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1st chapter- Basjetball

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Elizabeth Maxwell was a very lucky person indeed. She was a stunning blonde with a beautiful white complexion. She was extremely rich and had a large mansion with maids serving the house. Her eyes sparkled an emerald green and with luxurious makeup; her beauty surpassed many of her classmates.

Today, Elizabeth was waiting for her limousine, but the limousine was several minutes late. School wouldn't start until another hour, but she didn't like waiting. It was extremely irritating for her to wait. So, Elizabeth pulled out her phone and gave a call.

"When will the limousine pick me up?" Elizabeth impatiently asked.

"Oujo-sama! Please, wait for the car!"

Suddenly, a crash was heard from the other side of the phone.

"Gyaah! Somebody! Quickly fix the car!"

Elizabeth blew her naturally blond hair out of her face. Seriously, today was her unlucky day. Although she was "blessed with instinct and luck", it all seemed ordinary to her. After fifteen years of dealing with it, her "blessing" would be ordinary to anyone.

'Some luck. The car broke down!' Elizabeth angrily thought.

Today, it seemed as Lady Luck had turned her back on the young rich lady. The maids had ironed the wrong shirt, the chef burned her toast, and the car broke down! Not to mention, today was the first day of school!

"I'll never arrive on time!" she cried, exasperated.

She had enough and decided to walk towards school.

Things couldn't get worse.


Wait. They just did.

'And this is why you shouldn't think thoughts like that, Lizzy!' her mind silently reprimanded.

She looked behind to gather the fallen contents of the purse, make-up, phone, keys, wallet, when her hand brushed some rubber.


Quickly, the blond girl looked to that the rubber soles were that of a shoe's. And that shoe was connected to a leg that was attached to a person.

"Hey! You there! Don't lay in the bushes like that! People can seriously trip!"

The owner of the shoe made no move.

Ticked from the events earlier in the morning, Elizabeth was one centimeter to full rage mode. Her patience was wearing thin.

"Hey! You-?!"

As she parted the bushes, the heir of the Maxwell fortune couldn't help but stare in horror.

The body that had tripped her was covered in bruises. It was wearing a school uniform that looked like the school she was going to. Dried blood covered most of the arms and some made it's way to the face. The face with a mouth agape and two wide eyes staring back at her.


Somewhere nearby, a "delinquent", as he became known at his school, covered his ears in irritation.

"Oi! What are you doing!?" a brown haired boy demanded.

The brown haired boy had dark brown eyes and a mad expression on his face. He wore a white t-shirt with broken jeans. Most people would think that he's a delinquent, so many people tried getting away from him. He had no friends and he only believed that God was his only friend. His name was John Smith.

John grabbed the blonde girl by the shoulders. "What are you doing!"

He noticed that the blonde was trembling with fear and had a horrified expression, which John found pathetic. It reminded him of how everyone else looked at him.

Although John found the girl pathetic, she did found the girl attractive with her flowing blonde hair and emerald green, but he didn't care. The boy hated the scared look that was directed at him and eagerly wanted to change that expression.

John lifted the girl up by the collar and noticed that the scared and horrified expression still remained on her face.

"You're pathetic," John growled out.

The girl did not speak. Normally, she would say, "You can't treat me like this," but she was too scared to say anything. She also felt very uneasy from being lifted up by her collar.

"What's the matter? Cat got your tongue!" John evilly laughed.

Elizabeth was starting to get angry at being treated this way. The boy haven't been through what she had saw!

With Elizabeth's finger pointed towards the bush, the boy looked curious.

"Look at what's inside the bush," Elizabeth muttered.

The boy smirked. "Fine, I'll play your little game and look at what's inside the bush!"

When John looked at what's inside the bush, he couldn't believe what he saw. His muddy dark eyes turned to a darker shade, his face was scrunched with craziness and utter madness and he started mumbling some words.

Elizabeth found the boy's behavior disturbing. She had seen enough for one day and ran towards school.

