that house. Evana has a brilliant collection of awards and medals of bravery now. She's taken in the care of a couple and the government will take it in their own hands to give her a good education. We are still trying to get the story from her but she just replies "Some things are best kept secret."

The girl smiled at the article and whispered to the air "Some things are best kept secret."