When Elizabeth walked into the classroom, a bucket full of water fell down and got her completely soaked.

'My makeup! My appearance! Can things get any worse?' Elizabeth wondered with worry and frustration shown on her face.

Nearby, a prankster was laughing loudly.

"Hey Elizabeth. Why do you look so pale?" a brown haired girl asked, while laughing at her.

Elizabeth glared at the girl. That shiny, brown haired girl with chocolate, brown eyes was Christi Lauper. She found Christi annoyingly nosy and an obnoxious child who plays immature pranks.

"No reason," Elizabeth replied back.

Christi seemed to take her words until a goofy smile was planted on her face.

"Guess what? There's this weird guy who's yelling and telling everyone that one of the students died. Funny stuff, huh?" Christi laughed. "That guy must be crazy!"

Normally, Elizabeth would definitely agree with Christi that the guy was crazy. However, the blonde knew exactly why the boy was acting that way.

"Ha, you don't say?" Elizabeth said with slight hesitation.

"It's hilarious. You should've seen it, he must be a comedian," Christi kept on laughing.

'They have no idea what he and I saw'

John couldn't believe it! Nobody was taking him seriously! They were all laughing at him and was thinking that he was crazy! He wasn't crazy! He wasn't!

A group of girls were pointing at him and was laughing at him.

"What are you all looking at!?" John angrily snapped. "If you all don't believe me, then you stupid girls are going to be next to get killed!"

Immediately, the girls stopped talking and was running away.

John gave a grunt. The only person he could trust in the whole world was God.

"I believe you," a quiet voice said.

'Huh?' John couldn't believe what he heard. Somebody believed him? The brown haired boy immediately turned around to see who said those three words.

He saw stunning blonde girl with a beautiful white complexion. Her face was so pure and innocent with sapphire blue eyes that John couldn't help, but feel that the girl looked like an angel.

"You believe me?" John asked in disbelief.

The girl gave a small nod.

"Pfft," John scoffed. "You must be playing with me!"

"I'm not" the girl quietly replied.

There was a silence for a few seconds, until John broke it. "Prove it"


"You're useless! You don't even have evidence and an explanation to support your claim!" John exploded at her.

"I'm sorry"

"Why didn't you stand up for me when those girls started laughing at me?" John angrily snapped.

"I'm sorry"

"You're useless," John insulted the girl and turned his back to walk away.

"I'm sorry"

A girl with raven black hair and ocean blue eyes had an expression oozed with confidence, even though she was walking towards a certain crazy delinquent. Her eyes were calculating like she was expecting what her opponent to do. She was Jamie Grevan; student council president, chess champion and track and field winner.

The delinquent glared at her. "What do you want? Here to tell me how crazy I am?"

"Not really," Jamie replied. "I'm here to ask where you found that dead body"

The delinquent snorted. "Why should I tell you?"

"You have to tell me John!" Jamie demanded.

The delinquent, known as John looked surprised that Jamie knew his name. "Why are you so demanding? Also, how do you know my name?"

Jamie smirked. "I'm the student council president, so I can demand information and knowledge from students and I also researched your name and background. I hear you're a delinquent"

John gave an angry growl. "That's unfair that you know my name and everything about me, but I don't even know your name!"

"Jamie Grevan. You better remember it!"

"Whatever. Anyways, I'm not telling you where that dead body is"

"You sure about that?" Jamie challenged and took a step forward that they were staring at each other face to face.

"I'm not telling you" John repeated.

Jamie took a step forward.


Immediately, everyone's attention shifted towards Jamie and John.

Jamie was on the floor, moaning in pain.

"I can't believe him"

"That no-good delinquent"

"How could he do that to the student council president?"

"He's crazy!"

"Why do we have someone like him in our school?"

John had been through a lot and today, he finally reached the boiling point.

"You have something to say to my face! Go ahead and say it! I'll kill you! I'll kill you all!" John lashed out.

Some students started to back away.

"I'm telling the teacher on you! Threatening to kill us!" one student ran away.

After that statement, some of the students had smug expressions on their face.

"I don't care! I'll beat you all before the teacher arrives!" John roared out.

Immediately, the students expressions turned to a horrified expression.

"He'll really do it!"

"He's bluffing! No way he can do it!"

"He will! Now we did it! We enraged him!"

"If he beats us up, then he'll be expelled from the school. The city! He'll be sent to an asylum for his whole life!"

"He's bluffing!"

"Stop," a voice said.

Everyone looked to who said that word.

John glared at everyone, especially at the girl who told everyone to stop.

She had dazzling blonde hair with sapphire blue eyes. She looked like an angel.

'Have I met her before?' John wondered.

Immediately, some boys started drooling at the sight of her.

"He's innocent. He didn't hurt her," the girl told everyone.

"Him? Innocent? That's not even funny! He's guilty!" one classmate yelled.

Many nodded in agreement.

"She faked it. She's probably not even hurt," the girl told everyone.

"Why would the student council president fake it? She can probably handle the delinquent on her own," a student explained.

The blonde was stunned. She didn't know what to say. Her face was flushed with embarrassment in talking to a large crowd.

The girl immediately tried to think of something to save him.


"You believe me?" John asked in disbelief.

She gave a small nod.

"Pfft," John scoffed. "You must be playing with me!"

"I'm not" she quietly replied.

There was a silence for a few seconds, until John broke it. "Prove it"


"You're useless! You don't even have evidence and an explanation to support your claim!" John exploded at her.

"I'm sorry"

"Why didn't you stand up for me when those girls started laughing at me?" John angrily snapped.

"I'm sorry"

"You're useless," John insulted her and turned his back to walk away.

"I'm sorry"

End of Flashback

She had to think of anything to help him! Anything!

The girl looked at John. She noticed that he had an amused expression on his face.

Suddenly, the blonde ran to John and pulled him away from the scene.

Jamie, who was lying on the floor smirked. She knew that the delinquent would lash out, but she didn't expect him to retreat. The raven haired girl knew that the boy would now know how much power she had in her hands. She would soon get the information from him, one way or another.

"Are you okay?" the blonde haired girl asked him.

"Who are you?" John blurted out.

The girl had a frown on her face, but John didn't notice her expression.

"You don't remember me?"

John got a bit angry. "Am I supposed to remember you?"

"No, I'm sorry. We met today," the girl softly answered.

"Ah! I remember," John suddenly remembered. "What's your name?"

"My name is Alexis Wells," she introduced herself.

"John Smith"

There was a silence for a minute.

John spoke up, "I take back what I said before. You're not useless."

Jamie and Christi were in a serious discussion with each other.

"He was like, 'I'll kill you! I'll kill you all'" Jamie said in a masculine voice.

"Oh my god!" Christi laughed. "That must have been hilarious to watch! I wish I saw it!"

"Yeah," Jamie laughed as well. "But then all of a sudden, a girl suddenly came and ran away with him"

"Really? Wow, he has a girlfriend?" Christi said in astonishment.

Suddenly, Christi noticed a blonde girl with emerald green eyes. She looked like she was walking quickly to avoid being seen from her.

"Hey Elizabeth! Come here, will you?" Christi called out to Elizabeth.

Elizabeth ignored her and kept on walking away.

"Come here!" Jamie demanded and somehow, Elizabeth found herself walking towards the two girls.

"What?" Elizabeth asked. "Can you hurry this up? I'm getting my five star meal soon"

"Please Elizabeth. You can stay with us for a few minutes," Christi suggested.

"A minute or two, because my five star meal is calling me," Elizabeth replied.

John was walking down the hallway and he was indeed aware of all the stares and fingers pointed at him. The delinquent noticed that Alexis gave him a look that said, "Don't worry about them".

Suddenly, the delinquent found himself in front of three girls.

John was glaring daggers at the blonde and pointed a horrible finger directed at her, "You!"

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